The Invasion of the Candy Monsters Tryouts banner

Event Duration

Start: Jan 19, 2021 19:00 PST

End: Jan 30, 2021 23:59 PST

Important: This is a Pre-tryout for the next event, meaning all exclusive cards in this tryouts will have an advantage in the upcoming One Day Princess!/Event performances. This will be shown with a star icon

Boost Icon

for regular events (like Troupe, Season or Improv) or

Campaign bonus icon

for Campaigns.

Limited Time Cards you can obtain

When doing a 10 pull, you'll have an SR guaranteed. Other cards you can obtain from this tryout can be found here.

Juza Hyodo SSR This is Candy Paradise! unbloomed
Misumi Ikaruga SR Triangle-tastic Parfait unbloomed
Banri Settsu SR Provocative Mocha Macaron unbloomed
【This is Candy Paradise!】 【Triangle-tastic Parfait】 【Provocative Mocha Macaron】
Citron R Chilling Macaron unbloomed
Azuma Yukishiro R Eye-Catching Roll Cake unbloomed
【Chilling Macaron】 【Eye-Catching Roll Cake】
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