Part 1
Taichi: I saw it! I totally saw it with my own two eyes!
Tsuzuru: Yeah, sure you did.
Juza: This is ridiculous.
Kazunari: Taicchan, that's hilarious!
Taichi: I'm not being funny! I'm serious! I really saw it!
Masumi: Shut up, I'm tired. Stop making so much noise.
Izumi: Hm? Is something wrong?
Taichi: Izumi! Hear me out!
Izumi: What's wrong? Why are you so panicked?
Taichi: So, like... last night, I saw a ghost.
Izumi: ...Excuse me?
Taichi: I'm being serious here! See, I got thirsty last night and went to get something to drink.
Taichi: And then there was this shadow waitin' for me in the pitch-black kitchen, all shaking and swaying and...ghostly!
Kazunari: All right, we get it already. But dude, I gotta give you props for the acting, Taicchan!
Kazunari: Your face is as white as a sheet! Super realistic performance!
Taichi: It's not acting! It's real!
Izumi: (Hmm... It's honestly hard to believe something like that out of the blue, but Taichi doesn't look like he's lying either.)
Tsuzuru: Actually, now that you mention it, I have been hearing some rattling in the middle of the night lately.
Tsuzuru: No idea if it's related though.
Kazunari: Ooh, really? I've never heard anything like that.
Masumi: Must be your imagination... Your minds are probably playing tricks on you when you're half asleep.
Tsuzuru: I can't speak for Taichi, but I definitely wasn't half asleep when it happened. I've heard it more than once too.
Taichi: I wasn't either! I was wide awake! Why won't anyone believe me?!
Juza: Calm down.
Izumi: It's not that I don't believe you, Taichi, but ghosts? Anyone would have a hard time following that.
Kazunari: I know! Okay, hear me out, guys. Why don't we all look into it together?
Kazunari: Bet if we take some pics to put up on Instablam, they'd get like a thousand likes!
Tsuzuru: You're kidding, right?
Juza: I'm out.
Masumi: Zzzz...
Taichi: Ugh, I really don't wanna, but I, Taichi Nanao, have gotta man up and clear my name!
Taichi: I'm gonna be brave and do it!
Kazunari: Awesome! We're going ghost hunting tonight!
Tsuzuru: I just hope it won't turn out to be some branches or something...
Izumi: Yeah...
Izumi: So, remind me, why have I been drafted into your little ghost hunting party?
Kazunari: Oh, c'mon! Have some fun, won'tcha?
Taichi: Yeah! I mean, you gotta be curious about ghosts too, right Izumi?!
Izumi: I mean, I guess I'm a little interested in them.
Kazunari: Don't worry! I'll keep you safe if anything happens!
Taichi: Ooh, you're so cool, Kazu!
Izumi: (Even if it really was a ghost that Taichi saw, would it come out with all this commotion going on?)
Kazunari: Alright, let's carefully take a peep at the kitchen. You scared, Izumi? Everything okay? Wanna hold my hand?
Izumi: I'm quite alright, thank you.
Kazunari: Aw, ice cold! But the way you keep your cool under pressure is pretty fly too!
Izumi: Yeah, sure.
Taichi: Wh-What if the ghost appears again?!
Kazunari: What are you saying? What do you think the point of ghost hunting is? If anything we'd be lucky if it appear-
Kazunari: ...Huh?
???: .....
Izumi: Uh?!
Kazunari: What?! Wait, isn't that-
Taichi: Eeeeek! The shadow is moving!
Izumi: (No way! An actual ghost...?!)
To be continued...
Part 2
Izumi: Huh?!
Taichi: See! It totally is a ghost!
Kazunari: Whoa, wild! That's the real deal, isn't it?! Gotta take some pics for my feed!
Taichi: It's makin', like, a bubbling sound... Is it performing some kinda ritual or something?!
Izumi: (Hm? What's that nice smell?)
Izumi: This smell... this isn't a ghost, it's-
Kazunari: Izumi?!
Taichi: Izumi! It's dangerous to face it alone!
Masumi: !!
Izumi: I knew it was you, Masumi!
Masumi: Izumi...
Taichi: Whaaaa?! M-Masumi?!
Kazunari: What? The ghost turned out to be Massu?! Man, that was freaky!
Masumi: Why are you out here so late?
Izumi: That's my line. What are you doing in the kitchen, in the dark, at this hou-
Izumi: Wait... Is that a pot of curry?
Masumi: .....Been practicing.
Izumi: Practicing? You mean practicing cooking?
Masumi: You like curry, so...I wanted to surprise you.
Izumi: .....!
Choose! Choice 1: So you thought you'd train in secret?
Izumi: So you thought you'd train in secret?
Masumi: ...Yeah...something like that.
Kazunari: Seriously?! So, less of a ghost story, and more of a love story?
Taichi: N-Now this, I definitely did not expect...!
Kazunari: Hold up, that's cheating, Massu! No secret special training to get the jump on the rest of us!
Masumi: Shut up. This has nothing to do with you.
Choose! Choice 2: Well you did surprise me-in a good way.
Izumi: You really did surprise me-in a good way. I can't believe you're learning to cook for me.
Masumi: ...I'm still practicing though.
Izumi: But it smells so good. That's not pre-made roux either, is it?
Masumi: You're more of a traditionalist, so I read up on spices online.
Izumi: You did all that for me?
Taichi: You sure don't cut any corners, Masumi.
Kazunari: Dang, Massu. I gotta respect your hustle, though...
Continue after choices.
Izumi: Thank you, Masumi. Mind if I have a taste?
Masumi: No.
Izumi: Why not?
Masumi: I can't let you eat it because it's not even worthy of being in the same room as you yet. I only want you to eat it when I've got the recipe down solid.
Masumi: I'm gonna keep practicing and working hard to create a recipe that you'll be dying to eat every day...
Masumi: So I don't want you to try it until it's perfect.
Izumi: All right, I'll be looking forward to it then.
Masumi: ...Cool.
Kazunari: I still can't believe you turned out to be the ghost, Massu. Who was the one who was freaking out about seeing a "g-ghost" again?!
Taichi: Uuh... C-Come on, man! Who makes curry in the middle of the night like that?!
Izumi: ...Oh! Then that means the sounds Tsuzuru kept hearing were Masumi going in and out of his room.
Taichi: Why couldn't you have just said something when I was telling that ghost story, Masumi?!
Masumi: I wasn't planning on tellin' anyone about it in the first place, so I figured I'd just let you be confused.
Taichi: You can't just DO that! Do you have any idea how bad you scared me?!
Masumi: I was just making curry. You made those wild assumptions all on your own.
Taichi: Ugh!
Izumi: Admittedly, Masumi silently making curry in the middle of the night is pretty shocking in its own right.
Kazunari: By the way, that curry smells absolutely amazing!
Kazunari: Hey, so, if that curry's no good for our Izumi, why not let us have a taste?
Taichi: Yeah, I'm starvin' now that my stomach isn't tied up in knots anymore!
Masumi: No. It's not for you.
Kazunari: Aw, come on, let us try it! We can be your personal taste-testers!
Masumi: I'm not hiring.
Taichi: Dropped your guard!
Masumi: Like hell I did!
Izumi: It's late, so please try to keep it down. Believe me, you don't want to risk waking Sakyo or Yuki up.
Kazunari: .....
Masumi: .....
Taichi: Now that's scarier than any ghost...
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