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..............I see.

Tetsuro Iwai (岩井 鉄郎) creates the sets and props for the MANKAI Company.


Tetsuro is a tall dark-skinned man with black hair and gray eyes.

He usually wears a black sweater and ties a green coveralls around his waist.


Tetsuro is a very quiet boy who rarely talks. When he talks it is very short sentences, max three words.Though he seems intimidating, he is very kind and helpful.


Tetsuro was first introduced in Episode 4 of the anime and in the game, Episode 1 chapter 16: A Sharp-Tongued Tailor Boy.


  • The name Tetsuro means "iron" (鉄) (tetsu) and "son" (郎) (ro).
  • Tetsuro's surname Iwai means "rock" (岩) (iwa) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


Tetsuro Iwai full body
Tetsuro casual chibi

Normal Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Morning ...Morning.  Info icon.png
Noon ...Work. File:Tetsuro noon line.ogg Info icon.png
Evening File:Tetsuro evening line.ogg Info icon.png
Night File:Tetsuro night line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular ...What? File:Tetsuro regular1 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular File:Tetsuro regular2 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular ...Yeah. File:Tetsuro regular3 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular ...Hm? File:Tetsuro regular4 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular ...Mm. File:Tetsuro regular5 line.ogg Info icon.png

Special Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Player's Birthday ...Happy Birthday. And congratulations. File:Tetsuro player's birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
Tetsuro's Birthday File:Tetsuro's birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
1st Anniversary ...Congrats on our first year.  Info icon.png
2nd Anniversary File:Tetsuro 2nd anniversary line.ogg Info icon.png
Christmas 2021 ...The Christmas lights are beautiful. I remember the Christmases I spent with him. File:Tetsuro christmas line 2020.ogg Info icon.png
Valentine's Day 2021 ...! Thank you. File:Tetsuro valentines line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
White Day 2021 File:Tetsuro White Day line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
April Fool's 2021 ...Starting from today... I'll start a new life... as a TV show host...  Info icon.png

Practice Quotes

...Enunciation is important.
Making props...is fun...
...I can make anything.
Acting is difficult.
...I like going to the zoo on weekdays.
...Like persimmons? I like them unripe. The taste is profound.
...Good work

Backstage Story
Icons Card Story
Tetsuro Iwai R A Quiet Guy unbloomed icon
Tetsuro Iwai R A Quiet Guy bloomed icon
【A Quiet Guy】 Mankai Carpenter

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