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OKAY, ASSHOLES! Hand over the goods, or I'm gonna be your worst nightmare!

The Roman Episode is the first stage play of Mankai Company’s newborn Autumn Troupe. Like the old Autumn Troupe, the new one also specializes in action-packed stage plays, and "The Roman Episode" with dramatic gunfights is no exception.
This stage play takes place in an Italian-American mafia setting and is the only of the debut shows to be loosely based on real-life people and events. The lead role Lucky Luciano is played by Banri while his co-star Juza, acts as Luciano's partner Lansky.


Members of the Famiglia Capone, a mafia family hugely influential in the underworld, Lansky, and Luciano are high ranking members who get along like oil and water. Its a shock to the of them when they're called before the boss, Capone, only to be told they'll be working as a team now... Though they both hate the arrangement at work, as they accomplish jobs and work together to get out of tough situations, their relationship gradually grows closer. Just as things are looking up, the two let an important object get stolen right from under their noses. There might be no coming back from a mistake like this...

Banri Settsu as Luciano
A guy on the lowest rung of the Mafia. Lansky's partner.
{{{lead cards}}} Banri The Roman Episode chibi.png Banri The Roman Episode fullbody.png
Juza Hyodo as Lansky
Luciano's partner, and a double agent. A miser.
{{{second lead cards}}} Juza The Roman Episode chibi.png Juza The Roman Episode fullbody.png
Taichi Nanao as Benjamin
Lansky's ailing younger brother.
{{{support a cards}}} Taichi The Roman Episode chibi.png Taichi The Roman Episode fullbody.png
Omi Fushimi as Dewey
A detective investigating the mafia.
{{{support b cards}}} Omi The Roman Episode chibi.png Omi The Roman Episode fullbody.png
Sakyo Furuichi as Capone
A generous-minded mafia boss.
{{{support c cards}}} Sakyo The Roman Episode chibi.png Sakyo The Roman Episode fullbody.png
Guest actor as Gang Member
The gang on the bottom rung of the organization.