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Part 1
Yuki: I bought the fabric for the jacket and I have the embellishments and lace. That should do it.
Tsuzuru: Thanks... I thought my arms would fall off if I had to carry any more.
Yuki: Quit being so dramatic.
Tsuzuru: Why did I have to come shopping with you, anyway?
Yuki: You wrote the play, so I needed your input on the style.
Tsuzuru: Huh? You didn't ask my opinion once! You just wanted someone to do the heavy lifting.
Yuki: I knew I was going to buy a lot, and I didn't want to carry it all myself.
Tsuzuru: Okay, now you're being a little too honest.
Yuki: Can't help it. Anyway, as thanks for helping me, I'll let you give your input on one thing.
Tsuzuru: Just one thing, huh?
Yuki: If that's how you're gonna act, I don't have to ask you at all, you know.
Tsuzuru: ...Please don't put bunny ears on the white rabbit's costume.
Yuki: Huh? You're the one who volunteered to be the white rabbit, and you don't want to wear ears? I'm gonna give you the biggest, fluffiest ones you've ever seen.
Tsuzuru: Please don't, I'm begging you!
Yuki: Sigh. Well, I don't want to force you to wear them, so I guess I'll take it into consideration.
Tsuzuru: We're back.
Tsuzuru: Whoa!!
Tsuzuru: W-What IS that?!
Yuki: Is that a rabbit?
Tsuzuru: Why is there a rabbit here? C'mon... come here, little guy.
Rabbit: CHOMP.
Tsuzuru: OW! Don't bite me!! Hey, get back over here!
Rabbit: HOP!
Tsuzuru: Wheeze... I caught it.
Yuki: What the heck are we gonna do with it?
Tsuzuru: Well, we can't just keep it here.
Tsuzuru: I guess we should go around and ask people if they know who it belongs to.
Muku: Oh my gosh, it's so cute!
Itaru: ...Is this your son?
Tsuzuru: Of course not! It was here when we got home!
Homare: I wonder how it got in here?
Muku: Maybe it came from Wonderland just like the rabbit in Alice's story!
Muku: And the rabbit takes Tsuzuru off to Wonderland, where he becomes a hero and fights alongside the Kitty Knight and the Frog Magician...
Yuki: Looks like Muku's imagination is running wild again.
Taichi: Whoa, looks how big and cute its eyes are! Hey, why don't we make it our company mascot?
Homare: That's a splendid idea. We'll name him Darjeeling Alberic the 3rd!
Taichi: No way! He's gotta match Kamekichi, so let's name him Tsurusuke!
Itaru: A parrot named after a turtle and a rabbit named after a crane... This is some kinda messed up riddle.
Tsuzuru: Will you guys knock it off and help me out here?! Do ANY of you know who this bunny belongs to?!
Everyone: Nope.
Itaru: Well, it's definitely lost, so you should probably start looking for its owner.
Tsuzuru: Yeah... All right. Let's go look.
To be Continued...
Part 2
Yuki: Why do I have to come with you to find the rabbit's owner?
Tsuzuru: Because you were there when I found it. Anyway, let's go ask around in the neighborhood.
Tsuzuru: Excuse me. Do you recognize this rabbit?
Woman: Oh, what an adorable little bunny! I'm sorry, I don't know who it belongs to.
Man: Never seen this little guy before.
Old lady: Aww, is it lost? I wonder who it belongs to?
High school girl: No clue. Sorry I can't help you.
Yuki: Well, that was a bust.
Tsuzuru: Where'd you come form, anyway?
Rabbit: THWACK!
Tsuzuru: Ow, you don't have to kick me! I was just trying to pet you! You're kind of a brat, y'know? Did someone curse Masumi into rabbit form or something?
Rabbit: Hmph!
Tsuzuru: Geez...
Yuki: It really is surly. Maybe someone really did turn the psycho stalker into a rabbit. A witch?
Tsuzuru: You sound like Muku...
Yuki: Still though, it hasn't jumped out of your arms yet. Maybe it actually likes you?
Tsuzuru: Sigh...
Tsuzuru: Why don't we ask around over here?
???: Tsuchan, where are you?
Yuki: Hm?
???: Tsuchan!!
Tsuzuru: Look, its ears are twitching! What if...
Kid 1: I can't find him anywhere...
Kid 2: Let's look over there!
Tsuzuru: Hey, are you looking for this rabbit?
Kid 3: Ah, it's Tsuchan!!
Kid 1: Tsuchan!! I'm so glad I found you! I was so worried!
Kid 2: Thanks so much! Tsuchan escaped from our school's rabbit hutch and we've been looking for him everywhere.
Tsuzuru: I'm glad I found his owners. So his name is Tsuchan, huh?
Kid 3: Yep! We all call him Tsuchan for short, but his real name is Tsuzuru!
Tsuzuru: What?!
Yuki: Wow, this whole time we thought it was Masumi, but it was really you.
Rabbit: Squeak!
Kid 1: C'mere, Tsuchan.
Rabbit: Squeak!
Kid 3: Thanks, you two! Bye bye!
Yuki: Bye bye.
Tsuzuru: Be careful not to let him escape again!
Kids: We won't!
Tsuzuru: .....
Yuki: You look a little sad. Did you end up getting attached to him since you have the same name?
Tsuzuru: That was just a crazy coincidence. But I guess I was starting to like him a little...
Yuki: ...That's it. I'm definitely putting bunny ears on your costume. And I'll make them super cute.
Tsuzuru: ...Seriously, can you not?! Please !!
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