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Cybird's Terms of Use
According to an in-game announcement, uploading full story chapters are against Cybird's Terms of Use. Instead you are allowed to upload a short summary, prefered less than 150 words.
This only applies to main story episodes, event stories and backstage stories, earn cash and mini chats should be okay.

This guide includes all story pages (Main and Event story, and backstage story).
Note: You are free to include images if you want.

Page Titles

Main Story:

Episode number: Chapter number - Chapter name

Example:Episode 1: Chapter 1 - Three Conditions
Event Story:

Chapter number - Event name

Example: Chapter 1 - Captain Sky's Pirates (if epilogue then Epilogue - Captain Sky's Pirates)
Backstage Story:

Character Rarity 【Card Title】/Backstage Story

Example: Sakuya Sakuma SR 【Blooming Trail】/Backstage Story

Story Page Layout

For these pages you need to know two things:

  1. How tables works in the Source Editor (there isn’t much to remember but that will be explained under 'The Story table')
  2. How to use the Template:Dialogue

If you have any questions please contact Nikathelostio.

The Story table

Now you may wonder how to use the Story table and if it is hard, but worry not!

Note: If you are not familiar with the wikitext used in tables you might want to take a look at the Help:Tables page on the Community Central.

What you need to know: When you create a table (by using the 'Insert' Button or by using wikitext) and then enter Source Editor the wikitext will look like this:

{| class="article-table"
|+ Caption
! Header cell !! Header cell
| Content cell || Content cell

That is a standard Article table, but what you want it to look like is this:

{| class="storytable"
! colspan="2"|Episode title
<!-- This is where the Template:Dialogue will be. -->
| colspan="2" class="bottomnav" |'''[[<!-- Chapter name -->|First Chapter]] • [[<!-- Chapter name -->|Previous]] • [[<!-- Chapter name -->|Next]] • [[<!-- Chapter name -->|Last Chapter]]'''

Now that the Story table has been created you can start focusing on the transcript.


  • For passerby’s or other background characters use this code:
| class="character" |Character
| Dialogue

  • For scene changes use this code:
|colspan="3" class"secondaryheader" align="center"|'''[Scene]'''

The Transcript Template

The template used for the transcript is Template:Dialogue and it will be used like this:
{{Dialogue|<Character>|<Spoken Line>}}.

Ex: {{Dialogue|Sakuya|Hello!}} which results in:

Sakuya profile

When a choice occurs it will be used like this:
{{Dialogue|<Character>|<Choice 1 text>|<Choice 2 text>}}.

Sakuya profile
Choice 1 text will be displayed here Choice 2 text will be displayed here

Note: Other templates that can be used for the dialogue is:

Final Results

This will be added to the table so the final results will be like this:

{| class="storytable"
! colspan="3"|Episode title
<!-- Regular Dialogue -->
{{Dialogue/Image|A Tag-Team Halloween story image.png}}

<!-- Other characters that doesn’t have a sprite -->
| class="character" |Random stranger
| Hello boys!

<!-- DM messages -->
{{Dialogue/DM|Kumon|Hello everyone!}}
{{Dialogue/DM|Muku|Oh, it’s been a while. How are you?}}

<!-- Social Media post -->
|image=06-22-21 Kumon blog
|dialogue=Look at this amazing image Kumon took together with these awesome people! (This template might need some work)

<!-- Dialogue with choices -->
{{Dialogue/Choice|Choice 1=Hello everyone!|Choice 2=Good bye!}}
{{Dialogue|Izumi|Hey Kumon|Bye.}}
{{Dialogue|Muku|Uhm, hey.|Aah, wait! Kumon!}}

<!-- Navigation -->
| colspan="3" class="bottomnav" |'''[[Prologue Chapter 1 - The Sacred Place of Theaters|First Chapter]] • [[Prologue Chapter 1 - The Sacred Place of Theaters|Previous]] • [[Prologue Chapter 1 - The Sacred Place of Theaters|Next]] • [[Prologue Chapter 6 - The Last Chance|Last Chapter]]'''

Episode title
Sakuya profile
Masumi profile
Kazunari profile
A Tag-Team Halloween story image
Random stranger Hello boys!
DM icon Kumon
Hello everyone!
DM icon Muku
Oh, it’s been a while. How are you?
DM icon Kumon
Choice 1: Hello everyone! Choice 2: See you later!
Kumon profile
Hello everyone! It’s been a while. See you later! I’ll be back soon.
Izumi profile
Hey Kumon Bye.
Muku profile
Uhm, hey Kyu-chan. Aah, wait! Kyu-chan!
06-22-21 Kumon blog.png

👍 💬 ♻

DM icon Kazunari.png


Look at this amazing image Kumon took together with these awesome people! (This template might need some work)

First ChapterPreviousNextLast Chapter

Possible Mistakes

(Please add underneath if you find any mistakes or small things that makes the table look weird. This is to help others if they have any troubles with the tables.)

Text is shoved to the right side:

If the text is shoved to the right side there might be several reasons:

  • Colspan:
    • Remember to add colspan="2" or colspan="3" (colspan="3" is used with Template:Dialogue/Choice)
  • Template:Dialogue
    • This template is built up as a row of 3 columns: Image, text, text (third column is used when a choice occurs).
  • There might be a third column somewhere in the table