No matter what, I want to stand on the stage with you.

Tsumugi Tsukioka (月岡紬) is the leader of the Winter Troupe, who once aimed to be an actor. In the past, he auditioned for the God Troupe together with Tasuku but when the latter passed but Tsumugi failed, and his self-esteem decreased when the manager told him he was never going to make it with his acting skills. Tsumugi lost confidence in himself and his abilities, so it seemed like he gave it up. Later when he returned to Veludo, Tsumugi decided to give it another shot because in his heart he never fully abandoned it and wanted to act with his friend again. He went to the Mankai Company's Winter Troupe audition.

He shares room 204 with Tasuku.



Tsumugi is a young man in his mid-twenties with short, dark blue hair and blue eyes. His taste in clothes is simple and his overall appearance doesn't stand out much, something that is also emphasized by his modest character. His usual casual clothes consist of a blue striped T-shirt, a pair of black pants, and black leather shoes. In addition to that; a brown trench coat with a blue inner lining. Whenever he pursues his hobby gardening, he also likes to wear a blue overall above.


Gentle, kind, and timid in nature, these are the words that describe Tsumugi's personality the best. He has a great need for harmony and dislikes any conflict, therefore he often tries to be the mediator for the other actors. Tsumugi is also known for his empathy and sensibility. However, this sensibility sometimes becomes his weak spot, thus leading him to lack any self-confidence and the ability to assert himself. Back in the day, he even gave up his dream because of the missing confidence in his acting. Although Tsumugi claimed to have no experience when he first auditioned, he is quite experienced, highlighting his humble nature. Through performing with Mankai, he started to have a bit more faith in himself, as well as his talent. Now Tsumugi doesn't shy away from expressing his own wishes and desires anymore, as much as he did previously.


During his university years, Tsumugi was an active theater student together with his childhood friend Tasuku. Both shared the same dream, to one day act together on the same stage as professionals. However, after getting criticized and watching fellow actors around him smoothly surpassing him, he started having self-doubts, resulting in him quitting acting altogether. Feeling betrayed, Tasuku could not forgive Tsumugi for this action and their long friendship came to an abrupt end. Nonetheless, Tsumugi could never forget his dream and love for the performance art, so he later went to the Mankai Company winter audition.


Surname: 月 (month, moon) 岡 (hill) Given name: 紬 (pongee; soft thin cloth woven from raw silk)


  1. Michael in Sympathy for the Angel
  2. Keiichi Soma in My Master's Mesmerized by Mystery
  3. Ryohei Izumi in Nocturnality
  4. Chris in Le Fantome de l'Opera


  • With his fellow troupe leaders, he sang as A3ders! the games main theme song MANKAI☆Kaika Sengen.
  • His favourite food is fried eggs but he has nothing he dislikes.
    • Tsumugi told the director that he wants to be an actor as versatile as eggs when they went grocery shopping together.
  • Tsumugi has learned much about flowers from his grandmother, such as how to take care of them and what they mean in the language of flowers.
  • Tsumugi is the only troupe leader who is not a minor.
  • Tsumugi tutors high school students in Language Arts and Classical Japanese.
  • The doodle he drew is of his dog, Zabi.
    • Tasuku also drew Zabi, and they still argue over who can drew Zabi better.


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