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Sunset of Youth Part 1
Sunset of Youth Part 1
Izumi: All right, I've got the potatoes, the meat, and the onions...
Izumi: Tonight's Dinner will be what Sakuya and Yuki requested!
Sakuya: Oh no!
Yuki: What?
Sakuya: I only have one blank page left in my English notebook... I completely forgot!
Sakuya: I gotta get a new one after class today or else I won't be able to take more notes.
Izumi: You need a new notebook? I can go buy one, if you want.
Sakuya: There's no way I could let you do that! I'll just stop by the store after school today.
Izumi: I have to get some supplies myself anyway, so I don't mind. Plus, I'm already planning to head out and buy ingredients for dinner.
Sakuya: Are you sure?
Sakuya: Well, okay then! Thanks a bunch!
Yuki: What's this about ingredients for dinner? Let me guess... it's curry, isn't it?
Izumi: It is... Why?
Yuki: The Super Currian strikes again.
Yuki: How much curry are you going to force us to eat day after day?
Izumi: That's a good question...
Yuki: You're actually thinking it out?!
Yuki: We've eaten so much curry, I'm afraid it's going to start seeping through my skin.
Izumi: Fine, I hear you! If you feel so strongly about it, then I'll try my hand at something else tonight.
Yuki: Great.
Izumi: But what else could possibly be as perfect as curry? I'm open to suggestions.
Sakuya: We can choose?
Izumi: Yeah, is there anything in particular you're in the mood for, Sakuya?
Sakuya: I just had you make spaghetti napolitan for me recently, so...
Sakuya: Oh, how about croquettes?
Sakuya: There was a cooking show on TV yesterday where they were making them, and I've been craving them ever since!
Yuki: Oh yeah, I saw that show too.
Yuki: Izumi, I hereby declare it your duty to make us some mind-blowing croquettes.
Izumi: Croquettes, huh?
Izumi: I got all the ingredients to make croquettes and bought Sakuya's notebook. Mission complete.
Izumi: I still have some time to kill before they all get back from school, so maybe I'll take the scenic route home today.
Baseball Club: One, two! One, two!
Izumi: (Ah, jogging with your club along the river at sunset. That really takes me back.)
???: ...Can you see this view? I...
Izumi: Hm?
???: Don't tell me--you betrayed me?! I trusted you!
Izumi: (Sounds like lines from a play. Someone's practicing.)
Izumi: (Well, there are a lot of theaters ad troupes in this town. Whoever this kid is, they might be a star in the future.)
Izumi: Maybe I should go take a peek.
???: Our lives took different paths. But I've never forgotten that vow...
Izumi: Wait. I know that voice...
Sakuya: Hey! Did you guys follow me?
Sakuya: I just know that on the other side of the sky, I will find the treasure I seek!
Izumi: (I knew it! It's Sakuya. His voice is carrying so well.)
Sakuya: Now, come with me, comrades!
Sakuya: As long as we're together, I know that we can conquer anything!
Sakuya: Phew.
Sakuya: Huh?
Izumi: That was an incredible performance, Sakuya!
Sakuya: What?! Izumi?!
Sunset of Youth Part 2
Youthful Sunset Glow2-1.png
Sakuya: D-director! Since when....
Izumi: Just for awhile.... Sorry, I didn't mean to surprise you.
Sakuya: Is that so!
Sakuya: I'm sorry, I didn't notice you at all.
Izumi: Well, it was me. I was the one who was peeping. Do you always practice here?
Sakuya: Yup, sometimes.
Sakuya: I went to the schools library before to practice and read through drama lines.
Izumi: I see.
Sakuya: Because of the many theaters here, the library had plenty book about plays and drama related topics.....
Sakuya: There are so many nice dramas, every time I get a little bit lost when I have to decide which to borrow.
Izumi: And that drama, is it Shakespeare?
Sakuya: Yes. I like Shakespeare, Edmond Rostand too.
Sakuya: Ah, modern playwright's work is also very appealing!
Sakuya: There are a lot of lines I would like to act out, so I borrow them one after another.
Izumi: I see.... Such an enthusiasm for studying.
Izumi: (When Sakuya-kun talks about play like that, his eyes sparkle.)
Sakuya: Ah, sorry! I, just started to ramble on and on.
Izumi: No, not at all. When I hear Sakuya-kun talking like that, I also feel my motivation rising for some reason!
Sakuya: Really?
Sakuya: If you say so, I think I'll try even harder now.
Izumi: If it's not too much to ask, may I can come by and watch you again?
Sakuya: Eh? Do, do you really want to?
Sakuya: Um....If it's Director it's fine, I would also like to see you here again.
Izumi: Yup, sure!
Izumi: It's already late! It's getting dark, so let's go back.
Sakuya: Yes!
Sakuya: Oh, let me carry the shopping bags!
Izumi: Thanks. Sakuya-kun by the way I bought your notebook.
Sakuya: Wow, thank you! Oh and are these the croquette ingredients?
Izumi: Yup. I was thinking about about making curry croquettes, what do you think?
Sakuya: Ah, sounds good! Curry croquettes, Yuki-kun is going to eat it too.
Sakuya: Talking about it makes me even more hungry....
Izumi: Haha, well then shall we hurry home?
Sakuya: Yes!
Youthful Sunset Glow2-2.png
Sakuya: Director, these croquettes are delicious!
Izumi: Really? That's great. It's the curry distribution I was particular about--
Yuki: Curry croquettes..... they got me.