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Sakuya: The next play’s theme is “Alice In Wonderland” huh.
Sakuya: Come to think of it, I didn’t really read the original work of Alice In Wonderland. So that’s why, I don’t really know much about it……
Izumi: The role you’re playing, the “Cheshire Cat” is also a popular character even in the original work.
Izumi: You might be able to grasp the image of the other characters as well as understand your own role much more if you read the original work.
Sakuya: I see, that’s true. I’ll go borrow it from the library tomorrow!
Muku: Oh, Sakuya-kun! Good luck on the practice.
Muku: The Spring Troupe’s next performance is themed Alice In Wonderland, right?

I’m looking forward to the play!

Sakuya: Thanks, I’ll do my best!

I was just about to go borrow the book of the original work from the library after school tomorrow.

Muku: I have the original story back in my room too!

The story of Alice has both really great characters and a really great view of the world.

Sakuya: Really? How is it like?
Muku: After chasing after the white rabbit dressed in clothes, Alice fell into a hole and what lied beyond had been Wonderland! And there had been a small, tiny bottle left in the hall.
Muku: When Alice had drunk the liquid in the vial, her body had gradually got smaller!

And then this time, a cake――

Sakuya: Ha!?
Muku: S-S-Sorry for spoiling you! Even though it’s a 100 thousand times more interesting to read it from the book, I made everything sound so messed up and in pieces――
Muku: Someone like me who’s taking your excitement away, somehow, It’s just like being one of the trump cards in Alice and getting their heads chopped off by the queen……!
Muku: Wait, I’ll just be spoiling you more the longer I stay by your side……! I-I-I-I-I’m really sorry……!
Sakuya: I-It’s fine, Muku-kun! I managed to hear about how it was like and now I’m looking more and more forward to reading it ever since I heard about how it began!
Muku: R-Really?
Sakuya: It’s true. After I finish enjoying reading the original work and once I finish reading it, could I talk about Alice together with you?
Muku: ……! Okay!
Citron: I’m really looking forward to the play about Alice~!
Sakuya: I haven’t read the original story of Alice properly yet but Muku-kun taught me a bit about the beginning of the story today.
Sakuya: Alice chased a white rabbit, fell into a hole and found a small bottle there!
Sakuya: So I heard that after Alice had drunk the contents of the small bottle, she got saller and smaller till the part where she eats the cake
Citron: Oh, Sakuya…..right― And then after that, there are gigs, tears and the tears also bring about stories of gazelle……
Sakuya: What!? R-Really?
Citron: Alice who ate a cake turned into a frog. And the journey began with her looking for a way to return to her former form.
Sakuya: A-A frog……!
Citron: Swimming across ponds made of tears, making food out of mushrooms and caterpillars and the like. But somehow, she had managed to return to her original form in the very end!
Citron: But before that……Oh―!? It’s already this late. If I don’t go sleep now, my skin will turn all rough!
Citron: It’s good night now, Sakuya~
Sakuya: Y-Yeah. Good night, Citron-san.
Sakuya: (Alice was such a disastrous story huh……I wonder what’ll be it’s continuation. I’m really interested now)


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