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Izumi:You always come by train, Tsubasa? That must be tiring.
Tsubasa:I do. But I do not hate the feeling of swaying along with the gravity of the train.
Tsubasa:Each car is filled with stories.
Tsubasa:For example, that girl is debating about what color flower she will adorn her locks with.
Tsubasa:That man over there is wondering how best to fulfill his mission in this world.
Izumi:(In other words...the girl is debating which hair decoration to use, and the man is thinking about work...or something like that?)
Tsubasa:All humans weave different stories. Those stories are absorbed inside me and become my fuel for the stage.
Izumi:Now I get it! By imagining what kind of person they are, that helps make you a better actor!
Tsubasa:That is correct. And the more vivid that image is, the more I can change others and the world.

Swaying in the Train Part 1
[Veludo Station: Morning]
Tsubasa:And the more vivid that image is, I can change others and the world.
Izumi:Huh. That's deep.
Izumi:(Tsubasa's good at imagining the world of people around him and characters in a play.)
Tsubasa:However...this skill is at once a blessing and a curse.
Tsubasa:Power often that not hurts its owner.
Izumi:What do you mean?
Tsubasa:When I reflect a human's story inside my heart... I sometimes get engulfed in that image, and my mind starts to race.
Tsubasa:Or if I use my power too much, the noise of the people and the rhythm of the train turns to a lullaby, luring me to darkness.
Tsubasa:And when that happens... I lose my destination.
Izumi:So you get too into imagining things or oversleep and end up missing your stop, right?
Tsubasa:Some people may explain it like that.

Swaying in the Train Part 2
[Veludo Station: Morning]

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