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Sakyo casual chibi 2
Sakyo casual chibi 1
Sakyo sport chibi
Sakyo Uniform chibi
Sakyo costume chibi 1
Sakyo suit chibi
Sakyo Valentine chibi
Sakyo Mankai Birthday Chibi
Sakyo Zombie chibi
Sakyo A New Year By Your Side chibi
Sakyo wedding chibi
Sakyo Chopsticks Made with Care chibi
Sakyo Lifeguard chibi

Story CG's

Act 3 Ch17
Main Story Episode 7 Ch 23

Event CG's

High Spirits at the Hot Spring! Story image
Meet Me by the Milky Way story image

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Cover Art

Autumn visual
A3! Blooming AUTUMN EP
Autumn Manga
Autumn Manga 2
A3! Anime DVD & Blu-ray Volume 6 Jacket

Stage Play

Ginji the Wanderer EN poster


Autumn troupe 3rd anniv
4th anniversary (JP) group picture
A3! Autumn Party