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Izumi:Hey, Yuichi. How's practice going?
Yuichi:My pride's so broken... I didn't think it'd be this much of a challenge.
Izumi:What now?
Yuichi:I'm a model, and I'm used to having people watch me, so I thought I could act better than this. Even by a little.
Yuichi:I was naive. It's way different from what I imagined.
Izumi:Nobody's perfect from the start.
Yuichi:You think so? Well, no matter how tough it gets, I'll continue going to practice, because you're there.

Mature Thinking Part 1
[Practice Room: Afternoon]
Yuichi:Well, no matter how tough it gets, I'll continue going to practice, because you're there!
Izumi:You have to stop joking around like that every time we have practice.
Yuichi:But I'm not joking. Oh, I know. You're embarrassed, aren't you? Cute.
Yuichi:Anyway, I know I don't have enough experience yet. I feel it each day.
Izumi:Your experience as a model is helping, tough. I can tell that you know how to present yourself.
Yuichi:Seriosly? That's a huge relief. If I had nothing going for me, that'd be pretty lame.
Yuichi:I do have to admit that I was arrogant. I have to learn everything from scratch as a true beginner.
Izumi:It's hard to admit things like you just did.
Izumi:You really are mature.
Yuichi:Thanks. I don't want to disappoint you, so I'll try my best.
Yuichi:And if you go on a date with me, I'll be able to try even harder!
Izumi:Didn't I tell you to stop that, Yuichi?!
Yuichi:Hehe. You look cute when you're mad, too ♪

Mature Thinking Part 2
[Practice Room: Afternoon]

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