In Special Training you can upgrade Ad Lib Skills and Attributes (Co, Ac, Dr). You can train an Actor up to three times. To do Special Training you need Training Items and Coins. Special Training can be found in the Actors tab.

Special Training

Ad Lib Skill levels are shown by fire symbols 🔥. First time has 1 🔥, 2nd time 🔥🔥, and third time 🔥🔥🔥.

How To Use

  1. Select an actor you want to train.
  2. Tap the Train button.

Items Used

Note: Flowers, Buds and Seeds refers to the Card's Troupe (Ex. A Spring Troupe card uses Spring Flowers, Spring Buds and Spring Seeds)

Rarity 1st time 🔥 2nd time 🔥🔥 3rd time 🔥🔥🔥
  • 10 Flowers
  • 12 Buds
  • 14 Seeds
  • 8 Lead Actor Trophy
  • 11 Flowers
  • 13 Buds
  • 15 Seeds
  • 9 Lead Actor Trophy
  • 12 Flowers
  • 14 Buds
  • 17 Seeds
  • 10 Lead Actor Trophy
  • 4 Flowers
  • 6 Buds
  • 3 Lead Actor Trophy
  • 4 Flowers
  • 7 Buds
  • 3 Lead Actor Trophy
  • 5 Flowers
  • 7 Buds
  • 3 Lead Actor Trophy
  • 1 Bud
  • 6 Seeds
  • 2 Support Actor Award
  • 2 Buds
  • 7 Seeds
  • 3 Support Actor Award
  • 2 Buds
  • 9 Seeds
  • 4 Support Actor Award
  • 4 Seeds
  • 1 Support Actor Award
  • 4 Seeds
  • 4 Support Actor Award
  • 5 Seeds
  • 1 Support Actor Award


  • Only Train Cards you really want to use on a Team (don't train N Cards). Resources required to Train Cards can be quite costly at times.
  • Actors unavailable to Train (maxed Ad Lib Skills) will be dark.

Training Lines

Spring Troupe

Character Line Audio
Sakuya There's nothing quite like training, don't you think? nil
Masumi Training, just the two of us? Then I wanna train for life. nil
Tsuzuru Just as Spartan as always, huh? nil
Itaru Oh? You're raising my stats? nil
Citron Please be repentless with your strict training methods! nil
Chikage Is special training over now? nil

Summer Troupe

Character Line Audio
Tenma You're training ME? Heh. Bring it on. nil
Yuki You sure you can handle me being even cuter than I am now? nil
Muku So long to the old, good-for-nothing me! nil
Misumi I'm gonna get even more triangular with this training! nil
Kazunari Whaddya think? Am I hotter than ever now? nil
Kumon nil

Autumn Troupe

Character Line Audio
Banri Geez. Go a little easier on me, will ya? nil
Juza Goodbye to the old me. nil
Taichi It's time for Taichi Nanao to shine! nil
Omi Training, huh? Go easy on me, if you don't mind. nil
Sakyo Training? You'd better keep up. nil
Azami I still have more room for improvement. nil

Winter Troupe

Character Line Audio
Tsumugi I know I have lots of room to improve! nil
Tasuku I'm ready to try out the results of this training right now. nil
Hisoka I think I've gotten fitter from all of this. nil
Homare My genius is a fearsome thing indeed... nil
Azuma Just the two of us, training together... Hehe, makes you think, huh? nil
Guy Did I grow a bit better? nil
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