Create a speech bubble with this template. It allows picking border, text and background colors.
The speech bubble can be written like this:
{{Speech Bubble|<your text goes here>}}
But have some extra customized parameters:
{{Speech Bubble
|border= border color
|content= Your text goes here
|color= text color
|arrow= arrow direction
  • background (optional) is for the background color.
  • border (optional) is for the border color.
  • content is the text.
  • color (optional) is for the font color.
  • arrow (optional) is for arrow direction (top / buttom).
  • By default

This can be as big as you want and you can even
use the linebreak wikitext to force text to jump down.

  • With costumised background, border and color text, with arrow pointing up

Your text goes here

  • Arrow pointing down

Your text goes here

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