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How to Acquire Premium Tryouts and every Event Tryouts
Backstage Story The Night Road Knight
Lead Skill
Passionate Needlework
Lv 1 Increases Team's Dr a lot
Lv 10 Increases Team's Dr enormously
Ad lib Skill
Sewing at the Speed of Light
Lv 1 20% chance that Dr
will increase a lot
Lv 4 35% chance that Dr
will increase enormously
Card Stats
Lv 1 1525 1129 1921 4575
Lv 80
Bloomed+ 3750 2731 4680 11161
Bloomed++ 4000 2911 4990 11901
Fully Trained
and Bloomed
5200 4111 6190 15501
Yuki casual chibi 2
Yuki Water Me! chibi
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