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Trip Chats are unlocked when playing the limited practice sessions a certain number of times. These are a type of Mini Chat featuring six actors.

Meet Me by the Milky Way

Trip Spot #1: Old Guesthouse Porch
Kazunari & Tasuku's Chat
Kazunari: Ugh... It's too hot to have an appetite...
Tasuku: Is the heat getting to you?
Kazunari: Yeah, probs. I'm totes making sure that I'm staying hydrated, though! I bet you're not affected by the weather since you're so in shape!
Tasuku: Yeah, I've never really lost my appetite because of the summer heat. If you don't feel all that hungry, maybe you should try eating chilled ramen noodles. They're easy on the stomach and help keep you cool.
Kazunari: That acually sounds pretty legit! I'm def gonna have that for lunch!
Tasuku: I can give you directions to a really good restaurant that serves it if you'd like.
Kazunari: Seriously?! Forget about giving me directions! Let's just grab lunch together, Tax! We never go out for food together! I'm so stoked just thinking about having a meal with you!
Tasuku: Hmm... I haven't decided what to eat today, anyway. I guess I'm down.
Kazunari: Yay, awesome sauce! I think I'm so pumped that all of that heat fatigue got blown away! Whoo! Let's get a move on!
Yuki & Omi's Chat
Omi: Are you in, Yuki? I have something to give you.
Yuki: Yeah, I'm here. What's up?
Omi: Here you are.
Yuki: Is this... a lace lariat?
Omi: Yeah. I saw it in my lace making book and wanted to try my hand at making one, so I did. I made one for you and another for Izumi. They're perfect to wear now that it's summer. Hope you like it.
Yuki: Hmmm.... It does have a very refreshing vibe, and since the design is so versatile, I bet I can pair it with a lot of my outfits.
Omi: Really? That's great to hear.
Yuki: I can't believe you were able to create such intricate patterns with those huge hands of yours, though... I honestly still can't wrap my head around that. I bet people who have only seen you on stage or riding your motorcycle wouldn't be able to believe it either.
Omi: I'm pretty sure I remember Ryo telling me the same thing not too long ago.
Yuki: Not surprised. Anyway... I don't really have any lace accessories, so this is a pleasant surprise. Thanks a lot. I'll be sure to make good use of it.
Omi: You're very welcome.
Sakuya & Misumi's Chat
Sakuya: Good job today, Misumi!
Misumi: You too, Sakuya! Hehe! This triangle ice cream is so yummy!
Sakuya: It really is! It tastes even better and sweeter after a hard day's work.
Misumi: I used to go to work and back home alone. But today, I had fun working with you, and we even stopped by a store to get a snack on our way home. I'm so happy!
Sakuya: I'm glad we were able to work together, too! You helped me out a bunch, and I felt a lot better knowing you were there for me if I needed!
Misumi: Really? I'm happy you're happy! ...Oh! Look, Sakuya! It's a triangle!
Sakuya: Huh? Where are you looking?
Misumi: Up! See? It's a giant summer triangle in the sky! It's so sparkly!
Sakuya: You're right! You can really see the stars clearly tonight. They're so beautiful... Looking at a sky full of stars feel so nice... It's like all of my exhaustion just disappeared.
Misumi: Yeah. Okay! Now that we're nice and not tired anymore, let's work hard again tomorrow!
Sakuya: Yea, let's do our best!
Milky Way: Trip Chat #1
Sakuya: I wish I could help out with the festival, but I have work that day...
Kazunari: Samesies! I totes wanted to join in, too! They even get to stay the night there. I bet it's gonna be off the chain! You better bring back some good stuff, Tax!
Tasuku: It's not like we're going there for vacation... We'll try to bring back some souvenirs if we can, though. What do you want?
Kazunari: Um, maybe a local specialty? I looked it up earlier, and they're apparently known for their woven textiles!
Yuki: Hm, that actually sounds kind of interesting. Buy me an accessory or something that's made with the local fabric, then.
Omi: Since it's a town on the mountainside, I bet they have a lot of great local delicacies. Let me know how they are if you try any.
Sakuya: I can't wait to hear how your performance turns out. Please tell us how everything went when you come back!
Misumi: Will there be triangles at the Star Festival? Buy one for me if you see any, Tasuku!
Kazunari: Oh, and take videos of the event too, not just pics!
Tasuku: Geez, don't bombard me with your demands all at once, I won't be able to remember them all.
Sakuya: Oh, s-sorry about that! I just got so excited that I blurted out what I was thinking.
Yuki: Hey, since it's a festival and everything, will you guys be helping out at any of the stalls?
Tasuku: Not sure. We haven't heard any of the details yet.
Omi: Reminds me of how we helped out at my friend's beach hut last year. You were in charge of making the yakisoba, right, Tasuku?
Sakuya: Oh, I remember that! I wish I could've tried your yakisoba.
Misumi: I wanna try Tasuku's cooking, too! Let's make triangle onigiri together sometime!
Tasuku: My cooking's nothing compared to Fushimi's... But sure, maybe we can do that one day.
Kazunari: I'm dying to know what Tax's gonna look like while helping out at the festival! I def have to get Izumi to take a ton of pics!
Omi: I hope both the performance and the festival go well. Be sure to enjoy yourselves, too.
Misumi: Break a leg, Tasuku!

Trip Chat #2
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Trip Chat #3
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Trip Chat #4
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