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Tasuku Casual Chibi 2
Tasuku Casual chibi 1
Tasuku Uniform chibi
Tasuku Sport chibi
Tasuku costume chibi
Tasuku Suit chibi
Tasuku Stealing Your Tart chibi
Tasuku Nocturnality chibi
Tasuku Blooming Trail bloomed chibi
Tasuku werewolf chibi
Tasuku Spirited Flat Serve chibi

Story CG's

Act 4 Ch 34
Act 4 Ch 37
Main Story Episode 8 Ch 31

Event CG's

A Tag-Team Halloween story image
Meet Me by the Milky Way story image

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Cover Art

First Winter EP
Winter visual
A3! 2nd Anniversary Book SUNSHINE
A3! Anime DVD & Blu-ray Volume 7 Jacket
Official Comic Anthology 2

Stage Play

Nocturnality EN poster
Sympathy for the Angel EN poster
Die by the Sword EN poster


4th anniversary (JP) group picture
A3! Winter Party
A3! X Namjatown Collaboration NYAMBASSADORS 2021