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Theater leads you to an area where you can watch the play being “performed”. You will need Platinum Tickets Platinum ticket.png to watch a play, but before that, you get the chance to select the cast from your current card roster!

Theater is accessed by the "Plays" tab. Choose the one you want, and click on the green "Theater" tab.

Missions 6

The Cast button shows you the original cast members for the play for each role, while the other button, Summary, gives you the summary of the of the play. The "Get Original Cast" puts in all the original cards of the play if you have any, but feel free to get creative and mix-and-match funny combinations! Press "Watch play" on the bottom to start the play, so sit back and enjoy!

During an Events, you can use Troupe Tickets Spring Play Ticket.pngSummer Play Ticket.pngAutumn ticket.pngWinter Play Ticket.png or Mixed Troupe Tickets Mixed performance play ticket.png to watch that play if there is one available. After the Event period the tickets will expire and you can only use Platinum Tickets.


During the Play's run, you have some controls. The time will be displayed in the upper left hand corner. You can pause the play, fast-forward it, or skip it entirely. Press Hide All to make the text and buttons disappear. Tap again to make them reappear.

Watching theater
Watching theater 2