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Sakuya: Haah, the Alice book in the library’s out on loan……even though I was really interested in borrowing it…
Sakuya: Wait, but I do remember that Muku had said something about him having the original story too. Let’s try contacting him on LIME!
Sakuya: Whoa, quick. An answer’s already here!
Muku: “Of course I’ll lend it to you! Or rather, I wish that I had told you that yesterday, sorry……
Muku: “I’ll have it ready by tonight and hand it to you by then”
Sakuya: ……That’s a relief! I’m looking forward to the continuation.
???: Satsuwan~!
Sakuya: Huh?
Taichi: Are you going back now!? Let’s go back together~!
Sakuya: Yup! You’re in the middle of returning home too huh.
Taichi: I went to the convenience store and bought drinks for practice! Speaking of which, the Spring Troupe’s next performance a play about Alice, right?
Sakuya: Yup, I’m acting as the Cheshire Cat.
Taichi: I feels as if I’m always talking about Alice―
Sakuya: Me too. But I heard the story half-way from Muku-kun and Citron-san. First with the white rabbit and――
Sakuya: ――And then. After having cooked dishes with mushrooms, she was able to return back to her normal form.
Taichi: Oh― Right, right, it was something like that! Right, I’ve also remembered it’s continuation!
Taichi: I think it was some sort of tea party that had happened afterwards where they drank tea and made a huge commotion!
Taichi: And then, I’m pretty sure……right, it because a huge battle of powers at the very end~!
Sakuya: Really!? So there was a battle that developed in the original story too huh.
Taichi: Hmm? I feel like it became an entirely different conversation but it was probably something like that! Yup!
Sakuya: I see. There are no fighting scenes in the play though……
Sakuya: (I wonder if Tsuzuru-san had changed it from the original just like how he did with the Romeo & Juliet)
Homare: Hey there Sakuya-kun, welcome back. You came at a great time.
Sakuya: Homare-san, we’re back!
Homare: You sit down too. I’ve just finished brewing the finest Earl Grey. How about we have a taste of it together?
Sakuya: Is it alright for me to do so? Thank you very much.
Sakuya: Delicious! It has a very nice fragrance.
Sakuya: (Oh, come to think of it……Alice had a tea party scene too)
Sakuya: Homare-san, do you know the story of Alice In Wonderland?
Homare: Alice? Of course I do.
Sakuya: I’m trying to put the original work of Alice into my memory for the sake of the next play, but I don’t know about the tea party chapter yet.
Homare: Alice’s tea party……hmm, it was brilliant! Tea time, that’s mime mime and then dream.
Homare: What a brilliant fragrance, lalalala, pouring in sugar & hot water! Dancing forever with milk and lemon, dancing along……
Homare: That’s basically how Alice’s tea party is like. You got it?
Sakuya: Y-Yeah……
Kazunari: Sakusaku, welcome~! You came to borrow a book from Mu-kun, right!?
Kazunari: Wait, huh? What’s wrong? Isn’t the tension here really dropping?
Sakuya: Yeah……I’m looking forward to reading the story of Alice but I’m also a little scared……
Muku: Scared?
Sakuya: Today, everyone taught me about the plot. Alice will eat the cake and turn into a frog, right?
Kazunari & Muku: !?
Sakuya: Swimming across ponds made of tears, making food out of mushrooms by a caterpillar, she returned to her original form but……
Sakuya: After that, she went drinking tea at the tea party, adding in hot water and sugar and continued on dancing with the milk and lemon―
Sakuya: Moreover, there had been a full-out battle of powers at the end! It’s some real great development, isn’t it?
Muku: …………
Kazunari: ……How in the world did things happen to turn out like this.


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