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The following is a transcript of the backstage story, "The Biggest of Hearts," from the card [Hanasaki High School] Sakuya. In it, Izumi tries to intervene when she hears Citron telling Sakuya stories that might not quite be the most truthful.

Sakuya: What?! For real?!
Izumi: (Hm? Is that Sakuya? Wonder who he's talking to.)
Citron: For real. I've been bitten by a lion before.
Sakuya: A lion?!
Izumi: (That explains it. Citron's telling another of his wild tales again. It's always so hard to tell if it's true or not.)
Sakuya: So, did it hurt?
Citron: Terribly. Tremendously.
Citron: It is a miracle that I'm still alive today.
Sakuya: Wow!
Citron: In my country, I am known as the 'Legendary Lion Master'– the man who was bitten by a lion and lived to tell the tale.
Sakuya: Lion Master? That's so cool!!
Izumi: (Yeah, right!)
Izumi: Citron! You gotta stop with these crazy stories. Sakuya actually believes them.
Sakuya: Oh, Izumi!
Citron: But I did not make it up. It's true.
Citron: In my country, we live in harmony with the animals, you see.
Izumi: THAT I can accept as possibly being true, but...
Sakuya: Isn't it incredible though? Apparently, Citron's even gotten to hold a baby cheetah before!
Izumi: (Citron weaves JUST enough truth into his stories that sakuya accepts everything he says at face value.)
Izumi: Hmm, maybe it was a mistake to put the two of you in the same room.
Sakuya: Huh? Why do you say that?
Izumi: Because Citron keeps feeding you these tall tales!
Citron: How rude of you. They're all true, I say!
Izumi: Sakuya, you're so trusting that you just eat everything up.
Sakuya: Aww, I'm glad you put me with Citron, though!
Izumi: Oh really?
Sakuya Yeah! I mean, now I get to hear lots of cool and interesting stories every day!
Citron: And I am glad to be rooming with Sakuya.
Citron: Sakuya, you are such a good boy! I will bring you back home with me one day!
Sakuya: Hehe. Thanks!
Izumi: (They do seem to get along better nowadays. I guess this arrangement's fine as long as that continues.)
Sakuya: Hey, Izumi! I just heard the most incredible thing!
Izumi: What's that?
Sakuya: Citron said that he's been stepped on by an elephant before!
Citron: It was truly nuts. I tried to get away, but then the elephant went on a rampage.
Citron: Thanks to the power of love and my courage and wit, I managed to survive.
Citron: And because of that, I'm now known as the 'Elephant Master' to many.
Izumi: ...
Izumi: Citron. Outside. Now.
Citron: Ohh! That's the exact line said in my TV show, last night! We are meeting behind the school then, correct?
Story Clear!