Mini Conversations are the small chats that the player can unlock via the practice sessions if certain conditions are met. By unlocking one rewards the player with one Diamond.

Mini Conversation for How Wonderfully Picaresque Edit

Side Settsu Banri (1/3) Edit

Banri: Hyodo as a Buddy, I can't stomach the thought of that. Well, I can't join as an Extra though.....
Banri: It's so exhausting I may give up, however maybe you should replace Hyodo to create the best theater production possible.
Banri: Well, that's just what 〜 I think. Director-chan, I'm looking forward to it.

Side Settsu Banri (2/3) Edit

Banri: Itaru-san and I started a new game, it's quite handy and interesting.
Banri: I'm addicted to it for a while now. Tonight Itaru-san and I, we will play again, how about joining us Director-chan?
Banri: You'll be fine, Itaru-san and I will go easy on you.

Side Settsu Banri (3/3) Edit

Banri: Oh, that is my Rubik's Cube.
Banri: What you interested? Here try it.
Banri: It's really easy though.
Banri: …Nah, it's not white there, has matches with red. No, not that row....
Banri: Just leave it there, I got it together at the rear, is there something red?

Banri & Tasuku TalkEdit

Banri: Tasuku-san, you really waste an excellent body built.
Tasuku: Wasting, that's too much.
Banri: Ya run in the morning?
Tasuku: Ah, sometimes. For the plays, physical strength is required.
Banri: I see.
Tasuku: Settsu you want to exercise, maybe run together? Or how about soccer.
Banri: Leave! Not that again. It's the same level as Director-chans forced socialising.
Tasuku: Fushimi is waiting for you.
Banri: Yes yes, I got it.

Notes Edit