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Sakuya:Thank you, too!

Sakuya:Oh, it's no problem at all! I hope I can be of help tomorrow, too!

Sakuya:Sure! What's up?

Sakuya:Oh, I'd love to, but are you sure it'd be okay for me to? I'm not really a member of the company, after all...

Sakuya:Thank you so much for saying that! I'd be happy to write something too, then!

Oh, but, um, could I ask what this backing is for, exactly?

Sakuya:Ooh, cool! I'd never seen this before. I had no idea something like this existed!
A personalized tumbler, huh? What a wonderful gift!

Izumi:Hmm, that makes everything for groceries... I wonder if I'm forgetting anything?

Sakuya:Oh, Izumi! Fancy running into you here!

Izumi:Hey, Sakuya! I could say the same. Did you just finish work?

Sakuya:Yep! I'm guessing you were out shopping?

Izumi:You guessed right. I just finished getting everything we needed for dinner tonight. We're having hot pot!

Sakuya:Oh, gosh! I love hot pot! Hang on, let me carry all of that for you! It looks heavy.

Izumi:Really? I'll take you up on that, then. Thanks, Sakuya!

Sakuya:You're welcome. All right, I've got everything. Let's head home!

Izumi:The weather forecast said it was going to be a bit chilly today, so that's how Omi and I got started talking about having nabe for dinner tonight.
Wait a second... Sakuya, did you get taller recently?

Sakuya:Actually, I did! But just a little. I didn't think anyone would notice, though. Hehe.

Izumi:Huh... It HAS been a year since we met. Of course you would've grown in that time!

Sakuya:One year... Wow, that's right.
It's hard to believe I've been living and acting alongside you and everyone else in the Mankai Company for an entire year already... Time really does fly!

Izumi:Right? I didn't even realize it until right no- Achoo!

Sakuya:Oh! Bless you. Are you okay?

Izumi:Excuse me! Yeah, I'm fine. My nose was just running a little because of the chill. Brr, nabe was definitely the right choice for tonight!

Sakuya:If you're feeling cold, why don't we find a vending machine and buy some warm drinks? I bet that'll tide us over until we get home!

Izumi:Hey, there's a nice idea. Okay, let's do that!

Izumi:Aah... I feel all nice and toasty now!

Sakuya:Me too! Having a hot drink after a long day of work really hits the spot...

Izumi:Haha! Definitely.
Drinking warm beverages can be trichy, though. Even if I want to enjoy them slowly, I always feel like I have to hurry before they get cold and gross.


Izumi:Oh? Did something happen?

Sakuya:Nope! Nothing at all happened! Hahaha!

Izumi:That doesn't sound like nothing...but okay.

Part 1
Actor A Okay, that's all for practice today. Thanks, everyone!
Actor B Hey, good job today, Sakuya. Thanks so much for lending us a hand again.
Actor C Sakuya, can I have a moment, please?
Actor C One of our members is going to be leaving the troupe soon, and we're preparing them a personalized goodbye present, you see.

This sheet will be the backing design for the gift, so we've all written messages on it for them. Would you like to write something down as well?

Actor C Nonsense, Of course you can! As our backstage staff, you're just as much a part of our family as our actors!
Actor C Awesome! Here, you can choose whatever color pen you'd like to use for it.
Actor C It's for this tumbler! See how it's clear? Once we put the backing paper in it, our messages will end up being the tumbler's pattern.
[Scene Change: Veludo Way]
[Mini Timeskip]
[Mini Timeskip]
[To be continued...]
Sakuya:Izumi! I was looking for you.

Izumi:Hey, Sakuya. Did you need me for something?

Sakuya:Yes, actually.
Um, this is for you! Please have it.

Izumi:Oh! What a beautifully wrapped box.
I'm not sure why you got me a gift, but I appreciate it. Thank you.

Sakuya:You're very welcome!
You know how the other day we were walking home together, we talked about how it's been a year since we've met?

Izumi:I sure do.

Sakuya:The truth is, I've been trying to think of a way to show my gratitude to you for taking care of me for the past year, even before we had that conversation...
But no matter how hard I thought, I couldn't think of anything that felt like it would be enough.
Luckily for me, I finally got a great idea after chatting with you! Go ahead and open your gift, Izumi.

Izumi:Wow! What an adorable tumbler! This is really going to come in handy. Thanks so much for this!

Sakuya:No problem at all! I'm glad you like it!
I thought it would be the perfect gift, since you mentioned how you didn't like how your hot drinks would get cold before you got to finish them.
It was a coincidence, because the troupe I was helping that day was making a personalized tumbler for one of their members, too!
If I hadn't been that, I probably wouldn't have thought to get you one.

Izumi:So that's how this all happened! I see.

Choice 1: I can't wait to use this.

{{{Choice 1 Dialogue}}}

Choice 2: The pattern on it's so cute.

{{{Choice 2 Dialogue}}}

Izumi:Oh man, I can't wait to use this! What should I use it to drink first?

Sakuya:Since it's getting colder now, I think a hot drink would be a good idea! Hot tea or coffee would really warm you up.
Izumi:That's true! I bet Homare can recommend some good teas to me.
Sakuya:Definitely! Oh, the other day, Omi made this wonderful hot lemon drink. Maybe you could have some of that, too.
Izumi:That sounds delicious! It's so fun to think of what I can use this tumbler for. I can't wait!
Sakuya:I'm glad you like it so much, Izumi!

Sakuya:No, thank you, Izumi.
I'm incredibly greatful I was able to meet you. I'm really looking foward to continuing to work and learn with you from now on!

Izumi:Oh, Sakuya. You took the words right out of my mouth.
I'm so happy I was able to meet you and everyone else in the Mankai Company as well. I couldn't have asked for anything more, really.

Sakuya:Remember how it was just you, me, and Matsukawa at the very beginning? And look at us now!
Every day is so fun because I get to act and hang out with everyone all the time. I love it!
I really treasure all of you!

Izumi:Don't forget you were the catalyst for all of this, Sakuya. It was thanks to you for being brave enough to stand on stage all by yourself that we're here today.

Sakuya:Ehehe... Thanks for saying that, Izumi. I'll keep working my hardest from now on, too!

Izumi:All right! Time to make good use of this tumbler Sakuya gave me! Hmm, what should I have?
(It looks like something's written on the inside of the tumbler... Oh, the paper backing inside it can be taken out.)
Let's see...

Sakuya:"Please continue to help us bloom!"

Izumi:This is Sakuya's handwriting... Oh...
Haha... Thank you, Sakuya. I'll do my best as Mankai's director so all of you can fully bloom!

Part 2
Sakuya's Tumbler
[Scene Change: Kitchen]
[Story Clear]