The following is a transcript of the backstage story "Whistle While You Work," from the card [About to Bloom] Sakuya. In it, Izumi and Sakuya are paired to do all the laundry in the Mankai Dorm during a Sakyo-imposed cleaning day.

Part 1
Sakyo: Listen up! Especially you three— Miyoshi, Nanao, Ikaruga.
Sakyo: Pigsties are cleaner than the current state of this dormitory.
Kazunari: Huh? It's not THAT bad.
Taichi: My side may not be spotless per se, but I'm rooming with Omi and it's a billion times cleaner than my room at home, okay?!
Misumi: My room's plenty triangular!
Sakyo: Fine. Let me rephrase that.
Sakyo: Clean up all of your crap! It's littered everywhere in the dorm!
Tsuzuru: Oh, I guess you're not wrong about that.
Izumi: Now that you mention it, there are a lot of magazines and...assortments of triangular things scattered around.
Sakyo: I expect everyone to clean up this place today.
Sakyo: And I mean EVERYONE. No ifs, ands, or butts about it. This place better be spotless by the time you're all done.
Banri: You serious?
Tsumugi: Now, now everyone.
Tsumugi: I think this sort of top-to-bottom cleaning is good once in a while. It can be really satisfying, too.
Sakyo: We'll draw a location names out of a hat to determine who'll clean where.
Azuma: Wow, you've already got this prepared?
Azuma: Haha, so diligent.
Sakyo: Hurry up and draw your jobs already.
Azuma: All right. I'll go with this one.
Tenma: And I'll take this one.
Izumi: Let's see... Oh... I'm in charge of laundry.
Sakuya: Oh! Me too!
Sakuya: Glad to be working with you!
Izumi: Same here! Let's get to work, then.
Sakyo: Everybody's got their assignments, right?
Sakyo: Now head over to your stations and start cleaning. And if I catch anyone slacking there will be hell to pay.
Tsuzuru: All right. Let's go all out, everybody!
Masumi: I'll help you with the laundry—
Omi: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you're cleaning the group bath with me.
Omi: Come on. Let's go.
Masumi: ......
Izumi: Ok, first thing's first. Let's collect the dirty laundry form everyone's rooms. And maybe we should wash everyone's sheets too while we're at it.
Sakuya: Okay!
Izumi: Sakuya, grab those sheets over there.
Sakuya: Got it!
Sakuya: Here we go...
Sakuya: Whoa?!
Izumi: Are those... marshmallows?!
Sakuya: Yeah, like... A LOT of them!
Sakuya: You saw them come out of the sheets just now, right?!
Izumi: I can't believe Hisoka hoards marshmallows in his bed of all places!
Izumi: This is Masumi's bed, right? Pull the sheets off and—
Sakuya: Huh? I think there's something under the bed.
Izumi: Hmm? You're right. Let's see...
Sakuya: Um, these are pictures of you...!
Izumi: ...Just put them back and pretend this never happened.
Sakuya: The laundry pole is all set and ready to be used!
Izumi: Great. Let's hang up these sheets now that they're washed.
Kamekichi: Never fear! The great Kamekichi is here to help!
Sakuya: Thanks a bunch, Kamekichi!
Izumi: Sakuya, can you pull that aside?
Sakuya: Will do!
Kamekichi: Here's a laundry clip for you!
Izumi: Thanks. The sheets shouldn't wrinkle if we pull them tight like this.
Sakuya: Like this?
Izumi: Yeah, perfect!
Izumi: It sure is exhausting work hanging everyone's sheets all at once...
Sakuya: At least we have beautiful weather today! It feels so nice!
Kamekichi: Gonna fluff the pillows too!
Izumi: I bet everyone will sleep well tonight. Nothing like freshly washed sheets to knock you out.
Sakyo: Nanao! I said no slacking! Get back to your station!
Sakyo: You too, Settsu. Don't think I didn't notice you there.
Banri: Man, oh man. Sakyo, you really do have eyes everywhere.
Taichi: Sorry! I'm heading back now, okay?!
Citron: There! All of the windows I have washed now sparkle!
Citron: I bet I could participate in the Window Washing World Cup!
Kazunari: Sorry dude, that prize is mine!
Kazunari: Hey Ronron, let's compete to see who can make the windows the sparkliest!
Citron: As you wish. The title of Mankai Dormitory Cleaning King belongs to me.
Sakyo: Less talking and more cleaning, you two.
Izumi: Leave it to us to make a cleaning day feel more like a get-together.
To be Continued...
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