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Stage Play#Spring Troupe
Stage Play#Summer Troupe
Stage Play#Autumn Troupe
Stage Play#Winter Troupe
Mixed Performances

Spring Troupe

Spring Troupe
Romeo and Julius Alex in Wonderland
Romeo and Julius EN poster
Alex in Wonderland EN poster
A Clockwork Heart The Wonderful Charlatan of Oz
A Clockwork Heart EN poster
The Wonderful Charlatan of Oz EN poster
Knights of the Round IV Harugaoka Quartet
Knights of the Round IV EN poster
Spring 6th play
Magicians' Pure Love
Spring 7th play

Summer Troupe

Summer Troupe
Water Me! The Great Sardine Search
Water Me! EN poster
The Great Sardine Search EN poster
Captain Sky's Pirates Love Out of Left Field
Captain Sky's Pirates EN poster
Love Out of Left Field EN poster
Shinobi Adventures! The Floral Prince
Shinobi Adventures! EN poster
Summer 6th play
Summer 7th play

Autumn Troupe

Autumn Troupe
The Roman Episode The Stranger
The Roman Episode EN poster
The Stranger EN poster
Ginji the Wanderer DEAD/UNDEAD
Ginji the Wanderer EN poster
DEAD EN poster
Fiery Mantou Fist! Fallen Blood
Fiery Mantou Fist! EN Poster
Autumn 6th play
Welcome to a New World! Former Delinquent Restaurant
Autumn troupe 7th play

Winter Troupe

Winter Troupe
Sympathy for the Angel My Master's Mesmerized by Mystery
Sympathy for the Angel EN poster
My Master's Mesmerized by Mystery EN poster
Nocturnality Le Fantome de l'Opera
Nocturnality EN poster
Die by the Sword Risky Game
Die by the Sword EN poster
Winter 6th play
Hotel Compass
Winter 7th play

Mixed Performances

Mixed Performances
A Two-Faced Teacher Run About
A Two-Faced Teacher EN poster
2nd mixed play
The Luminous Circus The Last Runway
3rd mixed play
4th mixed play
Yin and Yang Evening Scarlet Mirror
5th mixed play
6th mixed play
Stray Devil Blues New Theory/Immortal Crow
7th mixed play
8th mixed play