The wonderful charlatan of oz tryouts banner.png

Event Duration[edit | edit source]

Start Part 1: 9/3/20 19:00 PST End Part 1: 9/7/20 18:59 PST

Start Part 2: 9/7/20 19:00 PST End Part 2: 9/11/20 18:59 PST

Start Combined: 9/11/20 19:00 PST End Combined: 9/14/20 18:59 PST

Important: This is three-part tryout, meaning the tryout has two main parts and at the end a combined tryout where all cards from the previous two tryouts become available. This is a Pre-tryout for the next event, meaning all exclusive cards in this tryout will have an advantage in the upcoming Act 2 Episode 5 Promo Campaign practices.

Part 1 Cards[edit | edit source]

Sakuya SSR Rainbow Locked in a Book.png Tsuzuru SR Touch and Go Illusion.png
Itaru R The Wonderful Charlatan of Oz.png

Part 2 Cards[edit | edit source]

Chikage SSR His Neutral Territory.png Masumi SR Pure Love Illusion.png
Citron R The Wonderful Charlatan of Oz.png
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