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Role study: Wizard of the South
Tsuzuru: Okay, I've got the tissues and hand soap...Cool, that should be everything.
Sakuya: Yeah!
Kazunari: Great job shopping, team!
Masumi: ...
Tsuzuru: Hey, isn't that Masumi?
Sakuya: You're right! Hey, Masumi!
Masumi: Oh. What, are you guys running errands?
Sakuya: Yep. We were just about to head back. How about you?
Masumi: Same.
Kazunari: You guys have rehearsal after this, right?
Tsuzuru: Yeah. Masumi and I are playing wizards this time.
Sakuya: And my character follows the lead around, who Chikage plays.
Kazunari: Ooh, nice! Can't wait to see it!
Julian: ...
Sakuya: Hey, isn't that...
Kazunari: Juju!
Julian: Oh, hey. Fancy meeting all of you here.
Tsuzuru: What are you doing in this neck of the woods?
Julian: Pacifico Spontini Jr. and I are out here telling fortunes on Veludo Way.
Masumi: Spontini Jr.?
Tsuzuru: Is that...the name of your crystal ball?
Julian: Indeed. I couldn't do my job without it.
Sakuya: A crystal ball... Wow, you're like a wizard!
Tsuzuru: Technically, Julian is a fortune teller...
Kazunari: Now that I think about it, you had that crystal ball with you the last time we met, too, didn't you?
Masumi: ...Scam artist.
Julian: Please refrain from disrespecting my crystal ball, Masumi.
Julian: With this, I can tell your future and which path you should take in life.
Masumi: You...can?!
Masumi: ...Does that mean you can see me and Izumi's future?
Julian: Of course I can.
Masumi: Look into it. Right now.
Sakuya: M-Masumi...
Tsuzuru: How did I know he was gonna say that?
Kazunari: I don't blame him for wanting to know! Juju's predictions are scarily accurate!
Julian: I see... I see...
Julian: Izumi is in the training room, smiling at you, Masumi. It looks like you're dressed up.
Masumi: Dressed up...? Wait, is this...our wedding ceremony?
Kazunari: What?! You two are getting married?!
Tsuzuru: No way. He said they're in the training room.
Julian: Hmm... It looks like that's all I can see for now.
Julian: May you find joy in your future. Ciao!
Sakuya: He's gone...
Tsuzuru: He's always so...interesting.
Masumi: Izumi's and my wedding...
Kazunari: Oh no, we're losing Massu! Massu! Come back down to Earth!
Yuki: All right, now that you're all done changing, I'll be checking the fit on you one by one.
Izumi: It's always nice to see you guys in your costume. It really changes the atmosphere.
Citron: I so enjoy my hat!
Chikage: What a staff, too.
Itaru: I'm liking this evil wizard thing I've got going on. Makes me wanna start chanting some curses.
Masumi: ...
Sakuya: I like your costume, Masumi! Yellow really suits you!
Izumi: Yeah! You look good!
Masumi: ...!
Izumi: Masumi?
Masumi: You think...I...
Sakuya: Wait, could this be...?
Tsuzuru: Is this what Julian saw in his crystal?
Masumi: ...I'm gonna see if he'll take me as an apprentice.
Masumi: I'm gonna become a wizard and bring Izumi and my futures together.
Izumi: Er, what are you guys talking about?
Tsuzuru: He's a fortune teller, not a wizard.
Citron: Masumi, you are going to become a wizard and constrict people? And then constrict the world?!
Sakuya: Constrict...the world?
Itaru: I think he means 'control'?
Citron: Yes, that!
Chikage: You're good at understanding him, Itaru.
Itaru: The great wizard Masumi and his three Magi on a quest for world domination... Me likey.
Tsuzuru: Not gonna happen!
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