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Spring Troupe[edit | edit source]

Sakuma Sakuya - Hana High Boys
Veludo Station
Sakuya: Did you do your homework?
Masumi: Already done.
Sakuya: Done already?! I haven't even started...
Masumi: It cuts into my time with her.
Veludo Station
Sakuya: Masumi-kun, who is your class teacher?
Masumi: I forgot the name. Everyone besides Director is the same.
Sakuya: If Director was teaching in our school, she would be popular.
Masumi: She absolutely would be. But, I won't hand her over to anyone.
Veludo Library
Sakuya: Today's morning assembly. The school principal's speech was long...
Masumi: I don't know, I was asleep.
Masumi: If it was Director, I would listen for hours.
Sakuya: Masumi-kun, you really love Director!
Minagi Tsuzuru - Like Brothers
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: All right, I'll start the skit. Hey, wake up!!
Masumi: Zzz... Zzz...
Masumi: I miss the director...
Tsuzuru: Yeah, yeah. Let's go home, then.
Veludo Park
Masumi: Tsuzuru, there is a role I'd like to have.
Tsuzuru: Oh, that's rare.
Masumi: I, I want to be Directors husband—
Tsuzuru: I figured! Rather don't just skip over boyfriend straight to a husband!
Veludo Library
Masumi: I want to disappear...I can't live anymore...
Tsuzuru: You're still worried because the Director got angry this morning?
Tsuzuru: ....How about you buy curry bread for the Director on the way home?
Masumi: *Nod*
Chigasaki Itaru - No Fraternizing Policy 
Velvet Station Front
Masumi: If she isn't here, what's the point. 
Itaru: How about imagining everyone here is her?
Itaru: Masumi, you ever heard of fan service?
Masumi: Nope. 
Velvet Park
Itaru: You've got a good face, why don't you smile more?
Masumi: For what purpose? I only smile for Directors sake.
Masumi: What's the benefit about this made up appearance? You never get tired of it?
Itaru: Haha. That's one of the various ways of an adult.
Velvet Town Library
Masumi: Itaru as a prince character, that doesn't fit at all.
Itaru: I think so too.
Itaru: Ah? An emergency maintenance? Stop bullshitting me.
Masumi: ...I pity the women who think of Itaru as a prince.
Citron - The Terror of Citron
Veludo Station
Citron: Poor Masumi... the director didn't allow you into her room again today.
Masumi: !? Were you spying on me again?
Citron: I am always lurking behind everyone's backs!
Masumi: That just sounds like a horror movie. 
Velvet Park
Masumi: Citron behind your back, that already became a horror urban legend.
Citron: I want to become the cities legend!
Citron: I won't lose to the "Only Mouth Woman"!
Masumi: That, probably meant "Slit-mouthed Woman[1]".
Velvet Town Library
Citron: The ear on the wall, the eye through the Shōji, behind that, it's Citron... I want to make that popular.
Masumi: Stop it.
Citron: Beware of what's behind your back tonight... ♪
Masumi: I'm getting chills...
Chikage Utsuki - Magic Teacher and Student
Veludo Station
Masumi: ...Chikage, I have a request.
Chikage: What is it? I have a feeling I already know, though.
Masumi: Teach me more magic tricks. I'm gonna master them all for her.
Chikage: Knew it. All right, I can teach you some more.
Veludo Park
Chikage: What kind of trick is good? We could use cards, coins, ro...
Masumi: Ro?
Masumi: You trailed off before. What did you mean by "ro"?
Chikage: Nothing. ...I fear for the director's life if we bring ropes into this.
Veludo Library
Chikage: Masumi, did you show the director the tricks you learned? How'd it go?
Masumi: She laughed a lot. Teach me more.
Masumi: I wanna do something flashy next time. With some rope.
Chikage: ...Something flashy, huh. I'll look into it.

Summer Troupe[edit | edit source]

Sumeragi Tenma - Latchkey Kids
Veludo Station
Masumi: The director scolded me for not telling her I was home. We're married.
Tenma: I'm just gonna ignore that last part.
Tenma: It's weird knowing someone's waiting home for you.
Masumi: I know, right?
Velvet Park
Masumi: ...Director will return soon. I need to go back too.
Tenma: Y-you didn't put a GPS tracker on the Director, right!?
Masumi: The one who'll say "welcome back" to her will be me.
Tenma: Wait- you haven't fulfilled today's quota yet!
Velvet Town Library
Masumi: I want Director to say "welcome home" to me forever.
Tenma: What the hell, is that a proposal?
Masumi: I've already decided on what I'll say when I propose... I'm not going to tell you.
Tenma: I don't wanna know!
Rurikawa Yuki - Salty Boys
Veludo Station
Masumi: The director said to give out lots of fan service.
Yuki: Really? What a pain...
Masumi: Wow, they're lining up to shake our hands.
Yuki: Hi, hi... thanks for watching...
Velvet Park
Yuki: A cold shoulder is, for some people, part of the fanservice.
Masumi: Could it be that Director likes a cold reception...?
Masumi: When I return home, I'll try to give Director a cold shoulder.
Yuki: Yes yes, do your best.
Velvet Town Library
Yuki: Psycho stalker, did you gave Director that every day, the cold shoulder, I mean.
Masumi: She was really embarrassed. So cute.
Masumi: Should I give up this fanservice technique now?
Yuki: I guess so. The impression will linger a lifetime, won't it?
Sakisaka Muku - Love Is Wonderful
Veludo Station
Muku: Love is wonderful, isn't it?
Masumi: It's the best.
Muku: When you fall in love, your chest kind of hurts...
Masumi: But the whole world shines.
Velvet Park
Muku: So great...I want to fall in love too...
Masumi: I'll cheer you on, except if it's with Director.
Muku: A soulmate, is there really someone like this!?
Masumi: They exist. My soulmate is Director.
Velvet Town Library
Masumi: When I look at Director, the center of my chest tightens.
Muku: Waaah, there's even chest tightening!!
Masumi: The chest's tightening up... everyday.
Muku: That is so nice! It's like in a Shojō Manga...!
Ikaruga Misumi - Same Name, Almost?
Veludo Station
Misumi: Our names are really similar, huh?
Masumi: Nope.
Misumi: Sure they are! Misumi and Masumi. Only 1 letter apart!
Masumi: Nope.
Veludo Park
Misumi: Masumi, do you like triangles?
Masumi: I like Director.
Misumi: Masumi will like triangles! Because our names are alike!
Masumi: I don't get what you mean.
Velvet Town Library
Misumi: Director-san also said, Masumi and my name are alike~
Masumi: If Director said so, I accept it.
Misumi: I also like Director-san~
Masumi: What? Don't you already have your triangles?
Miyoshi Kazunari - DM Friends (?)
Velvet Station Front
Kazunari: Will you reply to my DMs already?
Masumi: Yeah, no.
Kazunari: We're finally connected! Yay!
Masumo: You don't get to decide that. Stop taking pics.
Velvet Park
Kazunari: Hey, hey! Wasn't that stamp I sent you yesterday super fashionable?
Masumi: I didn't look.
Kazunari: Look, they say these stamps are super popular amongst girls!
Masumi: ...I'll buy them.
Velvet Town Library
Kazunari: Ah, Massu sends curry stamps to Director-chan!
Masumi: Don't look.
Kazunari: Ah! Director-chan sent me a message on LIME.
Masumi: I didn't get anything.... Delete it.

Autumn Troupe[edit | edit source]

Settsu Banri - Kings of Hana High
Veludo Station
Banri: I really get how you feel, Masumi.
Masumi: ...Does that mean you love her, too?!
Banri: It's like you're living your life on Easy Mode, too.
Masumi: Huh? Being in love with the director is Hard Mode.
Veludo Park
Masumi: ....Are you aiming for Director?
Banri: Huh? That's sudden. She's a senpai.
Masumi: Senpai or kohai, that doesn't matter when it comes to love.
Banri: Such a pesky kohai, hey...
Veludo Library
Masumi: You, haven't seen you at school.
Banri: Ah, skipping basics.
Banri: Yesterday, were ya confessed on the rooftop? Ya do it.
Masumi: Don't care. In women other than Director, I'm not into.
Hyodo Juza - Who Needs Friends?
Veludo Station
Masumi: You're not very friendly.
Juza: As if you've got room to talk.
Masumi: I want to see the director's smile...
Juza: ...Oh.
Veludo Park
Masumi: Haa... I can't get motivated without Director.
Juza: I see.
Masumi: When I helped Omi I was praised by Director.
Juza: That's great.
Veludo Library
Masumi: ...I felt like I heard Director's voice.
Juza: ...You're okay?
Masumi: I'll go home and buy curry bread for the Director.
Juza: Understood. I'll go home too.
Nanao Taichi - What is Love?
Veludo Station
Masumi: Ahh, I love her... I love her so much it hurts...
Taichi: Man!! I want a love life like that!
Taichi: But a long-distance relationship would be cool, too!
Masumi: I'd never leave her. Ever.
Veludo Park
Masumi: Aah~! At such a place a couple ki, kiss...!
Tachi: I also want to kiss Director...
Taichi: One day, in this park, I'll ki-kiss a girl....!
Masumi: Director... kiss... fufu
Veludo Library
Taichi: I want to be popular like Masumi-kun~! Super popular~!
Masumi: I don't care about anything but Director.
Taichi: A love-fulfillment power spot is close by!
Masumi: I'll go.
Fushimi Omi - How to be a Good Hubby
Veludo Station
Masumi: Teach me how to make some good curry.
Omi: Haha, you sound like a doting wife.
Omi: Have you ever even held a kitchen knife?
Masumi: No. But I'm sure I'll catch on quick.
Veludo Park
Masumi: When it comes to my love for Director, I won't lose to anyone.
Omi: Cooking with love... Well I don't see a problem with that.
Masumi: Once we get married, I'll make curry for her everyday.
Omi: Curry everyday... Certainly this must be love without you couldn't do that.
Veludo Library
Masumi: Giving her a surprise curry... a proposal.
Omi: Are you going to do that...?
Masumi: Her pleased face, I want to hurry.
Omi: So we're not getting exposed by Director, we have to practice in secret.
Furuichi Sakyo - Love Rivals..?
Veludo Station
Masumi: .......
Sakyo: What? Stop glaring at me?
Masumi: I won't let you have her. 
Sakyo: Now it all makes sense. 
Veludo Park
Sakyo: Hm? The actor on that poster... Isn't he the one Director said she liked?
Masumi: !!! My rivals have increased...
Masumi: Director likes that type of man, huh? ... I'll take note
Sakyo: Hmpf, so young...
Veludo Library
Masumi: I don't feel like I'll lose to you in neither action nor in love.
Sakyo: Saying such cocky things, even though you're still a kid.
Sakyo: ...I'll just say this, I don't plan on losing either.
Masumi: Bring it on!

Winter Troupe[edit | edit source]

Tsukioka Tsumugi - We Love Our Grandmas
Veludo Station
Masumi: You remind me of a grandma.
Tsumugi: Um... Is that a compliment?
Masumi: You're all warm and comforting.
Tsumugi: You're just like me, then. We both really love our grandmas.
Veludo Park
Tsumugi: Grandmother's source of wisdom is useful.
Masumi: There is no need to listen to an elder's romance.
Masumi: Granny's love talk... I can't even imagine that.
Tsumugi: One day I will introduce you, but for now you can talk to me.
Veludo Library
Tsumugi: Masumi-kun, have you met grandmother recently?
Masumi: Haven't seen her in awhile.
Tsumugi: Could it be that Director's grandmother is also the same....
Masumi: No.
Takato Tasuku - Taciturn Guys
Veludo Station
Masumi: .........
Tasuku: .........
Tasuku: ...It's over, huh?
Masumi: Yep.
Veludo Park
Tasuku: ...Let's go.
Masumi: ...Understood
Tasuku: .......
Masumi: ......Zzz.
Veludo Library
Masumi: Ahh... I want to meet the Director.
Tasuku: You're really only about that.
Masumi: Love is difficult.
Tasuku: ....True.
Mikage Hisoka - Sleeping All Day
Veludo Station
Masumi: Zzz....zz...
Hisoka: Zzz...Zzz...
Masumi: Done. I'm sleepy.
Hisoka: I'm going to bed.
Veludo Park
Masumi: The weather is nice...Zz....
Hisoka: Zzzz....
Masumi: Should take a nap on that bench.
Hisoka: Agreed.
Veludo Library
Hisoka: Zzz Zzz
Masumi: I'll sleep too.
Masumi: *sleeping peacefully*
Hisoka: *sleeping peacefully*
Arisugawa Homare - Hi-Res Music Lovers
Veludo Station
Homare: Do your headphones have hi-res support?
Masumi: Duh.
Homare: Hi-res is a must for any music lover!
Masumi: The director's voice is hi-res, too. I wish I could buy it.
Veludo Park
Masumi: The CD you lent me before... what is it?
Homare: Lyrics・by me, Composition・Manager, Vocalist. It's a collaboration.
Homare: Oh yes, Masumi-kun, why don't you join the next time?
Masumi: Rejected.

Veludo Library

Homare: Today's weather really makes you want to sing.
Masumi: Not really.
Homare: I wonder what kind of song should I listen to as tonight's lullaby.
Masumi: I'll listen to a lullaby sung by Director.
Yukishiro Azuma - Easygoing Guys
Veludo Station
Masumi: You walk slow.
Azuma: Do I? Maybe you just walk fast.
Masumi: I wanna go home...to her...
Azuma: Then let's buy her a cake on our way ♪

Veludo Park

Azuma: Ah, it's that stage actor that told me he liked Director.
Masumi: I won't hand her over.
Masumi: When I get back, I'll ask who is cooler, me or that stage actor.
Azuma: I wonder, did I say something unnecessary?
Veludo Library
Azuma: Tasuku's, the story of that person it got me angry once I heared it.
Masumi: I also called Tsuzuru names.
Azuma: The B Type are the only ones who easily leave such negative impressions behind.
Masumi: Mysterious.

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