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The Stranger is the Autumn Troupe's second play and was first released on May 19th, on the Japanese server during the event Stranger. It was released on February 12th 2020 on the English server during the event The Stranger.

The lead; Wolf, a wandering stranger was played by Fushimi Omi. It was his first lead role. Taichi played the second lead Zero, a girl with amnesia.


Greenery is wiped off the face of the planet when science rushes forward too fast and makes a grave mistake…

In this devastated future Earth, violence rules all as people vie for limited resources.

The wandering stranger Wolf finds a girl collapsed in the middle of the desert, with no memories…

Omi Fushimi as Wolf
A wandering stranger.
{{{lead cards}}} Omi The Stranger chibi.png 100px
Taichi Nanao as Zero
A girl with amnesia.
{{{second lead cards}}} Taichi The Stranger chibi.png 100px
Juza Hyodo as Jon
A man who pursues the girl.
{{{support a cards}}} Juza The Stranger chibi.png 100px
Banri Settsu as Dom
A scientist.
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Sakyo Furuichi as Nine
A man who resembles the girl.
{{{support c cards}}} Sakyo The Stranger chibi.png 100px
Guest actor as Test Subject
An unfortunate test subject.