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Izumi:(Phew. Today's rehearsal went off without a hitch. Now I just have to get things ready for tomorrow's practice...)
Izumi:You're still practicing, Sakuya? It's already so late!
Sakuya:Yes! I just can't sit still when I think about our show...
Izumi:It's good that you're so passionate about the play, but you still have plenty of time to practice tomorrow. Don't stay up too late.
Sakuya:Okay, I won't!
Itaru:Sword practice, huh? Hmm...

Sakuya:Haah! Yaah!
Izumi:Huh?! Wh-what are you two doing, swinging swords around in here?!
Sakuya:Oh, Izumi!
Itaru:You know how Sakuya was practicing his swordplay all day yesterday? After seeing him like that, I decided to introduce him to the perfect game.
Izumi:What game?
Itaru:This one right here. It comes with these special sword-shaped controllers, and you take down the enemies by facing the screen and swinging the sword.
Sakuya:It's like I'm actually fighting them!
Izumi:Wow, I didn't know they made games like this. Looks fun!
Itaru:You wanna try, too? Here, take this controller.
Izumi:Huh, it's just like an actual prop sword.
Itaru:All right, you two can play in co-op mode.
Izumi:Umm, what do I...?
Sakuya:You just need to swind your sword to cut down the enemies when they show up on the screen!
Izumi:Okay, that's not too bad. By the way, what's this mic for?
Sakuya:Um, I'm not really sure either...
Itaru:No worries. I'll let you know what they're for when the time comes.

Izumi:Take this!
Sakuya:Yay! We're doing great!
Izumi:Yeah! I'm slowly getting the hang of this! And this is pretty good exercise. I'm seriously working up a sweat.
Izumi:huh? The music changed...
Sakuya:Wh-whoa, this enemy looks really though!
Itaru:They're this stage's mini boss.
Itaru:By the way, if you two don't match your timing and swing your swords together, you won't be able to beat them.
Sakuya:What?! We have to attack at the same time?!
Izumi:That sound so difficult... I was getting used to his game, too!
Itaru:It's not that bad. You just need to sync your swings, and you'll be good.
Sakuya:L-let's do this, Izumi!

The Strike of a Sword! Part 1
[Practice Room: Evening]
[Mankai Dormitory Lounge: Morning]
[Time Skip]
Sakuya:One, two...three!
Izumi:Shoot, we missed again.
Sakuya:It's pretty hard to attack at the same time...
Itaru:I think you're swinging a little too soon, Sakuya.
Sakuya:O-okay! I'll be more careful!
Izumi:All right, one more time! Here we go!
Sakuya:We'll get them for sure this time!
Izumi:D-did we do it?
Sakuya:Yeah, we did! We got 'em, Izumi!
Itaru:Hey, nice. Grats.
Izumi:C'mon Sakuya! Let's keep this up and beat this level!

Sakuya:Here we are, Izumi. The final boss is just beyond this door...
Izumi:Let's go.
Izumi:Wait a second!
Itaru:Huh. I never realized, but the final boss in this game looks just like the one in the last level of KotR IV.
Izumi:I got wiped out so many times by that boss...
Sakuya:Me too... I'm not sure we can defeat this enemy in one go...
Itaru:Just take this as chacarcter building exercise. Good luck, you two.
Itaru:Oh, and remember those mics you guys were wondering about? Here's where you use them.
Izumi:So the time has finally come... Are we supposed to say something into them?
Itaru:Yup. You can't take down the boss unless you both attack while calling out the name of the special move. It'll show up on screen for you to read out loud.
Sakuya:Oh, wow, it's voice-activated, too? That's amazing!
Itaru:Look, the special move's on screen.
Sakuya:We've got this, Izumi! Ready?

Izumi:What? Why did Sakuya's character die instead of the enemy?
Itaru:Looks like you attacked the wrong character, Izumi.
Izumi:I did?!
Sakuya:Wait, so she cut me instead...?!
Itaru:Yeah, friendly fire's a thing in this game. If you swing you sword too hard, you'll end up cutting your teammate.

Izumi:Oh, no... We got the bad end!
Itaru:Man, that betrayal was like Merling-level evil... I guess everything went according to your plan, Izumi.
Izumi:Don't say it like that! That was a complete accident!
Izumi:I'm sorry, Sakuya! I didn't mean to kill your character...
Sakuya:Oh! You don't have to apologize. I'm just surprised there's even an ending like this.
Sakuya:I feel like I have a better understanding on how to handle a sword now because of this game! Thanks for introducing me to it, Itaru!
Itaru:No problem, man. I'm glad you had fun while practicing for your role.
Sakuya:Hey, maybe we should call the rest of the Spring Troupe over and play together since the game's already set up!
Itaru:That's good suggestion since so many of us are playing characters who fight with swords. There's a versus mode in this game, so that'd be fun to play.
Izumi:...I'll just sit on the sidelines and watch...

The Strike of a Sword! Part 2
[Mankai Dormitory Lounge: Morning]
[Time Skip]
Both Chevalier Soleil!
TV Ngh... Y-you...betrayed me...!
Boss Looks like you've succumbed to the same darkness as me... Hahaha!

Story Clear