Part 1
Tsuzuru There! All done!
Izumi Hm? What’s done?
Tsuzuru This. I made a list of souvenirs to buy for my family during our trip.
Izumi Huh, okay. Wait a minute, you want to buy ALL these items?! You wrote so many things down, I can barely see the white of the paper!
Tsuzuru Yep. I’ve got 12 in my family... Well my two oldest brothers already moved out of the house, but still. Anyway, that’s why the list is so long.
Izumi It’s so sweet of you to plan to buy something for each of them.
Tsuzuru If I don’t, the little ones would fight... It’s also to make up for the fact that I feel guilty for going abroad without them
Tsuzuru We’ve only done overnight trips within Japan whenever we’ve traveled as a family.
Tsuzuru But they were still fun and lively vacations.
Izumi (What a sweet smile he has on. My heart feels warmer just listening to him talk.)
Izumi Is it okay if I took a peek at your list? I’d like to see what kind of souvenirs you want to get.
Tsuzuru Sure thing. They’re just things I thought of getting while going through a guidebook, though, so they’re nothing special.
Izumi Wow, you have everything from soap, tea, chocolate, snacks, cosmetics, and kid’s toys here...
Izumi (Is he planning on buying all this by himself? That would take up all of his free time...)
Izumi (Even if he does manage to get everything, he won’t have any time left to do sightseeing and such.)
Izumi Hey, Tsuzuru, I bet it’ll be tough knocking these out on your own, so why don’t I lend you a hand?
Tsuzuru Huh? I couldn’t possibly ask you to do that for me though!
Izumi Just let me! I don’t mind, and besides, I can shop for myself at the same time. Two birds, one stone.
Tsuzuru Are you sure? That would be a huge help!
Izumi Yep! Let’s shop together in our free time, okay?
Tsuzuru Alright!
Tsuzuru Thank you so much, Izumi! Without your help, I don’t know if I would’ve finished shopping in time!
Izumi I’m glad I could help!
Tsuzuru You were a lifesaver! I’m glad you were there to help me choose colors between stuff when I got stuck.
Tsuzuru It was a lot of fun going around different shops with you.
Izumi Same here! There were some places I probably wouldn’t have gone into if I were by my own, but I’m glad we checked them together.
Izumi Anyway, you really brought a lot of stuff. Here, let me carry something for you.
Tsuzuru Oh, no! I couldn’t possibly make you do that. Don’t worry, these bags are lighter than they look.
Tsuzuru Haha. My little bros are going to be so happy.
Izumi I bet!
Izumi Wait, what about you, though, Tsuzuru? Did you get anything for yourself?
Tsuzuru Nope, but that’s all right. It’s enough that I was able to come here.
Izumi Really?
Izumi (It still feels like a shame, even though he says it that way... I wonder if there’s anything I can get for him.)
Izumi Oh, hey! That store looks like it has some really stylish and cute stuff!)
Izumi Sorry, Tsuzuru! I’ll be right back, so can you wait here for a minute?
Tsuzuru Wha...? Wait, where are you going?
To be continued...
Part 2
Izumi Sorry to keep you waiting!
Tsuzuru No problem. Did you see something you wanted to buy?
Izumi Yeah. Here take this.
Tsuzuru A keychain? The color is beautiful, but what are you giving me this for?
Izumi It’s my present to you. Take it as a souvenir to remember this trip by.
Tsuzuru Oh!
Tsuzuru Thank you so much, Izumi! I didn’t expect to receive anything!
Izumi (I’m glad he seems to like it so much!)
Izumi Since we finished shopping early, we still have a little free time before we meet up with the others. Wanna go for a stroll?
Tsuzuru Sure!
Izumi Oh, but your bags...
Tsuzuru I’m fine, really! They hardly weigh anything. Come on, let’s head over that way.
Izumi All right. If you insist.
Tsuzuru This city is beautiful. It’s so different from Japan. I feel so inspired right now!
Izumi Books and movies are great, but experiencing things and places firsthand is really the best! Well? Do you think this trip has helped you come up with new ideas?
Tsuzuru Definietly! This is going to be great reference for my future scripts. You’re absolutely right, too. Experiencing new things really is essential for creativity.
Tsuzuru Oh, hey, is that a sandwich shop over there?
Izumi I think so. It’s probably takeout only.
Tsuzuru Look at all their sandwich options! Why don’t we find a spot to sit and try this place out?
Izumi Sure! I was getting hungry, anyway.
Tsuzuru I’ll be right back, then! You can wait here on this bench.
Tsuzuru I’m back! Here you go.
Izumi Thanks! Ooh, it smells good. This is a big sandwich!
Tsuzuru Yeah. I can’t wait to taste them. Let’s eat!
Izumi Okay! Mmm, it’s good!
Tsuzuru They really didn’t scrimp the ingredients!
Tsuzuru Now that I think about it, even the chocolate I bought a earlier was filled with nuts and other good stuff.
Tsuzuru The shop clerks kept offering food samples to me and, even though I couldn’t understand what they were saying, they were so friendly!
Izumi They really were! When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, someone came and helped me, too.
Izumi It’s surprising how much you can communicate with just gestures and enthusiasm!
Tsuzuru Ahaha! I tried so hard with my gestures! It was so tough trying to convey 'soap'.
Izumi I wonder how everyone else is doing?
Tsuzuru Taichi and Tsumugi are probably pretty exhausted by now.
Izumi Huh, why is that?
Tsuzuru The three of us shared a room at the hotel and last night, Taichi kept trying to get us to play games with him.
Tsuzuru He even grabbed Muku, Sakuya and Homare from next door, and we ended up playing cards until late.
Izumi Haha! So that’s why you said that.
Tsuzuru Even though we already live in the same dorm and see each other all the time, we were all a little hyper because we’re on vacation together.
Sounds like it was fun!
Izumi That card game sounds like it was a lot of fun. I wish I could’ve joined!
Tsuzuru Oh, then I’ll make sure to invite you next time!
Izumi Really?
Tsuzuru Of course! You can’t let your guard down, though, because there’s a punishment for losing.
Izumi What?! You guys had that rule?
Tsuzuru Yep. The loser has to listen to what the winner says. I won’t go easy on you, so make sure you’re ready to win.
Option 2
The end
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