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Yukio Tachibana is Izumi’s father and the founder and previous director of Mankai Company.


He has never made a physical appearance in the game nor the Anime. As for the recent Episodes in the JP app, he is shown in Episode 11, Chapter 23 for the first time.


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He was first mentioned in the prologue, chapter 1 when Izumi finds the Mankai Theater. At this time he had mysteriously disappeared and was presumed dead.

In Episode 4: Chapter 38 - Party Time!, Yuzo is seen talking on the phone with Yukio. This is the first time the viewer is hinted that he is still alive. However it is revealed during Episode 10 Chapter 6, to Izumi that her father is alive. During a meeting with Reni Kamikizaka and Izumi Tachibana, Yuzo Kashima tells them that Yukio has been keeping in touch with him.