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Izumi: Alright. I bought the potatoes. Meat and onions, okay check.
Izumi: Today's dinner was a request, made Sakuya-kun and Yuki-kun....
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Sakuya: Ah.
Yuki: What's all of the sudden.
Sakuya: In my English note book, there is only one page left behind...
Sakuya: I used all pages in todays's class now I have to buy a new one.
Izumi: A note book? Should I go buy one?
Sakuya: Eh, but it was my bad. I'll get one after school tomorrow...
Izumi: I also have something to get from the stationery shop. And I was planning to buy everything for dinner, so it's okay.
Sakuya: Really?
Sakuya: When...thank you very much!
Yuki: Wait, today you buy the ingredients for dinner that means it's curry, isn't it?
Izumi: I was planning to cook that....why?
Yuki: The curry alien appeared.
Yuki: Are you trying to make us eat curry?
Izumi: Yes.....
Yuki: Yes, my ass.
Yuki: Eating too much of it makes my skin slowly turn yellow.
Izumi: I'm reluctant... Then let's talk about what should we have as a menu instead.
Yuki: Okay.
Izumi: However with the exception of curry, I'll accept any requests.
Sakuya: A request?
Izumi: Yup, Sakuya-kun, what do you want to eat?
Sakuya: Hmm, the last time I asked for Napolitan.....
Sakuya: Ah, what about croquettes?
Sakuya: I saw some yesterday in the TV in a cooking show and they looked pretty tasty!
Yuki: I also saw it.
Yuki: Make some that exceed this guy's croquettes, Director.
Izumi: Croquettes.....
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Izumi: I got all ingredients to make croquettes. And I bought the note book for Sakuya-kun, so mission complete.
Izumi: It seems like there is still time till the student group is coming back... I feel like taking a small detour before I return.
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Baseball Club Members: Fight!
Fight! Fight!
Izumi: (Running as club activities.... In the evening by the river, somehow this gives a feeling of youth.)
???: ...can you see the scenery. I'm-- ....
Izumi: Huh?
???: -you mean, you betrayed me!? I believed in you!
Izumi: (Drama lines... It's a practice for a play.)
Izumi: (There are many theaters in this town, and lot's of members. Maybe this a young future star.)
Izumi: .....I'll go and take a small look.
???: Our path was a mistake. However the oath from that time---
Izumi: .....Huh? This voice--
Sakuya: You guys! Did you chase after me?
Sakuya: Far beyond this vast sky, there must be the treasure I seek!
Izumi: (As expected, it's Sakuya-kun. A straightforward, carrying voice.)
Sakuya: Now let's get together! Together we can overcome any hardships!
Sakuya: .....Phew.
Sakuya: Huh?
Izumi: Your acting just now was pretty good! Sakuya-kun.
Sakuya: D-director!?


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