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Tsubasa Yoshikawa (吉川 翼) is a Winter Troupe extra.


Tsubasa is a tall man with short hair and blue eyes.


Tsubasa tends to speak in an "overdramatic voice" because he suffers from 'second grader syndrome'. He is good at observing others and brainstorming, but he has a chance of getting too invested.


Tsubasa was recommended by Yuzo Kashima because he is a very talented actor.


  • The name Tsubasa means "wing" (翼).
  • Tsubasa's surname Yoshikawa means "lucky, good" (吉) (yoshi) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa).

Tsubasa Yoshikawa Winter Troupe Ensemble Cast full body
Tsubasa Yoshikawa Backup Dancers! full body
Tsubasa Yoshikawa Winter Troupe Ensemble Cast chibi
Tsubasa Yoshikawa Backup Dancers! chibi

Normal Home Screen Quotes

Occation Line Audio
Morning The morning sun calls my name, but my eyelids are sealed under a deep curse... File:Yuichi morning line.ogg Info icon.png
Noon What tale shall we weave today? File:Yuichi noon line.ogg Info icon.png
Evening The sun has set. I must return to the land I belong to. File:Yuichi evening line.ogg Info icon.png
Night Darkness invites me into its abyss... Let us fall into it's embrace together...Zzz... File:Yuichi night line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular You may touch me, but you will never touch my heart. File:Yuichi regular1 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular What is your wish? File:Yuichi regular2 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular Mankai Company...a unique troupe, indeed. File:Yuichi regular3 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular Being extra isn’t bad. File:Yuichi regular4 line.ogg Info icon.png

Special Home Screen Quotes

Occation Line Audio
Player's Birthday Happy Birthday. My gift of speech is a double-edged sword, so I can say no more. File:Tsubasa player's birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Tsubasa's Birthday File:Tsubasa's birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
1st Anniversary It's already our first anniversary

...congrats. I'm really lucky to have met you.

2nd Anniversary Looks like we've got more drinkers around, so I got us more alchohol. I hope you like it.

Practice Quotes

It's difficult becoming a new me.
This stirring in my heart...is it love?
Please give me a moment of rest.
I've seen the light...!
A magnificent rehearsal. You have my thanks.

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