Mini Conversations are the small chats that the player can unlock via the practice sessions if certain conditions are met. By unlocking one, the player is rewarded with one Diamond.

Mini Conversation for Water me![edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for Water me!
Side Sumeragi Tenma (1/3)
Tenma: I don't think Comedy suits my image... but to challenge yourself with a role you've never done before, that's a good experience for an actor.
Encircled by only dilettante actors, I guess I have to take the lead in the play.
...I became a good Leader?
Ah, ahem! It's just because we're standing on the stage together I don't want them to bring shame to me! Don't get the wrong idea!
I won't look badly just because I'm standing on such a poor stage. Even with such a small second- hand theater company, or playing with amateurs, I won't backpedal.
I'll even perform a comedy perfectly.
Side Sumeragi Tenma (2/3)
Tenma: I'll give you this. It was a price ticket for my new movie that starts next week. I won it but I don't need it.
Inviting someone...You want to go with me?
Idiot, can't you go by yourself, it's embarrassing to watch a movie I'm starring in.
Hearing Directors impressions on it would be enough for me.
Side Sumeragi Tenma (3/3)
Tenma: You want something from me? What is it?
....No, you don't have to ask. I get it.
'I won't help on super special sale day anymore! Don't look at me with those eyes....
Damn it, I know, I will go! This the last time!
Oh geez, how many times did it turn out like that already....
Tenma & Juza Talk
Juza: ........
Tenma: Wah~!? What don't just appear in front of me.
Juza: Sorry.
Tenma: ....Something up?
Juza: Today, there was dress rehearsal.
Tenma: Ah, Director mentioned something like that.
Juza: I made myself aware again that you practiced with us, it made me feel better. --Thanks.
Tenma: --! It, it was nothing.... I just stated the obvious.
Juza: Soon, will you practice with us again?
Tenma: .... If, if it's like that then it can't be helped. However I won't go easy on you, be prepared.
Juza: ...That's what I wanted to hear.

Mini Conversation for The Adventure for Sardines[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for The Adventure for Sardines
Side Sumeragi Tenma (1/3)
Tenma: Cat's, huh... it's the first time I play the role of an animal, though we're playing as gijinkas[1].

Naturally, it's also the first time I wear cat ears...
But of course, I plan to portray my role without cutting corners in my research on cat-like behavior.
Be it a cat or a robot, or even a vending machine, I'll show you that I can master any role perfectly. N-no, that's what you call a figure of speech--

I didn't actually mean I wanted a role as a vending machine, okay?!

Side Sumeragi Tenma (2/3)
Tenma: The other guys might think this kinda stuff's for old geezers, but Tsumugi-san really gets the greatness of bonsai.
Maybe he'll even start putting kokedama in the lounge while he's at it, huh?
We actually went to a bonsai store together just recently.

Tsumugi-san seemed intereseted in kokedama too.
A lot of flowers are always blooming in the courtyard, also thanks to Tsumugi-san.

Having a lot of greenery is relaxing, right?

Side Sumeragi Tenma (3/3)
Tenma: Sometimes I do "pretty boy" and "cool" roles for dramas and movies; there's a lot of variations even for a short description like "a good man".
If I portray a similar character each time, my acting skills wouldn't develop, and it wouldn't have appeal either.
I'll need to expand my acting repertoire so that, for instance, if they tell me to be the "cool and handsome guys", I'll be able to act out the different variations that suit it.
S-since we're on the topic. ...What type of guy is cool for you?
I-I just, I'm just asking so I can internalize my role, there's nothing else to it, okay?!
Tenma & Itru Talk
Tenma: Uhm... Where's the remote...
Itaru: !!
Tenma: Oh, sorry.
Itaru: Hey! What's the big idea, bumping into me while I'm trying to pull a super important limited gacha--
I got the SSR I wanted. I forgive you.
Tenma: Huh? O-okay...
Itaru: Man, I'm on a roll today! How about I treat you to something, Tenma?
Tenma: Why can't I accept this for some reason...

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Gijinkas are personified animals, objects, and other non-humans.
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