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Part 1
Yuki: Thanks for the meal.
Omi: You're done already? We've still got salad left.
Yuki: Nah, I'm pretty full.
Omi: Okay then. What about you, Izumi? I'm going to make another cup of coffee.
Izumi: Sure, I'll bite.
Masumi: ...Morning.
Izumi: Good morning, Masumi.
Masumi: I got to see you first thing in the morning even though it's the weekend. Today's gonna be a lucky day.
Yuki: And the psycho stalker rears his creepy head again.
Izumi: Never really thought about how we all have breakfast at different times though, especially on the weekends.
Omi: Haha. Well, it is Sunday. All the students in the dorm get up really late on the weekend.
Yuki: I can't say I don't understand though. Nothing like sleeping in on the weekends.
Izumi: But you're up. Are you going out somewhere today?
Yuki: Yeah. I want to go buy more lace and buttons for our next costumes. I'll be back later.
Izumi: Have fun!
Omi: Take care.
Banri: Sup...
Banri: Yawn... I'm so tired...
Omi: Morning, Banri. You're up late today.
Banri: I'm not that late. I mean, Itaru's still asleep. He was probably up all night playing games or something.
Omi: You do bring up a good point. We rarely see him in the mornings during weekends.
Omi: Hmm...? That reminds me, I haven't seen Tsuzuru yet today.
Izumi: Me neither. That's unusual, especially since we've got a meeting soon.
Omi: He's never been the type to oversleep.
Sakyo: Are Izumi and Minagi here? Let's get this meeting started.
Izumi: Oh, Sakyo! Actually, Tsuzuru's not here yet.
Sakyo: What?
Sakyo: I told him that we're going to be discussing the script today.
Izumi: Masumi, was Tsuzuru still asleep when you left?
Masumi: Yep. He was sleeping like the dead.
Omi: Did something happen last night?
Masumi: For some reason he was up like all night last night.
Masumi: Around dawn, he cried out, 'it's done!' and then passed out.
Izumi: Ohhh, right. Today's the deadline for the script. That must be why.
Omi: I see. Makes sense that he's still asleep then if he was up all night writing.
Banri: Dude just collapses on the spot the moment he finishes his script and then sleeps for hours on end.
Izumi: Hmm, he's probably exhausted then. If it were up to me, I'd probably just let him sleep, but...
Sakyo: Not happening. He knows we have a meeting. Wake him up. Now.
Omi: You're relentless.
Banri: A legit monster.
Sakyo: Nothing you can say will change my mind.
Sakyo: We're having this meeting as planned. I won't have my schedule for today ruined over this.
Izumi: (I feel bad, but my hands are tied. Gotta wake him.)
Izumi: Tsuzuru? Are you awake...? I'm coming in.
Izumi: Tsuzuru?
Tsuzuru: .....
Izumi: Sleeping like a baby.
Izumi: (I really can't bear the thought of waking him up from his pleasant dreams, but I've gotta do it...)
Izumi: Hey, wake up.
Izumi: Tsuzuru! Heeey! Tsuzuruuu! We've got a meeting.
Tsuzuru: Mmm... Hmmmm...
Izumi: (Darn. He's showing no signs of waking up.)
Izumi: Sakyo's waiting, you know. Wake up or suffer his wrath.
Tsuzuru: Mmm... Zzzzz.....
Izumi: (I guess it's time to take more drastic measures. I'll rip the covers off of him.)
Izumi: Here we go... Oof!
Tsuzuru: ...Zzz...
Izumi: Huh?
Tsuzuru: Hey, don't do that...
Izumi: ...?!
To be Continued...
Part 2
Izumi: ...?!
Izumi: (He grabbed my hand!)
Tsuzuru: Hey... Don't do that...
Izumi: Huh? Tsuzuru?
Tsuzuru: Mmmm...
Izumi: (Is it just me, or is his tone different from usual?)
Tsuzuru: Your big bro is tired... Lemme sleep a bit longer...
Izumi: ...!
Izumi: (Ohh, I get it. He's still half-asleep and think I'm one of his little brothers. In that case...)
Izumi: ...Wake up!! I wanna play!!!
Tsuzuru: ?!?!
Tsuzuru: Wh-Wha...
Tsuzuru: Izumi?!
Izumi: Morning!
Tsuzuru: G-Good morning?
Izumi: I know you're tired, big bro, but we've got an important meeting.
Tsuzuru: Oh. Oh man...
Tsuzuru: Oh man, oh man. This is super embarassing... I was totally half-asleep there, wasn't I...
Choose! Choice 1: Were you having a nice dream?
Izumi: Were you having a nice dream?
Tsuzuru: I was sleeping like a log. I don't remember what I dreamt about.
Tsuzuru: Oh, but I feel like I had a dream about you calling for me.
Izumi: You did?
Tsuzuru: The way you said my name made me feel all warm and fuzzy...
Tsuzuru: Err, nevermind! I'm still half-asleep it seems.
Choose! Choice 2: Ready to get up, big bro?
Izumi: Ready to get up, big bro?
Tsuzuru: Haha... very funny.
Tsuzuru: All right, I'm up. Thanks for waking me up, honey.
Izumi: Honey?!
Tsuzuru: Oh... Sorry.
Tsuzuru: I'm still half-asleep it seems...
Continue after choices Izumi: R-Right.
Izumi: (Why does this feel like we're doing a really weird improv session?)
Tsuzuru: Anyway, I did sleep pretty well.
Izumi: You really did. I never imagined that you'd ever mistake me for one of your little brothers in your dreams.
Tsuzuru: I'm really sorry about that. That's just what they always used to wake me up in the mornings. Guess I was on auto-pilot there.
Izumi: It's okay, you don't need to apologize.
Izumi: Now I really know what a good big brother you are.
Tsuzuru: ...!
Tsuzuru: Y...You're just exaggerating.
Izumi: ?
Izumi: (What's with him?)
Sakyo: Enough already.
Izumi: Oh! when did you get here?
Sakyo: Finally up?
Sakyo: How long are you two going to keep me waiting?
Tsuzuru: Huh? Oh, right! The meeting!
Tsuzuru: Sorry about that!
Sakyo: Hurry up and get dressed. Keep me waiting much longer, and I'll start cutting the script budget.
Tsuzuru: What?! Anything but that!
Sakyo: Hmph. This is what happens when we don't have a proper schedule.
Izumi: Now, now, Sakyo. He got the script done by the deadline.
Masumi: ...Izumi's in my room...? Have you finally decided to move in with me?
Izumi: No. I'm only in here to wake Tsuzuru up.
Masumi: That's not fair. I want you to wake me up in the mornings too. I'll go to sleep now, so try it. Or you can lie down with me instead, if you prefer.
Izumi: Yeah, I'm gonna have to pass on both.
Sakyo: I can wake you by kicking you out of bed, if you prefer.
Masumi: No way.
Sakyo: Minagi! Are you not dressed yet?
Tsuzuru: Coming!
Tsuzuru: Mornin'.
Banri: Good job, Izumi. Good to see you alive and kickin', Tsuzuru.
Sakyo: As if you didn't get up jut ten minutes ago.
Izumi: I'm not sure if I deserve the praise. Sakyo did most of the work.
Banri: Dude, your hair.
Tsuzuru: I didn't have time to brush it since Sakyo made me hurry. Too late to fix it now.
Sakyo: You can participate in a meeting regardless of how your hair looks.
Banri: What a slave driver.
Tsuzuru: Uh, would you mind if I eat something during the meeting? I haven't had anything since lunch yesterday.
Omi: I had a feeling as much. Here you go: coffee and a ham sandwich. You should be able to munch on this during your meeting just fine.
Tsuzuru: Thanks so much, Omi! You're so thoughtful.
Omi: No prob. Gotta make sure you have the fuel to write a great script, after all.
Tsuzuru: I'll do my best.
Izumi: Ready for the meeting now?
Tsuzuru: Let's go it!
Story complete