A cool and earnest junior actor.

Usui Masumi (碓氷真澄) is a member of the Spring Troupe and the second actor to join the Mankai Company. He falls in love with Izumi at first sight while watching her act in a street performance. Masumi himself has no motivation for acting on his own, and his only reason to join was to get close to the Director and to be praised by her. His interactions with everyone else are mostly rude, so he is deemed as a troublemaker. Despite that, his sense and line memorization ability really stand out.

He inhabits room 102 together with Tsuzuru.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Masumi Casual Chibi 2.png

This handsome teenage boy has Black Hair and blond dyed underneath, something that sticks out and could be considered fashionable. Masumi also has purple eyes and a mole on the left side of his mouth. He wears a black leather jacket, a T-n camouflage pattern, and a white shirt underneath. Additionally matching his overall color scheme, he wears a pair of black pants and purple sneakers. Sometimes, he also has his white headphones with him.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Masumi comes across as cold and indifferent with no motivation whatsoever. Furthermore, he could be described as rude or even brazen, as he has a sharp tongue and is not afraid to use it against strangers or his fellow actors. To blame for this attitude is his rather carefree, unrestricted life, due to his absent parents as well as the lack of discipline. His behavior changes a lot once he interacts with Izumi, the woman he claims to love. With her around, he turns into a lovesick puppy. He flirts and tries every way to gain her attention. Masumi's impolite remarks turn into compliments and he, in some way, seeks her nonstop approval, something his parents could not give him. Even with constant rejections from Izumi, Masumi remains persistent.

History[edit | edit source]

His parents work overseas, leaving him to live alone in Japan. Having no reason to return to an empty home, Masumi spends his time wandering around doing whatever he feels like. One time during his walk through the city, he witnessed a street performance by Izumi and Sakuya with the goal to gather more members for the Mankai Company. Watching Izumi's acting caused him to instantly fall in love with her, and he decided to get close to his new crush by being the next addition to the acting troupe.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Masumi can come off as cold since he only directly shows affection towards Izumi, and even rude sometimes, occasionally sparking fights, but his relationship with the members has deepened as they got to know each other more.

Sakuya: Thinks Sakuya is annoying but he doesn't hate him. Masumi sees Sakuya as a nosy boy that is always around him, but at the same time doesn't purposely tell him to go away when Sakuya hangs out with him. They have gotten closer than initially at school. Masumi thinks of Sakuya as some sort of rival, but after a long time, he finally acknowledged his true intentions. Sakuya says he just can't seem to leave Masumi alone, since he was like the younger brother that he never had. Sakuya is always nice to Masumi, even when the other isn't to him.

Tsuzuru: They didn't exactly mix well together when they first met, since Masumi was so demanding of others. They got into many fights, and it didn't help that they were roommates, especially the one time Tsuzuru didn't want to sleep in their room because he didn't want to put up with Tsuzuru. But after they crossed that hurdle, Tsuzuru thinks of Masumi like a troublesome little brother in his rebellious phase. Like all the others, Masumi finds Tsuzuru to be annoying, and especially dislikes his complaining.

Itaru: Sees right through Itaru's charming facade, says that he's fine on the outside, but not really worth anything much on the inside. Noting his gaming and other bad habits, Masumi says that he never wants to be an adult like Itaru. Itaru, on the other hand, faces Masumi's constant battering without putting up a fight. Despite all the mean comments directed towards him, Itaru still doesn't dislike him, and even respects his honesty with feelings.

Citron: Citron thinks Masumi's tsun-tsun quality is extremely cute. He is affectionate of Masumi and likes to give him head pats, in which the latter dislikes. Masumi thinks Citron is a random and weird foreigner that talks weird, and doesn't really get him. Sometimes almost even creeped out by Citron's weirdness. Surprisingly, he occasionally bothers to correct Citron's speaking errors.

Chikage: Masumi doesn't really get why he puts on two different images at work and home, same as Itaru. However, his two faces are much better than Itaru's stark contrast. Masumi is a bit freaked out by Chikage's overly-passionate love for spices. Chikage, along with the other 2 kids in the troupe, has taken a liking on Masumi, and wishes to have a magic show with Masumi sometime, which came true in their seventh play. Chikage thinks it is great to have someone Masumi loves so much.

Link Skill[edit | edit source]

Link Skill Characters Effect
Revived Spring Troupe MasumiSSRIcon.pngSakuyaSSRIcon.pngTsuzuruSSRIcon.pngItaruSSRIcon.pngCitronSSRIcon.png Big Dr Boost
Hanasaki Gakuen Group MasumiSSRIcon.pngSakuyaSSRIcon.pngBanriSSRIcon.png Sr Boost
Latchkey Kids MasumiSSRIcon.pngTenmaSSRIcon.png Ac Boost
Sleeping Kids Grow Up Well MasumiSSRIcon.pngHisokaSSRIcon.png Dr Boost
Sharp Tongue MasumiSSRIcon.pngYukiSSRIcon.png Ac Boost

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Normal Home Screen Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "You don't belong to me but I belong to you... Don't forget that."
  • "Hey..."
  • "You can boss me around."
  • "Morning. You are beautiful. You always are."
  • "Not there, a bit more to the right. Yes, there.. this feels good."
  • "I feel safe when you're around."
  • "Are you interested in my mole?"
  • "Did you make lunch? I'd eat anything you make for me."
  • "If it's you, I'll let you touch me."
  • "Haa... I like you."
  • "What?"
  • "I wanna sleep in your bed. ...Can I?"
  • "Sigh... I kind of think I like you more than I did before. Take responsibility and marry me."
  • "I’ll do my best to be able to meet you again…so until then, wait for me."

Special Home Screen Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "You know, as the reward for Homare today. Even I'll do my best with my poem."
  • "Tasuku's Day is also Cat's Day. He'll remember if you say it."
  • "If Sakuya is really older than I am, the world is over."
  • "Tsuzuru's birthday... Can't be helped, today I will clean our room."
  • "I don't really care but if you say so, it can't be helped. Congratulations Itaru."
  • "I am glad I was able to meet you. I want to be with you forever so...marry me."
  • "I didn’t accept any gifts from those girls in school. Because it’s meaningless if I don’t receive it from you." Valentine's Day Dialogue
  • "This is, my love for you… Accept it, my return gift" White Day Dialogue
  • "Is it true that I can have you all to myself on my birthday?"
  • "I, will give up on you… I don’t want to say that kind of joke ever. I like you… This is not a lie." April Fool's Dialogue
  • "The big koi is swimming..." Children's Day Dialogue
  • "Speaking of it, I don't know Citron's age. Age unknown."
  • "For Misumi, it's triangles. For me, it's Director. Can I have you?"

Practice Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "If it's with you, I'll train as much as you want."
  • "You be my partner here."
  • "What should I say for vocal exercise?"
  • "I want to play the role of your lover."
  • "I memorized the script. Now what?"
  • "Are improvs necessary?"
  • "Recently, I've been getting a lot of DMs from Kazunari. You never send me any."
  • "Who needs school? All I need is you."
  • "Found a curry place you'll like. Praise me."
  • "Sakuya's just as nosy as Tsuzuru is."
  • "Tsuzuru never shuts up. He's such a pain. All he does is complain."
  • "I hope I never grow up to be an adult like Itaru. That would suck."
  • "Citron's so weird. I don't get what he's saying half the time."
  • "It's over? But I wanna spend more time with you."

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Surname: 碓 = pestle 氷 = ice

Given name: 真 = truth 澄 = clear

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Masumi is an underclassman to both Sakuya and Banri at Hanasaki Academy.
    • He sometimes eats lunch with Sakuya and the older boy always greets Masumi when they pass each other in the hallway.
    • Masumi has a lot of female fans in school and even a fanclub, but he doesn't care for them.
  • His favorite food is Vietnamese spring roll but he dislikes Tororo.

Masumis Doodle

  • Masumi is the only character that openly admits having strong romantic feelings for Izumi.
  • He considers Sakyo to be his rival, due to the past they share and his potential interest in Izumi. He does respect the Director the most, as she was the one who changes his world.
  • The little doodle he made in the training notebook is an "Ai Ai Gasa", an umbrella with Director and his own name written under it. This symbols a romantic relationship, or a desire to have one, in Japanese culture.
  • Masumi remembers that as a child, he was often asked to do as he was told, now that no one commands him anymore, he just does what he wants.
  • Masumi would love to play a role in the future that Izumi thinks is cool, yet Tsuzuru deems the reason behind this request impure and refuses to write such a role for him.
  • Masumi's specialty is memorization.
  • Masumi was featured on the Mini Album First SPRING EP with his character song SICK SICK SICK.
  • To him, the Mankai Company is "a place where he can be with Izumi".

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