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Shinobi Adventures! is Summer Troupe’s fifth play. This play resolves around ninjas. Kazunari is the lead with Misumi as the second lead.


Kiichi is a ninja from Iga out on his first ever mission.

The mission?

To deliver a love letter from the princess of Tanuki Castle to the young lord of Crane Catle. Out on a similar mission is Yoshimaru, a ninja from Koga.

Despite working as a ninja for years, Yoshimaru is still stuck delivering love letters for the princess of Kitsune Castle.

The two meet on the road to Crane Castle...

Kazunari Miyoshi as Kiichi
A newbie ninja from Iga on his first ever mission.
Kazunari Shinobi Adventures! chibi.png File:Kazunari Shinobi Adventures! fullbody.png
Misumi Ikaruga as Yoshimaru
A ninja captain from Koga who’s going nowhere in life.
Misumi Ikaruga SSR Twilight's Many Colors unbloomed icon.png
Misumi Shinobi Adventures! chibi.png File:Misumi Shinobi Adventures! fullbody.png
Muku Sakisaka as Santa
One of Yoshimaru’s ninja associated with Koga.
Muku Sakisaka SR Admiration of a Top Ninja unbloomed icon.png
Muku Shinobi Adventures! chibi.png File:Muku Shinobi Adventures! fullbody.png
Tenma Sumeragi as Hyuga
A veteran ninja close to Kiichi who hails from Iga.
{{{support b cards}}} Tenma Shinobi Adventures! chibi.png File:Tenma Shinobi Adventures! fullbody.png
Kumon Hyodo as A young lord with a weakness for beautiful women.
Young Lord
{{{support c cards}}} Kumon Shinobi Adventures! chibi.png File:Kumon Shinobi Adventures! fullbody.png
Yuki Rurikawa as Sae
Kunoichi and associate of Yoshimaru.