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Normal Home Screen Quotes

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Occassion Line Audio
Morning Quit lazing around and get your ass in gear. If you’re not up in 5 there’ll be hell to pay.
Noon Sakoda, that idiot… doesn’t he get bored following me around 24/7?
Evening Weren’t you supposed to be tired? I swear... So? What do you want me to do for you?
Night You look spent. Guess some praise wouldn’t hurt. ...You did well today.
Regular What's your plan? You have one, right?
Regular Enough with the yakuza crap. I’m getting real tired of it.
Regular Who do you think you’re starin’ at?
Regular Try touching my glasses and leaving your fingerprints over them just for a single moment. And I'll kill you in an instant.
Regular Simplicity. Frugality. Temperance. Burn it into your mind.
Regular Think you can do whatever you like when I’m not looking? Get ready for some payback.
Regular Any slackers can leave. I came here to act, not dick around.
Regular So you have no idea how this comes across? That's even worse, in a way...
Regular Quit touching my moles. I assure you, there's nothing intresting about them.

Special Days Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
1st Anniversary {{{anniversary1}}}
2nd Anniversary I’ll stay here for a while. It’s only been 2 years but… it kind of makes you emotional.
Valentine’s Day 2020 Valentine’s… Come to think of it, there was indeed such an event. It’s nothing… I’ll accept this.
Valentine’s Day 2021 I don't care much for sweet stuff, but if it's made by you I'll make an exception. ...Thanks.
White Day 2020 It’s nothing grand but, this is as thanks for last month. It’d be great if it suits your taste.
White Day 2021 These are for last time. ...Seeing how happy you're them, I guess it's good that I picked them out.
April Fool’s Day 2020 Settsu and Hyodo have come a long way. Hopefully the troupe will see some peace.
April Fool’s Day 2021 Fanservice isn't all bad. But I'm the exception. I'd better not hear you talking too casually.
Children's Day 2020 Sakoda dropped off this huge carp streamer. Where the hell am I supposed to put this?
Children's Day 2021 There are lots of weird koi nobori around, but I can't say I mind. Being here's gotten me used to it.
Tanabata 2020 Wishes aren't my thing. You should know that more than anyone, right?
Tanabata 2021 Sakoda made way too much chirashizushi. Help him out by taking some off his hands.
Last Day of Summer Break 2020 {{{summer2020}}}
Last Day of Summer Break 2021 Autumn is coming after this. The changing seasons bring back a lot of memories.
Halloween 2019 {{{halloween2019}}}
Halloween 2020 This? It's Dracula. Sakoda got it for me. Apparently he's dressing up as a bat this year.
Halloween 2021 You have courage, playing a trick on me. Give it your best shot. You never know unless you try.
Christmas 2019 {{{christmas2019}}}
Christmas 2020 Merry Christmas. As crowded and noisy as it is, spending Christmas like this isn't bad.
New Year 2019 {{{new year2019}}}
New Year 2020 {{{new year2020}}}

Birthday Quotes


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday Happy Birthday. How about from next year on you grow by 2cm each year? Hurry up and catch up to me... Just kidding.
Sakuya chibi icon
I remember, this all started with you. Congratulations Sakuma.
Masumi chibi icon
Usui is with Director-san again. It can’t be helped, I’ll especially overlook this on your birthday.
Tsuzuru chibi icon
So it's Minagi's birthday. The scripts are fine, so don't strain your physical condition to the point you'll get sick.
Itaru chibi icon
Chigasaki, are you still acting like some elite salesman at work? You're somethin' else.
Citron chibi icon
I swear, sometimes I have no clue what Citron's thinking... Ah, I'm talking about mah-jong here.
Tenma chibi icon
All of that talent at such a young age... I need to get on Sumeragi's level.
Yuki chibi icon
It's Rurikawa's birthday? Guess it might be the time to raise the costume budget a bit.
Muku chibi icon
I still don't know what the Shoujo Manga Club is about, but I'll join you. Let's go Sakisaka.
Misumi chibi icon
Someone’s making a racket… it’s Ikaruga, isn’t it? I’ll let him off easy today, but only today.
Kazunari chibi icon
You want me to celebrate your birthday, Miyoshi? How about a round of mah-jong, then.
Banri chibi icon
Settsu's present? I don't know what to do for him except handcuff him to Hyodo again.
Juza chibi icon
Hyodo, if you keep loving the stage like you do, it'll pay off. Don't you dare give up.
Taichi chibi icon
Quit yappin', Nanao. If you want attention, get your act together the rest the year.
Omi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Fushimi. Since you first started, you've really come into your own as an actor.
Sakyo chibi icon
I guess growing older with you and the others like this isn't too bad. ...Thanks.
Tsumugi chibi icon
For Tsukioka's birthday, maybe I'll take some alcohol over to his room. Takato'll be there, at least.
Tasuku chibi icon
Takato's birthday, huh. The intensity he uses while acting serves well as reference.
Hisoka chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Mikage. How about working on sleeping in an actual bed this year?
Homare chibi icon
Arisugawa's poems you say? If I have hear them for the whole day, I won't last.


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday Happy Birthday. Our age gap isn't getting any narrower, but it makes things interesting.
Sakuya chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Sakuma. You've improved a lot since then. Don't forget your passion for acting.
Masumi chibi icon
Today's Usui's birthday... I know he's younger, but adults have their own charms, right?
Tsuzuru chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Minagi. I'm counting on you to write up some more great plays.
Itaru chibi icon
Chigasaki's birthday, huh. He's got it though, balancing being an office work and an actor. It's hard work.
Citron chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Citron. Heard you want to go to an ocean? Hope that dream of yours comes true.
Chikage chibi icon
It's Utsuki's birthday, huh? I'll overlook that one incident, but I refuse to wear color lenses.
Tenma chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Sumeragi. Your stage fighting's come a long way. You really are a pro.
Yuki chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Rurikawa. I admire your passion for the costumes, but stick to the damn budget.
Muku chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Sakisaka. There’s a new volume out for that one series. I’ll buy it for you later.
Misumi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Ikaruga. Your physical abilities could come in handy for the Autumn Troupe.
Kazunari chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Miyoshi. I'll acknowledge your design skills, but knock it off with that nickname...
Kumon chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Hyodo Jr. How about we play some cat's cradle today?
Banri chibi icon
You’ve still got a ways to go, but you’ve definitely grown some. Congrats on another year, Settsu.
Juza chibi icon
Happy Birthday (Hyodo). You’ve grown from when you first started. Your brother has a lot to learn from you.
Azami chibi icon
How many times have I celebrated with that kid? …But he’s grown up well.. Happy Birthday.
Tasuku chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Takato. I might start working out to perform better on stage. Got any advice?
Homare chibi icon
For Arisugawa's birthday, I'll do the tea party, but I'll pass on the poems... I'm joking.
Azuma chibi icon
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Guy chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Guy. Want to get Fushimi to make us gingko and shiokara to go with drinks?

Practice Quotes

Gotta keep at this each day to get better.
Settsu has no clue what it takes to be a leader.
Juza's a though guy...but that's how he shows he cares.
All Nanao seems to care about is being popular.
Fushimi is too fussy about everyone's needs. But we need someone like that.
Who does that boy think he is, acting like an adult...he's still a cheeky little brat.
If you're gonna use props, use them well.
Turn off the lights when you're not in the room!
This line could do with some ad libbing.
It's just like the old days...
This script's not too bad. All that's left is bringing this role to life.
Tell me what you think about this.
This place is full of some real naive fools...it ain't bad, though.
Time is money. Don't waste either.
Got so much to improve on...

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen It’s still downloading. I swear… just sit still and wait for the thing to finish already.
Voice Volume Volume checking going on. Oi Sakoda, can you hear me?
1 on 1 Practice
Special Training
Blooming Blo-blo-Blooming! Hey, is there any point to saying this phrase?
Ultimate Blooming {{{ultimate blooming}}}
Earn Cash Intro
Earn Cash Outro
Dissmiss Actor It was only a moment's dream, but I'm glad that I was able to meet you once more.
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4th Play (2nd Anniversary) {{{4th play}}}
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