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Role study: Rick
Omi: Hey, guys. I got some scones, fresh from the oven.
Sakuya: Thanks, Omi!
Omi: Today, I tried garnishing them with toasted marshmallows.
Hisoka: Marshmallows...
Juza: Thanks.
Sakuya: These look delicious!
Hisoka: ...Yum.
Juza: Good as always
Omi: Haha, I'm glad you like them.
Omi: By the way, how are the Spring Troupe rehearsals coming along, Sakuya?
Sakuya: Good! The theme this time is The Wizard of Oz, and Chikage's the lead-
Citron: Citron has returned!
Sakuya: Oh, hi Citron!
Citron: My, what lovely smells! Today's snack is scones?
Omi: Yep. There's plenty for you, too.
Citron: Thanks!
Citron: Oh, yes! Speaking of sugar, I got this today from a lady at the shopping district! A candy kit!
Juza: A candy kit?
Citron: Yes! See? Here it is!
Hisoka: ... "Rainbow magic"?
Sakuya: I've seen this stuff before!
Sakuya: If you mix the chocolate inside with the other stuff it comes with, it'll make a bunch of different colors! Like magic!
Juza: Yeah, they've always got commercials on for it.
Omi: I feel like I haven't seen this kind of thing in ages.
Hisoka: What does it taste like?
Sakuya: Um, I don't know. I've never actually tried it...
Citron: Perfection! Then we must do it right away! This will make us wizards!
Citron: I will open the package!
Sakuya: It looks like the ingredients are all in little pouches... and it comes with a spoon!
Juza: What do we do now?
Sakuya: Umm, according to the directions...
Sakuya: You open the package of chocolate and then mix it...?
Omi: Oh, hey. It's really changing colors while you mix it.
Sakuya: It's like magic!
Juza: What a weird color.
Hisoka: Doesn't even look like chocolate anymore.
Sakuya: Next, the instructions say to open this packet and pour it in.
Omi: Is that all the ingredients, then?
Sakuya: Yeah! Citron, will you do the honors?
Citron: Yes! I will win this battle!
Citron: Take that, chocolate!
Juza: ...?!
Omi: I-I think you're mixing it a little too hard, there.
Hisoka: Too fast.
Sakuya: Wh-whoa! Citron, there's chocolate flying everywhere!
Citron: Ah! I am sorry!
Juza: ...I think it's mixed enough.
Omi: Yeah. It should be done now.
Hisoka: Just looks like normal chocolate.
Citron: Oh... I mixed it too hard.
Sakuya: B-but if we pour it on the scones, I bet it'll taste delicious!
Omi: You're right. That'd be perfect.
Hisoka: And on the marshmallows.
Sakuya: Let's get to eating, then!
Citron: Yay! A chocolate party!
Story complete