The following is a transcript of the backstage story "Whistle While You Work Part 2," from the card [About to Bloom] Sakuya. In it, Sakuya and Izumi encounter a few hurdles when hanging the newly-washed sheets.


Izumi: Everyone's going nuts in the hallway. It kinda feels like the dorm is only getting messier— not cleaner.
Sakuya: I've never lived in a place so lively! I'm kinda enjoying it!
Izumi: You are?
Sakuya: Yeah.
Sakuya: Back home, no one was ever really around for me to talk to...
Sakuya: So that's why I'm having lots of fun now!
Izumi: I see...
Izumi: Sounds so lonely. Sakuya's really been through a lot. I don't want to pry into his personal business, though.
Kamekichi: Hey, we gotta hang these sheets before the sun goes down!
Sakuya: Oh, sorry!
Sakuya: Can I hang these too, Izumi?
Izumi: Yeah. Just a bit more before we're all done!
Izumi: And that's the last one!
Sakuya: We're finally done!
Izumi: It's pretty amazing seeing everyone's sheets hanging like this. It feels really satisfying.
Sakuya: Yeah! Feels great!
Kamekichi: And I helped! Praise me!
Izumi: Thanks for the help, Kamekichi. Here's a snack for—
Misumi: Triiiangle!
Sakuya: Whoa! Misumi's running on the walls at top speed!
Izumi: Hey, Misumi! Thanks for washing the walls, but if you run around like that—
Misumi: I'm gonna polish 'em 'till they're all sparkly!
Misumi: Now for the walls over there!
Izumi: Wait! The laundry poles are out in the courtyard!
Sakuya: Oh no!!
Izumi: Misumi, stop!!
Misumi: Huh?!
Sakuya: Ahhhh!!
Izumi: Pwah! Sakuya? Misumi? Kamekichi? Are you all alright?!*
Izumi: Oh no...! All of the sheets fell down...
Sakuya: Izumi! Are you okay?!
Izumi: Sakuya? Where are you?
Sakuya: I'm right here! Uh, I can't get out though!
Izumi: ...!
Sakuya: Pwah!
Sakuya: I finally escaped!
Sakuya: Huh? Why are you laughing?
Izumi: Ahaha! Sorry. You looked like a ghost for a minute there.
Sakuya: I did?


Choice 1: It was kinda cute.

Izumi: It was kinda cute.
Sakuya: What?!
Izumi: Oh, wait, was that a compliment just now?
Sakuya: Th-Thank you.
Sakuya: But if you ask me, you're even...
Izumi: Huh?

Choice 2: Maybe we should do a play about ghosts.

Izumi: Maybe we should try doing a play about ghosts sometime soon.
Sakuya: Oh, that could be fun!
Sakuya: I wanna play a ghost!
Izumi: Though maybe using a lighter type of cloth would be more ghost-like.
Sakuya: That's true.
Sakuya: Oh, but...
Sakuya: I may be like a ghost, but you're like an angel!
Izumi: I am?
Sakuya: Clad in white, seemingly drifting...
Sakuya: ....Uh, um, don't mind me. Sorry!
Izumi: It's fine.
Izumi: (It's not often that you get called by an angel by one of the troupe's resident angels. I'm feeling kinda bashful.)
Misumi: Pwah!
Izumi: Are you okay, Misumi?
Misumi: Yeah... I'm soooo sorry!
Izumi: I'm just glad you didn't get hurt. Though it's too bad that we'll have to re-wash all the sheets.
Izumi: Can you help us?
Misumi: Sure thing! I'll be a ton of help, I promise!
Sakuya: All right, let's get these back into the washing machines!
Kazunari: Huh? You guys are re-washing everything?
Tsuzuru: We can help too since we're all done with our cleaning.
Izumi: Really? Thanks a bunch!
Masumi: ...I can finally work with you...
Misumi: I got the poles set back up again!
Omi: Okay, we'll get these hung in a jiffy!
Sakuya: Thanks, guys!
Story Clear!


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