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Part 1
Tsuzuru: Izumi! will you..?
Izumi: Will I what?
Taichi: What's goin' on?! Don't tell me you're gonna ask her out?!
Muku: What?! A-Are we witnesses to a love confession right now?!
Muku: Izumi and Tsuzuru are gonna start d-d-dating?!
Izumi: No one's confessing to anyone! Now Tsuzuru, what's wrong?
Tsuzuru: Will you allow me to help my friend out this week? It's a part-time job, but it'll only be for this week and this week alone.
Izumi: Oh?
Tsuzuru: He's a friend from university. He said he doesn't have enough people and I just couldn't say no.
Tsuzuru: I'll make sure it doesn't interfere with practice! I promise! So, please, let me do it!
Izumi: I mean, it's not like part-time jobs are against the rules here or anything. I don't see a problem here.
Tsuzuru: Really? Thank you!
Taichi: Aww, so you're not gonna ask her out or anything? Why'd oyu have to go and make it seem like it was gonna be a big deal?
Muku: F-For a minute there, I thought we were gonna see the scene from a movie play out or something.
Tsuzuru: Uh, even if, hypothetically, I was going to ask her out, I definitely wouldn't do it in front of you guys.
Taichi: That sounds really tough though. School, work, practice... won't you be tired?
Tsuzuru: I can handle it. I've juggled multiple jobs at once before in the past. I'm confident in my endurance.
Muku: Wow, Tsuzuru! You're so cool!
Izumi: Oh yeah, you were telling me about how many kinds of part-time jobs you've done before.
Taichi: Neat! Maybe I should try working somewhere too.
Taichi: Somewhere I'd get lots of attention!
Tsuzuru: Attention...?
Tsuzuru: Oh, you could do one of those jobs where you wear a character costume. Then you'd get lots of attention. From little kids.
Taichi: I don't care about kids! I wanna do something where chicks will dig me! They won't be able to see me if I wear a costume!!
Tsuzuru: Haha. It was just a joke, man.
Muku: I'd like to try working part-time somewhere too someday.
Taichi: I bet you'd fit right in working at a florist, Mucchan!
Tsuzuru: I have to agree. And Taichi, you would do well at a job where you get to be upbeat.
Tsuzuru: If you worked at a restaurant or something like that, you'd be sure to meet lots of girls too.
Taichi: Ohh, now that's an idea!
Izumi: Just make sure you get enough rest, Tsuzuru.
Tsuzuru: I will!
Izumi: Well, that concludes that meeting. Next one is... in an hour and a half.
Izumi: (I've got a bit before the next meeting. Guess I'll grab some coffee and relax.
???: Welcome!
Tsuzuru: Izumi?!
Izumi: Tsuzuru?
To be Continued...
Part 2
Izumi: So this is where you wanted to help out?
Tsuzuru: That's right. I guess I forgot to tell you the details. Sorry about that.
Izumi: It's okay. Anyway, do you have any recommendations for what I should order?
Tsuzuru: Hmm, I know it's a basic drink, but how about a cafe latte? The way they serve it here has just the right amount of sweetness. It's pretty popular.
Izumi: Oh, that sounds good. One cafe latte, please.
Tsuzuru: Great. I'll have it ready in a jiffy.
Tsuzuru: Here's your cafe latte.
Izumi: Thanks. I would never guess that you only just started working here.
Tsuzuru: I've worked at cafes before, so I know the ropes pretty well.
Izumi: Makes sense.
Tsuzuru: I used to be really nervous that I'd spill the coffee while carrying it, but I'm confident in myself now.
Izumi: I can tell. You really fight right in here.
Tsuzuru: Thank you. Haha, now I'm blushing.
Tsuzuru's friend: Tsuzuru! Can you take that table's order?
Tsuzuru: Sure thing!
Tsuzuru: Well, Izumi, I hope you enjoy your latte.
Izumi: Thanks.
Tsuzuru's friend: Sorry, but can you take this to table 2? And clean over here after that.
Tsuzuru: Got it. Oh, and can you hand me the pitcher? I'm gonna go refill glasses.
Izumi: (Now that I think of it, I don't think I've ever really seen him chatting casually with friends before. It's kinda refreshing seeing how he is outside of the troupe.)
Tsuzuru: Welcome!
Taichi: There he is! We're here, Tsuzuru!
Tsumugi: Hello.
Tsuzuru: Huh? you guys came all the way here too?
Muku: Too? Oh look, i's Izumi!
Taichi: What a coincidence bumping into you here, Izumi!
Izumi: Yeah. I came here because I wanted a coffee break. I had no idea Tsuzuru was here though.
Tsumugi: I see.
Tsumugi: I heard about this place from the two of them, and we all ended up going.
Taichi: You really look right at home working here, Tsuzuru. I wouldn't expect any less from the Jack of All Trades!
Tsuzuru: Flattery won't get you a free drink.
Taichi: Dang! Ah well, worth a shot.
Tsumumi: Hahaha!
Tsuzuru: Here's the menu. What will you all be having today?
Taichi: I'd like a ginger ale!
Tsumugi: Coffee for me. What about you, Muku?
Muku: Uh, Izumi, what are you having?
Izumi: A cafe latte. Tsuzuru recommended it.
Muku: Then I'll have the same!
Tsuzuru: Okay. I'll be back soon with your orders.
Taichi: Whoa, look at this parfait they've got on the menu. Doesn't it look insane?!
Taichi: Look at all that fruit! It looks so good!
Muku: Ohhh! It's even got ice cream and star-shaped cookies!
Izumi: (This wound up being a pretty lively coffee break.)
Tsumugi: So Izumi, what kind of work are you up to today?
Izumi: Well, I just finished up a- oh no! It's almost time for my next meeting!
Muku: What?! You've got a meeting?!
Izumi: It completely slipped my mind! Sorry guys, I gotta go.
Taichi: Go get 'em, Izumi!
Izumi: Thanks!
Izumi: Thanks for the drink, Tsuzuru. Good luck today!
Tsuzuru: Thank you. Good luck to you too!
Izumi: Thanks!
Izumi: (I got to see Tsuzuru at work and had fun chatting with everyone over coffee. I'm ready to face this next meeting!)
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