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Normal Home Screen Quotes

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Occassion Line Audio
Morning I’m pretty loud this morning? Hehe! That’s a compliment to me!
Noon I thought I got a love letter but it was just an invitation to fight from Tenma...
Evening Man, I just got yelled at Sakyo again... Guess I'll talk to Omi about it.
Night Yawn...uh, I mean I’m not sleepy at all! I’m not gonna sleep until you do!
Regular St-stop!! I'm super ticklish there! Geez! you don't get a free pass just cuz you're director!
Regular I wanna be popular! I wanna be popular now!
Regular I saw a guy getting confessed to by a girl today… Wish that was me!!!
Regular Banny and Juza are so cool! And then there’s me… … Shoot, now I just made myself sad...
Regular Turn around 3 times and say ‘arf’...? ...Hey! What do you think I am?!
Regular Am I really that much like a dog?
Regular No one can beat my yo-yo skills!
Regular Don't touch me like that...you'll make me think things, okay? Unless..?
Regular Isn't my hair cool? Red hair's like, my...um, identity? I guess!

Special Days Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
1st Anniversary
2nd Anniversary Thanks for the past 2 years! I want you to stay and keep watching over us!
Valentine’s Day 2020 Eh!? Chocolate for me!? I'm happy— I didn't even get a single one at school~
Valentine’s Day 2021 Bam! My surprise attack! I'm the one who's giving YOU chocolates on Valentine's Day! Take that!
White Day 2020 I’ve put my all into choosing this so that Director-sensei will be happy! Please accept it!
White Day 2021 Y-you got me chocolates...? I say that, but I was totally looking forward to it!
April Fool’s Day 2020 Banny… Juza…! To see the two of you getting along, I… I…!
April Fool’s Day 2021 Wait...when did Banny and Juza start using nicknames with each other...?!
Children's Day 2020 I dunno much about Children's Day, but do we get any cool food and stuff?
Children's Day 2021 Autumn's koi nobori are out of this world! Their gaze looks kinda like Juza, too! Banny's amazing!
Tanabata 2020 My wish? To become popular with the ladies, of course!
Tanabata 2021 {{{tanabata2021}}}
Last Day of Summer Break 2020 Summer homework? Yeah, I gave up! It's cool, I'll just submit it sometime in the first week.
Last Day of Summer Break 2021 I finished my homework properly this year! It's all thanks to our great teacher Tsumugi!
Halloween 2019 {{{halloween2019}}}
Halloween 2020 I'm gonna be a bat this year! I'll be Sakyo's familiar, and... Wait, Sakoda's doing the same thing?!
Halloween 2021 I wanted a costume nobody else had and Yuki had me use the puppy one…
Christmas 2019 {{{christmas2019}}}
Christmas 2020 Hey, look outside! It's snowing! It looks like it'll be a white Christmas this year!
New Year 2019 {{{new year2019}}}
New Year 2020

Birthday Quotes


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday Director-sensei~! Happy birthday! Are we partying tonight!?
Sakuya chibi icon
Sakkun congratz~♪ Sakkun's smile is a source of energy!
Masumi chibi icon
Masumi, congrats–! If you have any hidden techniques to become popular, it’d be great to share them with me!
Tsuzuru chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Tsuzuru! Your fried rice is outta this world, man!
Itaru chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Itaru! Let's go out for some pizza sometime!
Citron chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Citron! I bet your country's full of hot ladies... Must be nice...!
Tenma chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Tenny! Someday, somehow, I'm gonna catch up to you, I swear!
Yuki chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Yuki! You can put me to work all you want! I'm glad 'n willin'!
Muku chibi icon
Mucchan! It's your birthday! You're always so cute, it's so soothin' to the soul!
Misumi chibi icon
"It’s your birthday, Misumi! Gotta say, I’m kinda interested in your triangle hunts...
Kazunari chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Kazu! Dontcha think it's time to start invitin' me to some of your mixers?!
Banri chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Banny! You're goals, man! Keep bein' cool so I can model myself off of you!
Juza chibi icon
Juza! Today we've got your back! Just say anything and it's yours, man!
Taichi chibi icon
It's my B-day! Only comes once a year so I'm goin' all out!! Popularity Beam...blast!
Omi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Omi! We'll be putting a yellow sticker on all the photos for today, right?
Sakyo chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Sakyo! I'll follow you to the end.
Tsumugi chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Tsumugi! Thanks for always helping me with my homework. I'll keep at it!
Tasuku chibi icon
Happy Birthday Tasuku! Let's continue working together with this company from now on!
Hisoka chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Hisoka! Let's take an afternoon nap together! I got blankets and everything!
Homare chibi icon
Uh... Homare's poems are spinning in my head...


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday Happy B-Day! Happy I'm here for this one, and hope we'll be together for next year's, too!
Sakuya chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Sakkun! Let's go skateboarding together again! We can wear matching caps!
Masumi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Masumi! I'll steal all of your secrets and become popular this year, I swear it!
Tsuzuru chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Tsuzuru! Let's take our siblings to this year's summer festival together!
Itaru chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Itaru! I got us tons of soda! Let's do a soda tasting party!
Citron chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Citron! Here's my Single Fellas dance, just for the occassion! Let's dance together!
Chikage chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Chikage! Guess top-class guys like you get all the ladies... I gotta try harder...
Tenma chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Tenny! You think I've gotten any closer to your skills? Hehe...I'm not losing this!
Yuki chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Yuki! I'll devote myself to getting better at sewing, just watch!
Muku chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Mucchan! You can call me Taicchan whenever you want!
Misumi chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Misumi! I got you some awesome triangle earrings!
Kazunari chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Kazu! The Puppy Pair's gonna keep barking this year, too! Arf!
Kumon chibi icon
Happy B-Day Kyuchan! I wish I had a big brother like Juza, too...
Banri chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Banny! You're just the height of cool whenever I look at you, man!
Juza chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Juza! Let's keep being hardworking and loyal together this year!
Taichi chibi icon
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I really love this company and everyone in it!
Azami chibi icon
Happy B-day, Achan! My present fo you is a… Grand Ultimate Mantou Fist!
Tasuku chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Tasuku! I'll never forget that Halloween where we stood on the stage together!
Homare chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Homare! Someday, I'll write a love poem, just like you!
Azuma chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Azuma! You don't need to treat me like a dog this year...Arf! Ah! I did it again!
Guy chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Guy! You're so mature! Soft, yet sexy...I could learn a lot from you!

Practice Quotes

Practice time!
Banny's super good at everything! It's amazing!
Juza's the manliest man I've ever met! The coolest!
Since we share a room, Omi's always looking out for me!
I really look up to Sakyo! He's super smart and cool!
Sometimes Achan actually acts his age, and it's super cute!
How can I become popular? Do you know?!
Wait, I die in this play?!
C'mon, me! Cry! Cry!!
Aaaaahhh! I messed up!
What's the next line again?
Yuki praised my needlework the other day! Yay!
Where's my one true love?!
Watcha think of my acting?!
Now it's time for Popularity Practice!

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen Wow, that’s a lot of stuff downloading! Kinda gets you pumped up, huh?
Voice Volume Director! It's me! Can you hear me?
1 on 1 Practice Not only's my acting better, my height is... still the same?!
Special Training It's time for Taichi Nanao to shine!
Blooming Buh-buh-Blooming! Look at me go!
Ultimate Blooming {{{ultimate blooming}}}
Earn Cash Intro Will there really be a ton of chicks there?!
Earn Cash Outro Dude... I had no idea we were so popular!
Dissmiss Actor I made a ton of great friends here. All because I joined this troupe. It's been an honor!
Show succeeded Yay! We did it!
Show failed Gah!! You serious?!
Skills used in Show
4th Play (2nd Anniversary) {{{4th play}}}
5th Play (2nd Anniversary) {{{5th play}}}