Backstage Story
Utsuki Chikage N 【Waiting for Spring】 Welcome to the Dorm
Utsuki Chikage N 【Suit & Tie】 A Strong Personality
Utsuki Chikage R 【Standing Rehearsal】 No Cats Allowed
Utsuki Chikage SR 【Blooming Trail】 Make It Spicy
Utsuki Chikage N 【The Wonderful Charlatan of Oz】 Role Study: Oswald
Utsuki Chikage SSR 【His Neutral Territory】 Apology Gift
Cross Backstage Story

Mini Conversations[edit | edit source]

The Wonderful Charlatan of Oz
Side Utsuki Chikage (1/3)
Chikage: I never thought I'd be asked to take on a leading role in my first play. I'll do my best though, of course.
Tsuzuru wrote the part for me, too, so I should mostly just be able to act like myself.
The swindler sounds like a good role, too.
You think I might be able to put my magic skills to work in the play? Huh, I could see that.
I'm still learning the ropes, but I know everyone in the Spring Troupe will have my back.
I'm sure I'll be asking you a lot of questions, too, Izumi.
Side Utsuki Chikage (2/3)
Chikage: You have some real interesting characters in this theater company of yours. I wasn't expecting a celebrity or a crossdressing kid, but...
What really got me was when that one guy started spouting poems out of nowhere. Everyone else seemed completely used to it, too. Didn't even bat an eyelash.
Then again, I think the diversity of Mankai, not just in terms of age and occupation, is one of its good points.
You're a pretty amazing director for being able to pull all these people together.
Side Utsuki Chikage (3/3)
Chikage: Hey, Izumi. Have you tried the new spice everyone's been talking about?
Oh, you haven't been able to get your hands on it yet? I guess it is sold out in a lot of places.
I actually just found some at this one new shop. The flavors are perfectly balanced. It's really delicious.
Jealous? Well, you can't have it, even if you look at me with those puppy dog eyes.
I'm joking, of course. Since I was already there, I bought two jars. Here's one for you.
What should I ask for in return, I wonder? I bet I could get you to do anything I asked... Kidding, kidding. No need to be so tense.
You'll use that spice in your cooking from now on, right? I can't wait.
Chikage & Tenma's Chat
Tenma: Hey, Chikage. You speak some foreign languages, right?
Chikage: Yeah, I go overseas a lot for business, after all, so I can speak several countries' languages.
Tenma: THing is, for an upcoming TV drama, I'm playing a character who has just returned to Japan after living abroad, and several of my lines are in English.
Tenma: Think you could help me with my lines?
Chikage: Oh, wow. I heard you were passionate about acting, but I didn't know you were this serious about it.
Tenma: Of course I am. I can't go on camera half-assing my pronunciation. If I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it perfectly.
Chikage: The answer of a true pro.
Tenma: And as long as we're at it...
Tenma: ...Maybe you could help me with some of my English homework, too?
Chikage: Haha. Sure thing.
Tenma: Thanks.
Chikage: Not a problem.
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