Normal Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Morning I'm heading off for a morning jog. Want to join me? File:Tasuku morning line.ogg
Noon File:Tasuku noon line.ogg
Evening File:Tasuku evening line.ogg
Night File:Tasuku night line.ogg
Regular You know... you mean a lot to us, as a troupe. Try to depend on us some more, all right? File:Tasuku regular1 line.ogg
Regular Stop touching me. File:Tasuku regular2 line.ogg
Regular Communicating with others is part of the job too, you say... No, I get it. I'll try. File:Tasuku regular3 line.ogg
Regular Can't wait to be on that stage. File:Tasuku regular4 line.ogg
Regular Ugh... you're relentless, aren't you? File:Tasuku regular5 line.ogg
Regular I'd really prefer to put my God Troupe days behind me... File:Tasuku regular6 line.ogg
Regular I'm not that ticklish, sorry to say. You should try Tsumugi. He's pretty bad. File:Tasuku regular7 line.ogg
Regular Stop calling me Tachan. File:Tasuku regular8 line.ogg
Regular If you want some attention, try your luck elsewhere. File:Tasuku regular9 line.ogg

Special Days Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Valentine’s Day The refreshments were delicious… There’re not refreshments but Valentine’s gift? Sorry, I didn’t notice… File:Tasuku valentine line.ogg
White Day I heard from Tsumugi that it’s a rule for Valentine’s return gifts to be heart shaped… Is that true? File:Tasuku white day line.ogg
April Fool’s Day Tsumugi is getting married…? That’s a lie, right? No, wait, but he is also at this age so it’s nothing too shocking… Is that so, he is… File:Tasuku april fool line.ogg
Children’s Day File:Tasuku children day line.ogg

Birthday Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Player’s Birthday File:Tasuku Player birthday line.ogg
Sakuya’s Birthday Sakuma, congratulations on your birthday. If you're not prepared, it would be bad. So continue to work hard. File:Tasuku Sakuya birthday line.ogg
Masumi’s Birthday Usui, I heard it’s your birthday. It’d be great if Director would look your way someday. File:Tasuku Masumi birthday line.ogg
Tsuzuru’s Birthday Minagi, I'll continue to rely on you to pass us good screenplays from now on out. Happy Birthday. File:Tasuku Tsuzuru birthday line.ogg
Itaru’s Birthday File:Tasuku Itaru birthday line.ogg
Citron’s Birthday File:Tasuku Citron birthday line.ogg
Chikage’s Birthday File:Tasuku Chikage birthday line.ogg
Tenma’s Birthday File:Tasuku Tenma birthday line.ogg
Yuki’s Birthday File:Tasuku Yuki birthday line.ogg
Muku’s Birthday File:Tasuku Muku birthday line.ogg
Misumi’s Birthday File:Tasuku Misumi birthday line.ogg
Kazunari’s Birthday File:Tasuku Kazunari birthday line.ogg
Kumon’s Birthday File:Tasuku Kumon birthday line.ogg
Banri’s Birthday File:Tasuku Banri birthday line.ogg
Juza’s Birthday File:Tasuku Juza birthday line.ogg
Taichi’s Birthday File:Tasuku Taichi birthday line.ogg
Omi’s Birthday File:Tasuku Omi birthday line.ogg
Sakyo’s Birthday File:Tasuku Sakyo birthday line.ogg
Azami’s Birthday File:Tasuku Azami birthday line.ogg
Tsumugi’s Birthday Happy birthday, Tsumugi. You really haven't changed. ...Stay just the way you are. File:Tasuku Tsumugi birthday line.ogg
Tasuku’s Birthday Ah, today is my birthday...I forgot, my bad. Anyway..... thanks. File:Tasuku Tasuku birthday line.ogg
Hisoka’s Birthday File:Tasuku Hisoka birthday line.ogg
Homare’s Birthday Arisugawa's birthday...? So will he be more tiresome than usual today. File:Tasuku Homare birthday line.ogg
Azuma’s Birthday File:Tasuku Azuma birthday line.ogg
Guy’s Birthday File:Tasuku Guy birthday line.ogg

Practice Quotes

Line Audio
File:Tasuku practice1 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice2 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice3 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice4 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice5 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice6 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice7 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice8 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice9 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice10 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice11 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice12 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice13 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice14 line.ogg
File:Tasuku practice15 line.ogg

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen File:Tasuku download line.ogg
Voice Volume File:Tasuku voice volume line.ogg
1 on 1 Practice File:Tasuku 1 on 1 line.ogg
Special Training File:Tasuku special training line.ogg
Blooming File:Tasuku blooming line.ogg
Earn Cash Intro File:Tasuku earn cash intro line.ogg
Earn Cash Outro File:Tasuku earn cash outro line.ogg
Dissmiss Actor File:Tasuku dismiss line.ogg
Show succeeded File:Tasuku show success line.ogg
Show failed File:Tasuku show fail line.ogg
Skills used in Show File:Tasuku show skill.ogg
Introduction File:Tasuku intro1.ogg
Introduction File:Tasuku intro2.ogg
Introduction File:Tasuku intro3.ogg
Introduction File:Tasuku intro4.ogg
Introduction File:Tasuku intro5.ogg
Introduction File:Tasuku intro6.ogg
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