Normal Home Screen Quotes

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Morning There’s some payoff to getting up early. I get to see your adorably groggy face, after all. File:Azuma morning line.ogg
Noon File:Azuma noon line.ogg
Evening It's getting dark outside. Be careful of wolves in sheep's clothing. File:Azuma evening line.ogg
Night You can’t sleep? Poor thing. In that case, my room’s always open for visitors... File:Azuma night line.ogg
Regular Just call me over if you're lonely at night. File:Azuma regular1 line.ogg
Regular That tickles. Are you, perhaps, playing with me? File:Azuma regular2 line.ogg
Regular You know, I prefer fooling around to being fooled with. File:Azuma regular3 line.ogg
Regular Please, anything but bugs. I really don't like them... File:Azuma regular4 line.ogg
Regular If you're free, we can color some pictures together. Or... we could do something more fun. File:Azuma regular5 line.ogg
Regular Hey, now, no touching. File:Azuma regular6 line.ogg
Regular File:Azuma regular7 line.ogg
Regular File:Azuma regular8 line.ogg
Regular File:Azuma regular9 line.ogg

Special Days Quotes

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Valentine’s Day It is Valentine’s today. I shall present Director-kun with overflowing roses and my love… File:Azuma valentine line.ogg
White Day Today is to thank you for last month, I’ll do many things just for you. File:Azuma white day line.ogg
April Fool’s Day Actually, I am a woman… It’s unbelievable, right? Then, maybe I shall prove it to you by taking my clothes off right here…? File:Azuma april fool line.ogg
Children’s Day File:Azuma children day line.ogg

Birthday Quotes

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Player’s Birthday File:Azuma Player birthday line.ogg
Sakuya’s Birthday Sakuma, keep showing me your cute smile. Happy Birthday. File:Azuma Sakuya birthday line.ogg
Masumi’s Birthday Masumi’s birthday… Fufu, it must be hard on Director today. File:Azuma Masumi birthday line.ogg
Tsuzuru’s Birthday Tsuzuru, Happy Birthday. Writing a script may be hard, but look after your skin a bit more. File:Azuma Tsuzuru birthday line.ogg
Itaru’s Birthday File:Azuma Itaru birthday line.ogg
Citron’s Birthday File:Azuma Citron birthday line.ogg
Chikage’s Birthday File:Azuma Chikage birthday line.ogg
Tenma’s Birthday File:Azuma Tenma birthday line.ogg
Yuki’s Birthday File:Azuma Yuki birthday line.ogg
Muku’s Birthday File:Azuma Muku birthday line.ogg
Misumi’s Birthday File:Azuma Misumi birthday line.ogg
Kazunari’s Birthday File:Azuma Kazunari birthday line.ogg
Kumon’s Birthday File:Azuma Kumon birthday line.ogg
Banri’s Birthday File:Azuma Banri birthday line.ogg
Juza’s Birthday File:Azuma Juza birthday line.ogg
Taichi’s Birthday File:Azuma Taichi birthday line.ogg
Omi’s Birthday File:Azuma Omi birthday line.ogg
Sakyo’s Birthday File:Azuma Sakyo birthday line.ogg
Azami’s Birthday File:Azuma Azami birthday line.ogg
Tsumugi’s Birthday File:Azuma Tsumugi birthday line.ogg
Tasuku’s Birthday Tasuku, Happy Birthday. Grumpy Tasuku is also cute, but it's also important to be submissive. File:Azuma Tasuku birthday line.ogg
Hisoka’s Birthday File:Azuma Hisoka birthday line.ogg
Homare’s Birthday Homare, congratulations on your birthday. Please continue to bring the Winter Troupe to its climax, Genius-san. File:Azuma Homare birthday line.ogg
Azuma’s Birthday File:Azuma Azuma birthday line.ogg
Guy’s Birthday File:Azuma Guy birthday line.ogg

Practice Quotes

Line Audio
You’ll teach me a lot today, won’t you? File:Azuma practice1 line.ogg
I’m so happy you’re coaching me, you know. File:Azuma practice2 line.ogg
Can I take a break after this scene? File:Azuma practice3 line.ogg
I found Hisoka curled up in my bed this morning. He’s like a cat. File:Azuma practice4 line.ogg
Tasuku is pretty cute. I can’t help teasing him File:Azuma practice5 line.ogg
I’m not the type to raise my voice… File:Azuma practice6 line.ogg
Homare’s a bit of an airhead. I like it. File:Azuma practice7 line.ogg
Acting’s kind of hard, huh? File:Azuma practice8 line.ogg
I’d really like to start a coloring book group… File:Azuma practice9 line.ogg
How’s the condition of your skin? File:Azuma practice10 line.ogg
Working out like this is not too bad. It’s great for your metabolism. File:Azuma practice11 line.ogg
File:Azuma practice12 line.ogg
File:Azuma practice13 line.ogg
File:Azuma practice14 line.ogg
File:Azuma practice15 line.ogg

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen File:Azuma download line.ogg
Voice Volume File:Azuma voice volume line.ogg
1 on 1 Practice File:Azuma 1 on 1 line.ogg
Special Training File:Azuma special training line.ogg
Blooming File:Azuma blooming line.ogg
Earn Cash Intro File:Azuma earn cash intro line.ogg
Earn Cash Outro File:Azuma earn cash outro line.ogg
Dissmiss Actor File:Azuma dismiss line.ogg
Show succeeded File:Azuma show success line.ogg
Show failed File:Azuma show fail line.ogg
Skills used in Show File:Azuma show skill.ogg
Introduction File:Azuma intro1.ogg
Introduction File:Azuma intro2.ogg
Introduction File:Azuma intro3.ogg
Introduction File:Azuma intro4.ogg
Introduction File:Azuma intro5.ogg
Introduction File:Azuma intro6.ogg
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