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Put on Shows with your Actors by using SP (Show Points). To succeed at a Show, you must earn a certain amount of points.

By careful choosing your Team and using boosts, you can earn the points you need to clear the Show. The amount of points needed varies. Show Levels and points needed increase with each success.

Clearing a Show can give you various rewards, such as N cards, and the only way to get Lead Actor Awards

Gold trophy

and Supporting Actor Awards

Silver trophy

besides from Weekend Practices.

Event Shows must be cleared within a time limit that is displayed under the total amount of Pts, but Normal Shows are always available. Some Shows are only available through doing Practices (see Troupe Events and Season Events).


  1. Select a Guest Actor.
  2. Make sure you meet the Pt requirements.
  3. Press Start and enjoy!

Show Prep

First off, choose from the list showed to you to select a Guest Actor. This is a mandatory step. Cards of you Friends available to use will be displayed at the top. You can refresh the list of Guests that are not your Friends to get a new batch.

The user you select will earn

Friend points

Friend Points.


Building a good Team is vital for success of Shows, especially as they get harder. Check out Editing Teams for more help and Team Skills.

Lead Skill

The Lead Skill will be set off when doing Shows. Only the Lead Skill of your Leader or Main Actor plus the Guest Actor (Guest Skill) of selected Team will be used. Level Skills up using 1 on 1 Practice or Special Training (see pages for more details). Make sure you select Guests with high level Skills too.
It will display the skill name from the actor you've set as Lead Actor. When the character's Lead Skill is activated, the bonus it grants is applied to the entire Team.

Guest Actor

A Guest Actor is the Team Leader of each of other players teams, meaning that your Team leaders can be chosen as a Guest Actor by others. Guest Skills will be the same as Lead Skills but it is offered by the Guest Actor that you choose.

Team Skills

By tapping on the "Team Skill" button, you can check which skills will be activated for you current team lineup.

  • Only skills that match the ability type of the show (Comedy, Action, Drama) will be activated.
  • The max number of active skills is 3.

Support Actors

Support Actors are automatically chosen from Actors outside your chosen team. You cannot change it. They offer up to 30% boost in points.

Cheer Boosts

Cheer Boosts are an absolute must when not meeting certain Point Requirements in Shows.
Note that boosting your points will not drastically give more rewards or Coins under normal conditions. Meeting or surpassing the requirement will give you however much it would originally.

Cheer Boost SP needed
x1 1 SP
x3 2 SP
x5 3 SP
x8 4 SP
x10 5 SP

Normal Shows

Normal Shows are one of the main ways to get Coins


besides Earning Cash. Shows are always available to do.

The highest Level available for Normal Shows is 50, with a minimum of 29900 Pts required to pass.

Troupe and Season Event Shows

All Troupe and Season Events revolve around some form of Show to gain points. Instead of Coins, you accumulate Event Points/Items to earn rewards. Event Shows aren't that different from normal ones, however they randomly appear during Practices and have a time limit. You can see how much time is left under the total amount of points you have.

Event show banner

Event Shows have different levels of shows that appear, in Matinees, Soirees, Finales, and Encores, ranging from easiest to hardest in order. Chances of Matinees to Finales are random, but if you clear a Matinee you cannot get it again in a row. If you cancel a Show, the Level (as in required amount of points) will keep going down until it hits the lowest it can go. Try not to cancel Encores-- they are a good chance to get a lot of Event Points/Items unless you don't have anymore SP and reach the time limit.

Encore banner

The harder the Show type is, the shorter the time frame is. Encores are special and require a very large amount of points to pass, which is where Cheer Boosts come in. They may appear after a Matinee, Soiree, or Finale is cleared, however it is not guaranteed.

Type Max Level Pt Range Time Limit
Matinee 50 10,000 - 109,210 Pts 1 hr 30 mins
Soiree 30 35,000 - 248,990 Pts 30 mins
Finale 15 50,000 - 353,750 Pts 20 mins
Encore 10 150,000 - 773850 Pts 15 mins

Improv Battles

Improv Battles are Improvised battles where the actors fight towards another team (either Scarecrow or Dazzling Boys). They work the same way as normal Shows in terms of having to meet a certain requirement of points. You will earn Tips instead of Event Points/Items. They have 3 levels of difficulties, being Easy, Normal, and Hard. Similarly, if you cancel a battle the difficulty level will go down.

If you win a Battle, you'll receive a large amount of Tips. If you lose, you'll still be given Tips but a lower amount. Cancelling a battle will result in the required points to go down. Tips correspond with the level of the points required.

Improv Battle sign
Type Max Level Pt Range Time Limit
Easy 100 65,490 Pts 30 mins
Normal 100 248,570 Pts 15 mins
Hard 100 633,875 Pts 5 mins

Trip Acts

When you complete an Trip Act, a short skit based on the destination you're at will show instead of a mini-play. If you use the associated tryouts SSR and one of the event cards in your team, there is also a chance of hearing a short conversation afterwards. They work the same way as normal Shows in terms of having to meet a certain requirement of points. You will earn Tips instead of Event Points/Items. They have 4 levels of difficulties, being Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert. Similarly, if you cancel a battle the difficulty level will go down.

Trip Act
Type Max Level Pt Range Time Limit
Easy mins
Normal mins
Hard mins


In Events, you will get different amount of Points or Items depending on the Level of the Show cleared. The higher the level, the more Pts you need to pass but the more Event Pts or Items you will gain. Note this chart only applies to Troupe or Season Events.

Use this formula to determine Event Pts gained. Ignore the decimals at the end.
Event Pts gained = Min Pts * 0.01
Use this formula to determine Event Items gained. Ignore the decimals at the end.
Event Items gained = Min Pts * 0.0001


Level Min Pts Event Pts Event Items
1 10000 100 1
2 10500 105 1
3 11020 110 1
4 11570 115 1
5 12150 121 1
6 12760 127 1
7 13400 134 1
8 14070 140 1
9 14770 147 1
10 15510 155 1
11 16280 162 1
12 17100 171 1
13 17950 179 1
14 18850 188 1
15 19790 197 1
16 20780 207 2
17 21820 218 2
18 22920 229 2
19 24060 240 2
20 25260 252 2
21 26530 265 2
22 27850 278 2
23 29250 292 2
24 30710 307 3
25 32250 322 3
26 33860 338 3
27 35550 355 3
28 37300 373 3
29 39200 392 3
30 41160 411 4
31 43210 432 4
32 45380 453 4
33 47640 476 4
34 50030 500 5
35 52530 525 5
36 55160 551 5
37 57910 579 5
38 60810 608 6
39 63850 638 6
40 67040 670 6
41 70390 703 7
42 73910 739 7
43 77610 776 7
44 81490 814 8
45 85570 855 8
46 89850 898 8
47 94340 943 9
48 99050 990 9
49 104010 1040 10
50 109210 1092 10




Special Cards and Bonuses

Certain cards will give boosts during shows. Event Paired Tryouts are related to the Event. Note that other Limited Time Tryouts running at the same don't offer any boosts because they are unrelated. Premium Tryouts of the month the Event takes place in will always give smaller boosts no matter what event.

These bonuses are affected by a) number of blooms b) rarity of the card. Positive Effects include:

  • Extra Event Points or Event Items
  • Stat Bonuses

Don't worry if you don't know what cards give boosts or don't. They will be displayed with the following icons next to the cards that offer them.

Cards Effect
Large boost
Boost Icon
Smaller boost
Small Bonus Icon

Point Boosts

Event Points are used by Troupe Events. Special Actors will give this many extra Points depending on the following:

Rarity Unbloomed Bloomed + Bloomed ++
Boost Icon
50 Pts 175 Pts 325 Pts
Boost Icon
100 Pts 225 Pts 375 Pts
Boost Icon
150 Pts 275 Pts 425 Pts
Small Bonus Icon
100 Pts 225 Pts 375 Pts

Items Boosts

Items Points are used by Season Events. Special Actors will give this many extra Items depending on the following:

Rarity Unbloomed Bloomed + Bloomed ++
Boost Icon
1 Item 2 Items 3 Items
Boost Icon
1 Item 2 Items 4 Items
Boost Icon
2 Items 3 Items 4 Items
Small Bonus Icon
1 Item 2 Items 4 Items

Stat Boosts

Stat Boosts are bonuses offered by Special Cards regardless of what type of event. They will be boosted this much depending on the following:

Type Unbloomed Bloomed + Bloomed ++
Large Boost
Boost Icon
1x 3x 4x
Smaller Boost
Small Bonus Icon
1.1x 1.2x 1.3x

Show Lines

Spring Troupe

Character Line Audio
Sakuya Fail: I can still keep going!

Pass: I must have fully bloomed!

Masumi Fail: We still gotta do this? What a pain...

Pass: It's all thanks to you.

Tsuzuru Fail: I can still keep going!

Pass: All that practice paid off!

Itaru Fail: Is this for real?

Pass: Hell yeah, EZ!

Citron Fail: I can keep going a little longer!

Pass: I thought I could, and I did!


Summer Troupe

Character Line Audio
Tenma Fail: You're seriously giving up?

Pass: Hmph, of course we did it.

Yuki Fail: We can still keep going.

Pass: This is how you get it done.

Muku Fail: I... I won't give up...!

Pass: Phew... thank goodness...

Misumi Fail: Time to get serious!

Pass: It's all thanks to the triangles!

Kazunari Fail: We still have one more shot!

Pass: Ayy, we did it ☆! I must have looked so fly up there ♪


Autumn Troupe

Character Line Audio
Banri Fail: Okay, I GUESS I wasn't takin' things seriously...

Pass: Hehe. Were you expecting anything less?

Juza Fail: Tch... Quit foolin' around.

Pass: ...That was unbelievable.

Taichi Fail: Gah!! You serious?!

Pass: Yay! We did it!

Omi Fail: Now, now, let's all calm down.

Pass: That's a relief.

Sakyo Fail: We need to get our asses in gear.

Pass: Not bad, I guess.


Winter Troupe

Character Line Audio
Tsumugi Fail: I'm not giving up!

Pass: We got this far thanks to everyone's effort.

Tasuku Fail: Sometimes you need to fail to get fired up.

Pass: Of course we're able to accomplish at least this much.

Hisoka Fail: I haven't given it my all yet...

Pass: I'm gonna sleep well today.

Homare Fail: Hmm. The real battle begins now.

'Pass: As to be expected with my able assistance.

Azuma Fail: Let's try a bit harder.

Pass: Hehe, we did it.