A gentle actor who is like a age-defying woman.

Yukishiro Azuma (雪白東) is a member of the Winter Troupe and went to the Mankai Company's audition. He first appeared in the story in Act 3 where he was helping Banri and Juza out of trouble. Later he decided acting was something he was interested in, so he gave up his old job and went to the audition.

Appearance Edit

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Azuma is a slender man with long silver hair he wears in a ponytail and yellow eyes. He is known for his beauty, his smooth skin, and feminine aura, yet his age is unknown and though he is an adult, it's hard to tell by his looks how old he really is. He wears a pair of beige Capri pants, a dark purple long-sleeved shirt, and loafers in the same color. When he goes out at night, he wears a beige jacket, one fitting to his pants, above.

Personality Edit

He is a gentle man with an adult yet feminine air around him. He takes great pride in this look and does his best improving his appearance. He also has an alluring personality, sex appeal, likes to flirt and sometimes is a bit too direct and makes remarks that would not be considered safe to say around children. Azuma doesn't care about what people think about him anyway and does what he wants at his own pace. He is someone who remains calm and level-headed during a crisis.

History Edit

Azuma likes to keep his personal life, that includes his past, a secret from the other Mankai actors and employees. Due to this, not much is known about what exactly he did before he went to the Mankai Companies Winter audition. It is implied, however, that his work (he is a freeter, meaning he is not full time employed) was the one of a Host. He left it behind to act that left many of his clients devastated.

Link Skill Edit

Link SkillCharactersEffect
Revived Winter TroupeAzumaSSRIconTsumugiSSRIconTasukuSSRIconHomareSSRIconHisokaSSRIconBig Sr Boost
Mahjong Club AssociationAzumaSSRIconSakyoSSRIconCitronSSRIconKazunariSSRIconSr Boost
Sweet ToothAzumaSSRIconJuzaSSRIconMukuSSRIconHisokaSSRIcon Co Boost
FreeterAzumaSSRIconTsumugiSSRIconMisumiSSRIconCo Boost
Solitary LifeAzumaSSRIconSakuyaSSRIconHisokaSSRIconSr Boost
The Eldest Group...?AzumaSSRIconSakyoSSRIconSr Boost

Quotes Edit

Normal Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "You can call me if you're lonely at night. "
  • "Getting up early sometimes isn't bad. I get to see a cute sleeping figure."
  • "That tickles, are you playing with me?"
  • "I like playing rather than being played with."
  • "Please, anything but bugs. I really don't like them..."

Special Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "It is Valentine’s today. I shall present Director-kun with overflowing roses and my love…" Valentine's Day Dialogue
  • "Today is to thank you for last month, I’ll do many things just for you." White Day Dialogue
  • "Actually, I am a woman… It’s unbelievable, right? Then, maybe I shall prove it to you by taking my clothes off right here…?" April Fool's Dialogue
  • "Homare, congratulations on your birthday. Please continue to bring the Winter Troupe to its climax, Genius-san."
  • "Tasuku, Happy Birthday. Grumpy Tasuku is also cute, but it's also important to be submissive."
  • "Sakuma, keep showing me your cute smile. Happy Birthday."
  • "Masumi’s birthday… Fufu, it must be hard on Director today."
  • "Tsuzuru, Happy Birthday. Writing a script may be hard, but look after your skin a bit more."

Trivia Edit

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  • Azuma's specialty is playing cards like hanafuda and poker.
  • He likes to eat Manjū with Miso taste and dislikes eggplants.
  • In Sympathy for the Angel he played the role of "Dr. Philip Minaru".
  • Kazunari likes to call him "Azuu".
  • He has a room to himself.
  • Azuma often teaches Yuki about products for skin care and shares them with him.
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