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Mini Conversations[edit | edit source]

Romeo and Julius
Side Usui Masumi (1/3)
Masumi: How’s my Julius from your point of view? Is it cool?
I want you to say it, no matter what it is……is that not possible for you to do so? More than being told by others, I want you to tell me that I’m cool……is that not possible?
There’s no meaning to it if you don’t acknowledge it.
Since I’ll be aiming towards being your ideal Julius, teach me more about how to act. Please.
Side Usui Masumi (2/3)
Masumi: Itaru had suddenly handed me a smartphone during training break earlier……
Though he had told me to “Press this button”, he ended up saying that “It was Sakuya after all”
I don’t understand what’s going on at all but it somehow seems like he’d gotten himself into a terrible mess……
Side Usui Masumi (3/3)
Masumi: Come to think of it, I’ve never heard about your favorite type of curry.
……Indian-style red pepper……?
I’ve never heard of that type of curry before but-
The girls in my class were all saying how guys who express their love daily were great.
Say, how about you? If I make curry everyday, will that become an expression of love from me to you?
Masumi & Muku Talk
Masumi: Haa……the Director’s also cute today……I like her…
Muku: Masumi-kun really loves the director, don’t you!
Masumi: Of course. The director’s my everything.
Muku: Placing your everything into an everlasting love……wow, it’s just like a shoujo manga!
Masumi: For your information, I won’t have any mercy if you’re going to become a rival of mine.
Muku: Ehh!? No way, me becoming your rival? The director’s c-certainly a wonderful person but–!
Oh, but if Masumi-kun and the director become characters in a shoujo manga–
I may be willing to play as the rival who gets broken-hearted……
Masumi: …………?[1]
Alex in Wonderland
Side Usui Masumi (1/3)
Masumi: Alice huh……If you were appearing in a role too, it would have been great if I was the White Rabbit.
Of course, you’ll be the one acting as Alice.
I want to be chased by you as Alice... or rather, I'd want to take your hand and go to Wonderland together.
You're still absolutely cute even when you're palm-sized or even when you're 5-meters tall...
Side Usui Masumi (2/3)
Masumi: Earlier, I had my outfit fitted after the practice.
Regarding the hem and the waistline……they wouldn't keep quiet about it.
I was told "You have such a good style that it’s frustrating".
Well, at least it was easier to move about in once it got adjusted.
Say, what do you think of my style?
If you prefer a taller one, I'll drink 2 liters of milk daily from today onward.
Side Usui Masumi (3/3)
Masumi: Haa... I like you so much that it hurts.
It isn't enough even if I say it hundreds or thousands of times.
Since just saying it isn't enough, I thought about writing love letters too but when I started writing them, there wasn't enough paper.
I don't know how I can convey my feelings to you...
For the time being, could I hug you for a little as a way of conveying them?
...I can't? Does that mean that I can't because we're in the corridors?
Masumi & Azuma Talk
Azuma: Masumi, your hair has been growing out so how about shifting it to the back just as it is?
Masumi: Long hair and the bothersome.
Azuma: Really? I think that long hair would look nice on you since you have a mysterious vibe.
Even if you don't have long hair, you might still be able to make a person's heart thump you know?
Masumi: ...!
I'll think about it.
Azuma: Hehe, I'm always free for consultation if you need.
Hanasaki High School
Side Usui Masumi (1/3)
Masumi: Haa... Good morning.
When I rise so early, I'm relieved that your face is the first one I see....

I don't want to go to school like this.
But, if it's you who sends me out, I feel lke I can do my best.
So, where is my goodbye kiss?

Side Usui Masumi (2/3)
Masumi: Today, Sakuya asked me to have lunch together again.
Don't expect only Sakuya, Banri also comes by evey time, makes it twice as noisy.
Not really....only accompany them because I'm invited.
The school meals are not so bad, but I'd love to eat a homemade lunch box soon.
Side Usui Masumi (3/3)
Masumi: When I'm in school, it get's painful because I'm not able to see you.
If you came to Hana Academy, I would attend everyday....
---It's no use.
You in a school uniform, it would be absolutely cute. I don't want you to show it to anyone else.
But...I would really want to see you in a school uniform.
For me, would you wear it?
Masumi & Kazunari Talk
Masumi: "Director, today you're cute too" .......
Kazunari: Ah! Massu and Director-chan are on LIME! Yet you didn't answer me!
Masumi: I don't care about what you say anyway.
Kazunari: The careless Massu! Unshakable as expected!
That why, I purchased new stamps, Massu I'll send them to you.
Without a chance to refuse, stamp hit hit hit! Stamp-chan!
Masumi: They won't come you were already blocked from the beginning.
Kazunari: Again!? Awful! But you will unblock me soon!?


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