Premium Tryouts Rates[edit | edit source]

Odds shown are rounded off to 2 decimal places. The full number is used in the actual game calculation.

SSR:[edit | edit source]

Cards Rates*
[Secret Training] Sakuya 0.15%
[Now Playing...] Masumi 0.15%
[Attack of the Minagis] Tsuzuru 0.15%
[Gamer Life Goals] Itaru 0.15%
[Style] Citron 0.15%
[Undeniable Aura] Tenma 0.15%
[Sewing Lullaby] Yuki 0.15%
[Kitty Paradise] Muku 0.15%
[Welcome to the Circus!] Misumi 0.15%
[Hot Beats] Kazunari 0.15%
[Gamer Heaven] Banri 0.15%
[Keep Out!] Juza 0.15%
[Skater Boi] Taichi 0.15%
[Bold Flavors] Omi 0.15%
[Night Watch] Sakyo 0.15%
[Sunny Garden] Tsumugi 0.15%
[Fantasy] Tasuku 0.15%
[Run Through the Night] Hisoka 0.15%
[Poetry Afternoon] Homare 0.15%
[City Lights] Azuma 0.15%

*When performing a ten-pull, the rates for obtaining a SSR rise to 1%.

SR:[edit | edit source]

Cards Rates*
[About to Bloom] Sakuya 1%
[About to Bloom] Masumi 1%
[About to Bloom] Tsuzuru 1%
[About to Bloom] Itaru 1%
[About to Bloom] Citron 1%
[About to Bloom] Tenma 1%
[About to Bloom] Yuki 1%
[About to Bloom] Muku 1%
[About to Bloom] Misumi 1%
[About to Bloom] Kazunari 1%
[About to Bloom] Banri 1%
[About to Bloom] Juza 1%
[About to Bloom] Taichi 1%
[About to Bloom] Omi 1%
[About to Bloom] Sakyo 1%
[About to Bloom] Tsumugi 1%
[About to Bloom] Tasuku 1%
[About to Bloom] Hisoka 1%
[About to Bloom] Homare 1%
[About to Bloom] Azuma 1%

*When performing a ten-pull, the rates for obtaining an SR rise to 4%.

R 1.33%[edit | edit source]

(percent may vary depending on the Tryout!)

Friend Tryouts[edit | edit source]

R 0.36%[edit | edit source]

N 1.46%[edit | edit source]

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