Backstage Stories
Icons Card Name Story
Tenma Sumeragi N Summer Ready unbloomed icon
【Summer Ready】

Tenma Sumeragi N Summer Ready bloomed icon
【Summer Ready】
【Summer Ready】 The Lost Celebrity
Tenma Sumeragi N Ouka High School unbloomed icon
【Ouka High School】

Tenma Sumeragi N Ouka High School bloomed icon
【Ouka High School】
【Ouka High School】 Tenma's School Choice
Tenma Sumeragi N The Great Sardine Search unbloomed icon
【The Great Sardine Search】

Tenma Sumeragi N The Great Sardine Search bloomed icon
【The Great Sardine Search】
【The Great Sardine Search】 Role Study: Mikke
Tenma Sumeragi N Captain Sky's Pirates unbloomed icon
【Captain Sky's Pirates】

Tenma Sumeragi N Captain Sky's Pirates bloomed icon
【Captain Sky's Pirates】
【Captain Sky's Pirates】 Role Study: Jonny
Tenma Sumeragi N Love Out of Left Field unbloomed icon
【Love Out of Left Field】

Tenma Sumeragi N Love Out of Left Field bloomed icon
【Love Out of Left Field】
【Love Out of Left Field】 Role Study: Ryo Inoue
Tenma Sumeragi N Shinobi Adventures! unbloomed icon
【Shinobi Adventures!】

Tenma Sumeragi N Shinobi Adventures! bloomed icon
【Shinobi Adventures!】
【Shinobi Adventures!】
Tenma Sumeragi R Standing Rehearsal unbloomed icon
【Standing Rehearsal】

Tenma Sumeragi R Standing Rehearsal bloomed icon
【Standing Rehearsal】
【Standing Rehearsal】 The Supermarket Prince
Tenma Sumeragi R Water Me! unbloomed icon
【Water Me!】

Tenma Sumeragi R Water Me! bloomed icon
【Water Me!】
【Water Me!】 After School Secret
Tenma Sumeragi R Cool ☆ Rider unbloomed icon
【Cool ☆ Rider】

Tenma Sumeragi R Cool ☆ Rider bloomed icon
【Cool ☆ Rider】
【Cool ☆ Rider】 Slumbering Justice
Tenma Sumeragi R Nicely Mixed Chocolate unbloomed icon
【Nicely Mixed Chocolate】

Tenma Sumeragi R Nicely Mixed Chocolate bloomed icon
【Nicely Mixed Chocolate】
【Nicely Mixed Chocolate】 The Gingerbread House of Doom
Tenma Sumeragi R Testing My Fishing Skills unbloomed icon
【Testing My Fishing Skills】

Tenma Sumeragi R Testing My Fishing Skills bloomed icon
【Testing My Fishing Skills】
【Testing My Fishing Skills】 The Young Men and the Sea
Tenma Sumeragi SR About to Bloom unbloomed icon
【About to Bloom】

Tenma Sumeragi SR About to Bloom bloomed icon
【About to Bloom】
【About to Bloom】 The Power of Natural Talent
Tenma Sumeragi SR Blooming Trail unbloomed icon
【Blooming Trail】

Tenma Sumeragi SR Blooming Trail bloomed icon
【Blooming Trail】
【Blooming Trail】 Now and Always
Tenma Sumeragi SR Stoic Willpower unbloomed icon
【Stoic Willpower】

Tenma Sumeragi SR Stoic Willpower bloomed icon
【Stoic Willpower】
【Stoic Willpower】 Ab-solute Training
Tenma Sumeragi SR Hands Off, Please unbloomed icon
【Hands Off, Please】

Tenma Sumeragi SR Hands Off, Please bloomed icon
【Hands Off, Please】
【Hands Off, Please】 Reunion
Tenma Sumeragi SR Shinobi of the Darkness unbloomed icon
【Shinobi of the Darkness】

Tenma Sumeragi SR Shinobi of the Darkness bloomed icon
【Shinobi of the Darkness】
【Shinobi of the Darkness】
Tenma Sumeragi SSR Undeniable Aura unbloomed icon
【Undeniable Aura】

Tenma Sumeragi SSR Undeniable Aura bloomed icon
【Undeniable Aura】
【Undeniable Aura】 Cinematic Beach
Tenma Sumeragi SSR Late Night Blossom Viewing unbloomed icon
【Late Night Blossom Viewing】

Tenma Sumeragi SSR Late Night Blossom Viewing bloomed icon
【Late Night Blossom Viewing】
【Late Night Blossom Viewing】 A Commoner's Picnic Party
Tenma Sumeragi SSR The Giant Flower Blooms at Night unbloomed icon
【The Giant Flower Blooms at Night】

Tenma Sumeragi SSR The Giant Flower Blooms at Night bloomed icon
【The Giant Flower Blooms at Night】
【The Giant Flower Blooms at Night】 Bull's-Eye! Summer Festival Training
Tenma Sumeragi SSR Mankai Birthday unbloomed icon
【Mankai Birthday】

Tenma Sumeragi SSR Mankai Birthday bloomed icon
【Mankai Birthday】
【Mankai Birthday】 Secret Barbecue Training
Tenma Sumeragi SSR A Good Companion unbloomed icon
【A Good Companion】

Tenma Sumeragi SSR A Good Companion bloomed icon
【A Good Companion】
【A Good Companion】 Tenma's Airport Escapade
Tenma Sumeragi SSR Incognito Day Game unbloomed icon
【Incognito Day Game】

Tenma Sumeragi SSR Incognito Day Game bloomed icon
【Incognito Day Game】
【Incognito Day Game】 The Road to Being a Good Catcher
Tenma Sumeragi SSR 【Summer Party】
【Summer Party】
Act 2 icon
Tenma Sumeragi SSR Proposing Time After Time unbloomed icon
【Proposing Time After Time】

Tenma Sumeragi SSR Proposing Time After Time bloomed icon
【Proposing Time After Time】
【Proposing Time After Time】

Cross Backstage Story
Icons Card Story
Sumeragi Tenma SSR Undeniable Aura unbloomed icon
Hyodo Juza SSR Keep Out! unbloomed icon
Sumeragi Tenma SSR 【Undeniable Aura】 &

Hyodo Juza SSR 【Keep Out!】

The Invincible Bodyguard

Mini Chats

Water Me!
Side Sumeragi Tenma (1/3)
Tenma: I don't think Comedy suits my image... but to challenge yourself with a role you've never done before, that's a good experience for an actor.
Encircled by only dilettante actors, I guess I have to take the lead in the play.
...I became a good Leader?
Ah, ahem! It's just because we're standing on the stage together I don't want them to bring shame to me! Don't get the wrong idea!
I won't look badly just because I'm standing on such a poor stage. Even with such a small second- hand theater company, or playing with amateurs, I won't backpedal.
I'll even perform a comedy perfectly.
Side Sumeragi Tenma (2/3)
Tenma: I'll give you this. It was a price ticket for my new movie that starts next week. I won it but I don't need it.
Inviting someone...You want to go with me?
Idiot, can't you go by yourself, it's embarrassing to watch a movie I'm starring in.
Hearing Directors impressions on it would be enough for me.
Side Sumeragi Tenma (3/3)
Tenma: You want something from me? What is it?
....No, you don't have to ask. I get it.
'I won't help on super special sale day anymore! Don't look at me with those eyes....
Damn it, I know, I will go! This the last time!
Oh geez, how many times did it turn out like that already....
Tenma & Juza Talk
Juza: ........
Tenma: Wah~!? What don't just appear in front of me.
Juza: Sorry.
Tenma: ....Something up?
Juza: Today, there was dress rehearsal.
Tenma: Ah, Director mentioned something like that.
Juza: I made myself aware again that you practiced with us, it made me feel better. --Thanks.
Tenma: --! It, it was nothing.... I just stated the obvious.
Juza: Soon, will you practice with us again?
Tenma: .... If, if it's like that then it can't be helped. However I won't go easy on you, be prepared.
Juza: ...That's what I wanted to hear.
The Great Sardine Search
Side Sumeragi Tenma (1/3)
Tenma: Cat's, huh... it's the first time I play the role of an animal, though we're playing as gijinkas[1].

Naturally, it's also the first time I wear cat ears...
But of course, I plan to portray my role without cutting corners in my research on cat-like behavior.
Be it a cat or a robot, or even a vending machine, I'll show you that I can master any role perfectly. N-no, that's what you call a figure of speech--

I didn't actually mean I wanted a role as a vending machine, okay?!

Side Sumeragi Tenma (2/3)
Tenma: The other guys might think this kinda stuff's for old geezers, but Tsumugi-san really gets the greatness of bonsai.
Maybe he'll even start putting kokedama in the lounge while he's at it, huh?
We actually went to a bonsai store together just recently.

Tsumugi-san seemed intereseted in kokedama too.
A lot of flowers are always blooming in the courtyard, also thanks to Tsumugi-san.

Having a lot of greenery is relaxing, right?

Side Sumeragi Tenma (3/3)
Tenma: Sometimes I do "pretty boy" and "cool" roles for dramas and movies; there's a lot of variations even for a short description like "a good man".
If I portray a similar character each time, my acting skills wouldn't develop, and it wouldn't have appeal either.
I'll need to expand my acting repertoire so that, for instance, if they tell me to be the "cool and handsome guys", I'll be able to act out the different variations that suit it.
S-since we're on the topic. ...What type of guy is cool for you?
I-I just, I'm just asking so I can internalize my role, there's nothing else to it, okay?!
Tenma & Itaru Talk
Tenma: Uhm... Where's the remote...
Itaru: !!
Tenma: Oh, sorry.
Itaru: Hey! What's the big idea, bumping into me while I'm trying to pull a super important limited gacha--
I got the SSR I wanted. I forgive you.
Tenma: Huh? O-okay...
Itaru: Man, I'm on a roll today! How about I treat you to something, Tenma?
Tenma: Why can't I accept this for some reason...
Conquering Misoshiosa Island
Side Sumeragi Tenma (1/3)
Tenma: I would've never even dreamed that we'd be camping on a deserted island...
I was pretty shocked when we arrived. But even though it's a huge pain having to prep our own food and baths, it's actually not so bad here.
Rallying together to make things work out feels good.
Us cooperating to build something out of nothing is kind of like putting on a performance. It's kind of nice.
Side Sumeragi Tenma (2/3)
Tenma: My catches have been pretty great since Banri taught me some good fishing tips.
But that Misumi keeps calling everything I catch 'triangles'...
He keeps telling me what a great triangle hunter I am and stuff. He gives the weirdest compliments I've ever received.
I'm not going out of my way to find triangles or anything, so I wasn't exactly happy to get bombarded by his weird praise at first...
But as long as he likes whatever I catch, I guess I've got nothing to complain about. I'm gonna try to fish up as much as I can tomorrow, too.
Side Sumeragi Tenma (3/3)
Tenma: It gets so dark at night since we don't have electricity...
O-of course I'm not scared! I was just thinking that it makes it harder to find our way back to the hut, that's all!
You're not scared at all, Izumi?
Geez, I knew you'd be... Here, I'll lead the way. Come on, give me your hand.
Don't get any weird ideas. I'm only holding your hand until we get back to camp.
Tenma & Banri Talk
Tenma: Can we use this leaf as a cutting board?
Banri: Yeah, that one looks fine. A'ight, time to clean the fish we caught.
Tenma: You're really good at this, Banri...
Banri: Ya think? This stuff's no sweat.
Tenma: I feel like I should learn my way around a knife, too...
Banri: Don't sweat it, dude. Not like you're gonna have to rough it out on a deserted island ever again after this.
Tenma: This is Sakyo we're talking about, though. The possibility that he'll find another way to force this on us again one day is pretty high...
Banri: Huh... Can't deny that one.
Tenma: Besides, learning basic outdoors survival skills like this may come in handy for future performances.
Banri: Yeah, that's true, I guess. Hey, why don't we go to a camping gear shop when we get back? I'll help ya pick stuff out.
Tenma: Sure, that'd be great.
Various Vows of Love
Side Sumeragi Tenma (1/3)
Tenma: You know, I never would've thought members of our troupe would be cast as extras for a show I'm part of.
Unlike acting on stage, a moving camera's involved when it comes to filming for TV shows. In that sense, you have to act from different angles and perspectives.
I don't think those guys will have any trouble, but I'll do what I can to help them.
This is going to be a great experience for them as actors.
Feels kinda funny thinking about filming for a show with the others. Maybe we should record the episode when it airs and watch it together with everyone.
Side Sumeragi Tenma (2/3)
Tenma: Taichi's apparently really into the show I'm in right now. He says he never misses a single episode of it.
He said he likes romantic soap operas, but he seems to check out every show and program I'm in.
He always tells me his favorite scenes from them every time we run into each other, too.
Up until now, I've only gotten feedback from other actors I work with, filming and production staff members, and fans.
It's only after joining the Mankai Company that I've received feedback and advice from someone my own age.
And honestly? The fact that he watches all my shows makes me really happy.
Except Taichi always gets really mad at me when I accidentally tell him spoilers, so I have to be careful when we chat...
Side Sumeragi Tenma (3/3)
Tenma: The show I'm in this time has a time traveling theme. If my character doesn't manage to propose to the woman he loves by sunset, he gets sent back in time.
Filming for this show got me thinking about how I would act if I ever ended up in such a situation.
But even if I were to go back in time, I'd still join the Mankai Company.
If I didn't, I would've never met you or any of the other guys in this company...
I can't even imagine myself never meeting the rest of the Summer Troupe or you.
You were the one who acknowledged and accepted me at that time... That's why I'm here the way I am today.
B-but you know, if the Summer Troupe didn't have me as the wonderful and reliable leader, they'd be a mess.
So if you ever get sent back in time, make sure you find me and make me the leader of the Summer Troupe again.
Tenma & Azuma Talk
Azuma: Tenma? Is that you?
Tenma: Oh, Azuma.
Azuma: What a coincidence seeing you here. Are you heading back from work?
Tenma: Something like that. Igawa suddenly had a meeting and couldn't come get me, so I decided to head to the station on my own.
Azuma: The station? But that's in the opposite direction.
Tenma: H-huh?! I-I mean, of course I knew that! I just thought I'd do some shopping along the way, so I wandered over here!
Azuma: Hehe. Is that right? Actually, I was also on my way back to the dorm. Since we don't meet here that often, why don't we go home together?
Tenma: Yeah, sure.
Azuma: Or perhaps you would like to stop somewhere for tea? I know a wonderful cafe with good snacks.
Tenma: No, I'm fine. We have rehearsal tonight, and I don't want to be late. Besides, if I eat now, I won't be able to eat dinner.
Azuma: Are you sure? Very well. We can postpone our tea date to another day. Let's go home, then. You can tell me all about how your shoot went today while we walk.
Shinobi Adventures!
Side Sumeragi Tenma (1/3)
Tenma: I'm really looking forward to the action scenes in our play this time. Misumi will look especially good as a ninja, considering his natural athleticism and all.
Add ninja tools and weapons to that, and I bet we'll be able to pull off some incredible fight scenes. We're gonna have to do a whole lot of training, though.
Ninjas are so cool. They could use all kinds of ninjutsu and would throw smoke bombs to make a quick escape. Some would even breathe fire and -
What? What do you mean I've been reading too much manga? I was just studying for our play! It was all research, I tell you! Research!
Anyway, i think it'd be awesome to add those kinds of scenes in, okay? I'll go ask Yuzo and Sakyo to see if they have any ideas on how we can do them.
Side Sumeragi Tenma (2/3)
Tenma: Citron practically lit up with joy when he heard we were doing a play about ninjas. He said he's always wanted to see one in the flesh ever since he was a kid.
It seems like ninjas are pretty big in Zafra, too. Guess they're well-known all over the world, huh?
That's nice and all, but...
Citron's convinced there's still some secret village full of ninjas in the mountains, or that they've disguised themselves as regular people nowadays.
I told him to get his head out of the clouds, but Chikage and Itaru really didn't help things when they also started to insist that ninjas are still around.
At first, I thought those two were just messing around, but the three of them sounded so convincing while talking about ninjas...
Wait, do you think ninjas really do still exist, and I just never knew about them...?
Side Sumeragi Tenma (3/3)
Tenma: Did you read this magazine? I'm in one of the spreads.
I look really different in the pictures than usual? That's probably 'cause of the makeup and stuff. Pretty wild what a change in hair and wardrobe can do, huh?
The same thing goes for the stage. Just change your outer appearance, and suddenly it's like you're a whole new person.
You think I look good the way I do in the magazine...?
W-well, of course I do! I'm an actor and model who can do it all! Throw any fashion trend or roles at me, and I can make them all work!
...But thanks for saying that. It makes me happy to know you think I look good.
Maybe I'll try wearing something like I did in the spread on my next day off.
Tenma & Hisoka Talk
Hisoka: ...
Tenma: (Huh? Isn't that Hisoka in front of me? He must be on his way back from work.)
(...Now that I think about it, Hisoka's kinda like a ninja. He's so nimble and light on his feet, you can barely even hear his footsteps.)
(This is a rare chance to observe him in action since he's normally just sleeping somewhere in the dorm.)
(Time for some ninja role study. Let's see if I can follow him back to the dorm without him noticing...)
Tenma: Huh? That's weird.
Where did he go? I'm sure he turned the corner...
Hisoka: Tenma.
Tenma: Augh! H-Hisoka?! When did you get behind me?! I swear you were in front of me, like, a second ago!
Hisoka: I noticed you following me, so I thought I'd surprise you.
Tenma: So you knew I was tailing you the entire time?! But I was right behind you when you rounded the corner! How did you manage to switch places with me?
Hisoka: Hehe. It's a secret.
Tenma: Hisoka, are you actually a real ninja or something...?


  1. Gijinkas are personified animals, objects, and other non-humans.
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